Drawing with Thread
Intermediate | 18 min 30 sec
Thread Drawing
Quick Classes
Metallic Leather Bracelet
Elke Bergeron
Leather bracelets have a warmth and luxury to them, and it is easier than you may think to make your own. In this class, Elke shows how to make a stylish wrap bracelet with a chic metallic gold finish. Using leather working tools like a strap cutter and a beveler, she shows you how to cut the leather evenly and bevel the edges, which gives the bracelet a professional, polished look. Once the leather has been cut out, you will paint the strap, punch holes in either end, and attach a button stud to create the closure. The tools and materials required for this project are inexpensive and easy to find, making it a perfect first project for a beginning leather-worker. Cut out several leather strips at once and whip up a batch to give as gifts to friends, or keep the whole stack for yourself!
Crochet Hat Formula
Cal Patch
Using basic crochet stitches, Cal Patch shows you how to work in the round and make a hat in any size you like. This customizable hat is the perfect way to practice new skills, like increasing and slipstitching. With this one formula, you can go on to crochet hats in different sizes, yarn weights and colors for all of your loved ones.
Charcoal Blending Tools
Lisa Solomon
Learn how to create velvety lines and ghost-like shading with charcoal and blending tools. Lisa Solomon demonstrates the qualities of compressed black and white charcoal and charcoal pencils using blending stumps, a kneaded eraser and a chamois. At the end, you’ll learn how to use them all together to create volume and depth.
Boho Leather Cuff
Elke Bergeron
You’ll never look at leather belts in the same way after this class. Elke shows you how to take an old or thrifted belt and transform it into a modern leather cuff. You can keep the cuff unadorned or add a few rows of delicate beading to give it a boho vibe.
The Physics of Sewing
Natalie Chanin
In this workshop, Natalie shares some of the old wives’ tales that she’s heard about stitching over the years and the truths that each tale reveals for smoother and easier hand sewing. After watching this workshop, you’ll have a deeper appreciation of the physics that determine how cotton jersey and thread behave and you’ll be ready to get stitching by hand.

Journal of Family Life
Amy Karol
Capture and elevate the small, everyday moments of family life with this workshop. Amy offers her trademark no-stress approach to creating a customized family journal to preserve family photos, jot down milestones, and record special stories. Amy's philosophy is that documenting memories should never be stressful, time-consuming or precious. In this class, she shares her quick and easy approach.
How to Knit Dishcloths
Wendy Bernard
A dishcloth knitted with pure linen transforms an ordinary rag into a luxurious textile. Wendy Bernard demonstrates how to work with linen yarn to create a washcloth with an i-cord loop for hanging. The linen fiber resists mildew, is great for scrubbing, and gets softer with every use. This quick knitting project is a fun way to try out new stitch patterns—several of which are included in the PDF. Make a stack to give as a gift, or keep them for your own daily use.
Beeswax Collage
Courtney Cerruti
Learn how to turn simple blocks of wood, photocopies and beeswax into personal works of art. With their lived-in patina, these storyblocks offer endless options to personalize. Courtney will teach you specific techniques, along with how to best select images, and tips for composition and decoration.
Turkish Map Fold
Jody Alexander
An elegant way to fold paper, this technique has traditionally been used to fold maps. Jody deconstructs the steps to show how one piece of paper can be turned into a pop-up greeting card -- or you can combine many to create an artist’s book, decorative garland or even a crown!
Furoshiki Wine Wrap
Megumi Inouye
Spend less than five minutes learning Furoshiki, the traditional Japanese art of wrapping objects with cloth. In this workshop, Megumi shows you how to quickly and elegantly bundle two bottles of wine to bring to a picnic or give as a gift. Once you know the principles of Furoshiki, you’ll be looking for more things to wrap.
Multi-Color Screen Printing
Hilary Williams
After you know how to burn a screen, watch this workshop with Hilary to see how she creates multi-color prints on a pillowcase. Hilary’s designs include one screen that covers a large printing areas, and a second screen with finer details that she prints in two colors. This workshop will spark ideas for grouping screen prints together to take your designs to the next level of sophistication.
One Color T-shirt Printing
Hilary Williams
After you know how to burn a screen, watch Hilary screen print a hand-drawn design onto different size tee-shirts. Learn how to mark registration to print on different sizes, and see how to pull textile ink back and forth to work in into fabric, which behaves differently than paper. You’ll be printing your own textiles in no time.
Found Necklace
Lisa Coris
This workshop will open your eyes to the possibilities of finding necklace materials beyond the bead store. Lisa’s philosophy of creating bright, accessible jewelry shines through as she teaches you how to creatively repurpose existing necklaces along with tricks for simple strung necklaces.
Herringbone Necklace -
Lisa Coris
Go on a field trip with Lisa as she sources vintage beads in her favorite bead shop. This simple necklace combines an unusual variety of beads, from brass to coconut to plastic. No jewelry tools required, just a love of exploring color and trust that working without a plan can lead to exciting color and texture combinations.
Jill Draper
If you know the knitting basics, but haven’t learned yet how to fix any mistakes you make, this quick workshop is for you. Jill slowly shows you how to remove knit stiches and purl stitches, as well as how to recover dropped stitches in your knitting projects. After you learn these simple techniques, you’ll become a more confident and capable knitter!
Wire Wrapping
Alix Bluh
Learn how to create your own charms with gems, wire and basic jewelry tools. Alix Bluh will teach you three different kinds of wire wrapping in this workshop that you can then apply to personalize your own jewelry creations.
Carving Rubber Stamps
Christine Schmidt
With simple carving tools and your design sensibilities, you can carve a custom set of stamps to add personality and zip to stationery, textiles and more. Christine shows you how to transfer a design and which tools to use, to celebrate the charm and imperfections of printing by hand.
DIY Stamp Pad
Christine Schmidt
Learn how to create your own stamp pad so you aren’t limited to the colors of stamp pads available in stores. With Christine’s tips, you can create your own custom colors and DIY stamp pad in a snap.
Luminaria: Candle Shades
Kelly Wilkinson
Bring nature indoors with these simple, sweet lanterns that emit a lovely diffused light for any holiday table. These waxed paper lanterns come together quickly and easily and show off pressed flowers and leaves in a modern, casual way.
Jody Alexander
Orizomegami is the Japanese art of decorating papers by folding and dipping them into pools of natural dyes. By folding the paper in a variety of ways, patterns emerge which are reminiscent of stained windows and depending on the number and placement of the folds, you can create more complex patterns.

Learn how to sew the bindings Jody shows as her samples in her Japanese Side Sewn Sketchbook class. 
Kaleidoscope Gift Wrap
Megumi Inouye
If you’re like most of the crafty folks we know, you likely have a lot of scraps of paper in your crafty stash. In this workshop, Megumi shows you how to make a gorgeous (and simple) flat paper “bow” with simple folds. You can limit your palette or mix in a range of patterns for dramatically different effects.
Intro to Stenciling
Natalie Chanin
Stenciling on cotton jersey is at the core of all of Natalie’s designs for Alabama Chanin. In this workshop, Natalie will teach you how to create the cut stencil and then apply the paint that becomes the guide for all her designs. You’ll see Natalie’s tried-and-true method of air brushing the stencil onto fabric, as well as simple alternatives that use basic materials.
Diana Fayt
Mishima is an inlay technique where you draw on the surface of clay, inlay color into the lines of the drawing, and wipe the color away—creating a beautiful design as elaborate or simple as you wish.

Pom Pom Garlands
Dyed pale pink, these ethereal coffee filter pom-poms resemble cabbage roses, and they have a dramatic impact when hung in strands. Because of the dyeing and drying time, start this project early, working in batches — especially if you anticipate needing a large number of strands. Hang them in your living room, over your dinner table, or in your cocktail area for instant DIY delight!
Finger Knitting
Amelia Strader
Want to get your craft on with nothing more than a skein of yarn? Amelia shows you how to finger knit chains of yarn that can be turned into necklaces, bracelets, garlands and much more. Wear the chains in stacks for a modern and tactile look. Amelia teaches the sequence in a chunky yarn so it’s easy to follow along. This is a great entry-level craft for kids and kids of all ages.
Tassel Necklace
Liesl Gibson
This tassel necklace adds an opulent note to any outfit, and makes a perfect gift. Liesl shows you how to make perfect tassels and attach them to a necklace – or to the corners of home décor items such as napkins or pillows. The result is a bright pop of luxury and color that will have you looking for items to tassel up.
Embroidered Heirloom Napkins
Rebecca Ringquist
These embroidered napkins serve as a sentimental record of everyone who has gathered around your table for special meals and holidays. Rebecca shows you what kind of tools to use to gather signatures, and how to embroider those signatures or drawings onto napkins so they can be washed and used and cherished for years to come. 
Find Warp, Weft and Bias
Liza Lucy
Whether you are quilting or garment sewing, it’s essential to understand how a fabric’s grain line can affect the finished piece. In this super quick video, you’ll learn how to identify a fabric’s warp, weft and bias.
Kool-Aid Dyed Yarn
Melanie Falick
Put your kids' colorful imaginations to use! Using Kool-Aid is an easy and fun way to create hand-dyed yarn – for your knitting projects, as well as hooking a future generation of crafters. Melanie shows you how to create a palette at home without any special equipment or a tangled mess. She also offers tips for working alongside kids and shows how different fibers take the dye differently.
DIY Kids Knitting Needles
Melanie Falick
Kids will receive an even bigger rush of satisfaction when they knit with needles they made themselves. Melanie shows you what adults need to do, and when kids can jump into the project. With just a dowel rod, polymer clay and basic tools, you and the burgeoning knitters in your life will whip up a colorful collection of handmade needles.
Ear Wire Basics
Shana Astrachan
Buying premade ear wires is easy enough, but making your own gives you the ability to get creative with basic shapes and add custom designs to your earrings. Shana shows you techniques as well as the simple tools you will need to create three different styles. She’ll also show you how to harden the wire, and finish the end for a comfortable fit in your ear so you will have all the skills to make beautiful and strong ear wires for your earring designs.
Riff Hat
Cirilia Rose
Learn how to design your own hat by riffing off a basic pattern with minimal shaping and finishing. All you need are simple math skills and your inner designer. Cirilia teaches you how many stitches to cast on, how to knit in the round, work the body of the hat in an offset rib pattern – as well as binding off and finishing. She also teaches a few stitch variations so you can pick your favorite design and create your own original hat.
Color Image Transfers on Wood
Courtney Cerruti
Turn those small, intimate moments from life into a permanent treasure by transferring them onto wood. Working with photos printed out on laser copies, Courtney Cerruti shows you how to create the transfers, offering a few different finishing techniques to customize your miniature works of art. The wood adds luminosity and brings out the beautiful, muted colors in your photograph. Learn more about laser copies here.
Paste Paper
Courtney Cerruti
Create original, hand-painted paste paper to use as gift wrap, holiday decorations, or any other use you can imagine. Courtney shows how to create graphic and colorful designs that can be customized in any way. You'll learn how to create patterns and how to layer them for beautiful effect. It's like finger painting for grown-ups!
Drawing with Thread
Improv Sewing
Learn how to doodle with thread to customize and embellish your clothing and home decor. The creative minds behind Improv Sewing will teach you how to make adjustments to your sewing machine and stabilize fabric so you can create different effects on material, including how to draw outlines and make your stitching more bold. This workshop will have you seeing unadorned fabric as a new canvas for whatever motifs you dream up.

Metal Stamping
Alix Bluh
Make your own custom charms with a metal-stamping set and words or symbols that hold special meaning for you. Alix talks about which metals to use for practice, and once you’re comfortable stamping, she’ll teach you a shortcut to give your charms a lived-in patina.
Dart Manipulation
Liesl Gibson
Darts are practical elements of patternmaking that ensure a good fit. In this workshop, Liesl moves beyond the utilitarian and into the creative – showing you how to manipulate the placement of darts to customize your sewing. You’ll learn how to shift a typical bust dart to the neckline or waist, all without sacrificing fit. Along the way, Liesl provides tips for accurate marking and precise sewing. Once you learn the basics of dart manipulation, you’ll be able to sew more custom and creative garments.

Rosita Quilt Design
Kaffe Fassett
Be a fly on the wall as Kaffe mocks up a quilt design in his London studio. In this workshop, Kaffe talks about how to work within a rich color palette to create a light-dark zig-zag illusion, as well as how to work with solids and striped fabrics to create motifs from diamond shapes. This workshop shows Kaffe’s process but does not show sewing – a complementary workshop is coming soon showing how to cut and piece this design.

Shrinky Dink Jewelry
Nicole Blum
Create original and wearable works of art with shrinkable plastic. Nicole shows you how to take your own artwork, or use scanned images and fabric to create designs. Then watch them shrink down into miniature versions with intensely concentrated color. The magic and satisfaction works on kids of all ages!
Sewing Machine Basics
Liesl Gibson
Want some help when it comes to learning your way around a machine? Liesl points out the main components of a sewing machine as well as how to thread the machine and wind a bobbin so you will be ready to dive into the sewing process with confidence.
Basic Sewing: Seams
Liesl Gibson
Once you understand the basics of the sewing machine, it’s time to sew. From pinning to sewing evenly, Liesl covers straight and curved seams. Joining two pieces of fabric together is the foundation of all sewing, and Liesl sets you up for success with these basics.
Pressing and Finishing Seams
Liesl Gibson
Finishing your seams gives your garments a more professional look, and also keeps your fabrics from fraying. Liesl goes over the proper way to press seams, and then three of the most common ways to finish seams.
Appliqué Umbrella
Nicole Blum
Turn your kid’s drawings and designs into a snazzy umbrella with this project, which is sort of like creating custom stickers from nylon. Nicole and her son show how to use a few simple materials to fancy up an umbrella and brighten any dreary day. This works for kids of all ages.
Sew a Perfect 1/4 Inch Seam
Liza Lucy
While garments are typically made using a 3/8" seam allowance, patchwork uses a ¼” seam allowance, which can sometimes be difficult to locate on a standard sewing machine. Many quilters have their own techniques for identifying a ¼” seam allowance, and in this quick class, you’ll see Liza’s preferred method.
Found Image Painting
Molly Hatch
Feeling artistic but intimidated because you don’t think you can draw? Molly shares her process of creating a piece of art based on found imagery. She covers where to source material as well as how to group and gather elements into a painting. The final image is translated through your own hand – with all the artistic charm and none of the self-doubt that too often creeps into creating art.
Design on Ceramics
Molly Hatch
Transfer a created or found design onto ceramics – either in your own studio or at a paint-your-own pottery studio. Molly shares her trademark technique for applying custom artwork to ceramics, including the best tools for transferring a design and how to achieve dense coloring on your one-of-a-kind piece.

Stenciled Glassware
Molly Hatch
Transform your boring, naked glassware into something more personal and reflective of your style. Molly shows you how to create a contact paper stencil and create a motif from a found image so you don’t even need to know how to draw to add some zip to your drinkware.
Lengthen or Shorten Patterns
Liesl Gibson
Got a long, tall kid or a more petite one you sew for? If the little ones in your life don’t measure exactly to pre-determined specifications on a pattern, it can be hard to figure out how to add or remove length while maintaining a garment’s proportions. Liesl will explain how to lengthen or shorten patterns for different types of garments.
Fabric Fishing Game
Liesl Gibson
Paint your own fabric and then turn that fabric into fish for this clever game – so you can fish anywhere (no water required!). The fish are magnetized, and the process of creating the fabric and sewing the fish can be applied to making any other shape or size stuffed animal that you can dream up.
Zodiac Necklace
Alix Bluh
This charm necklace subtly reveals your astrological sign, with understated sophistication. Alix shows you how to hand stamp the constellation of your birth sign onto a brass disc with faceted stars. You can add a gemstone or an additional charm with an initial for a necklace that tells a sweet and pretty secret. A template for all twelve constellations is included.
Suminagashi Ink Marbling
Jody Alexander
Suminagashi, or “floating ink,” is an ancient paper marbling technique that involves alternating ink and a resist to create a beautiful sequence of rings. The effect can be subtle or more pronounced, and the resulting prints can be used for book and art projects. One lovely aspect of this process is how unpredictable it is, with the water determining the pattern so you will be surprised every time.
Gathering and Ease Stitching
Liesl Gibson
Gathering and ease stitching are used to fit a longer edge of fabric to a shorter edge, such as creating a ruffle and a sleeve. Liesl shows you how to accomplish this with aplomb.
Inserting Sleeves
Liesl Gibson
Sleeves can be daunting the first few times you sew and insert them into a garment. Liesl shows you how to patiently and properly insert a sleeve so you can tackle shirts, tunics and dresses with confidence.
Watercolor Silhouette
Christine Schmidt
This project appeals to a range of personalities, since you can be loose with creating the watercolor effect and then add structure with a crisp silhouette. Christine shows you different watercolor techniques to build texture and dimension, from layered washes to dry brushing and splattering. The result is a fresh update on the classically Victorian way to capture the likeness of someone you adore.
Stamped Leather Bracelet
Alix Bluh
Take a simple strip of leather and imbue it with a mantra or meaningful phrase to keep your inspiration close. Alix shows you how to enhance the handsome, natural warmth of leather with a stamped phrase and a patina effect, along with a button stud for a finished look. Make a stack and wear in multiples or give as a heartfelt present.
DIY Fabric Shoelaces
Liesl Gibson
Add a creative zip to your step when you make your own shoelaces. Liesl shows you how to make a quick frayed version, as well as a more finished, sewn version. Both pack extra pizazz with pops of bright artist’s tape and nail polish. You’ll have a creative and fun use for extra fabric in your stash.
Rainbow Jelly Roll Quilt Top
Heather Jones
Drape a plush rainbow over your bed or favorite reading chair with this dramatic quilt. The bold visual impact belies its simple construction. To make the quilt top, Heather Jones shows you how to pare down a pack of jelly roll precuts and use simple piecing techniques to create a juicy gradient of color. 
Six Pocket Keepsake Book
Jody Alexander
In this class, Jody shows how to quickly transform a simple piece of paper into a structured six-pocket folder, perfect for stashing sentimental items, photos and papers. The materials are minimal, including a bone folder for creasing and a large piece of paper of any weight, color or design. After making a series of simple folds, the sheet of paper is magically turned into a ready-to-use multi-pocket book.
Keepsake Needle Case
Rebecca Ringquist
In this short-and-sweet class, Rebecca Ringquist shares instructions for making a vintage-inspired needle case. The only materials needed are a bit of cotton, felt, and pretty ribbon, and very basic machine-sewing skills are required. The finished case is perfect for organizing embroidery needles, and the wool felt will keep them nice and sharp for future crafting.
How to Knit a Hat in the Round
Jill Draper
This hat-making class is perfect for beginning knitters or those who want a refresher on how to knit in the round. Jill walks you through each step of the hat-making process, from determining how many stitches to cast on, to joining your stitches in the round on circular needles, to shaping the crown on double-pointed needles. Also included are tips on how to change colors and weave in the ends when you're finished. In no time, you'll be ready to wear your customized hat (and cast on to make another).
Fabrics 101
Liesl Gibson
In this informative class, Liesl of Oliver + S takes you to her favorite fabric store in New York City and shares helpful tips on how to navigate fabric shops. There is a lot to consider when selecting fabric, from understanding the difference between woven and knit fabrics to grasping the fundamentals of drape. Liesl demystifies the basics, and then goes on to discuss the unique qualities of the most popular fibers available: silk, cotton, and wool. You'll walk away from this class with a better understanding of what kind of fabric will work best for the project you're making, and the confidence to experiment with new fibers.
Create Personalized Dishes
Courtney Cerruti
In this short and sweet Valentine’s class, Courtney teaches you how to make personalized dishware using plain ceramic pieces and porcelain pens. Courtney demonstrates how to adorn mugs and plates with Valentine’s motifs—hearts, arrows, X’s and O’s—in a way that’s sweet (but not too sweet). In fact, these lovely personalized dishes are sure to become year-round favorites for your loved ones. Once you have adorned your ceramics, you’ll simply bake them in the oven to set the ink and then they’re ready to wrap up and give to your sweetheart.
Make a Paracord and Leather Cuff Bracelet
Elke Bergeron
Elke combines two fun, fabulous materials—leather and paracord—to make a sporty, sophisticated cuff. Elke will show you how to cut the materials down to size and attach the paracord to the leather with a little hot glue and sewing. All of the materials needed for this project are readily available at craft stores and come in a wide range of colors to match your mood and style. When the bracelet is finished, simply add a closure and the cuff is ready to wear.
Lumi: Shadow Printed Pouch
Jesse Genet of Lumi
In this class, Jesse shows you how anything that casts a shadow can be used to print a striking, colorful pouch. Jesse uses Inkodye – a light-sensitive fabric dye that develops into rich, permanent colors in the sun. If you coat the fabric in dye and lay an object on top of the fabric to block the sun, you will wind up with a cool “shadow printed” silhouette on your fabric. Jesse provides fun ideas for selecting objects to place on fabric and demonstrates the best way to apply the Inkodye and expose the fabric to sunlight. Look around your house and use your imagination when selecting objects to shadow print.
Lumi: Sunfold Printed Scarf
Jesse Genet of Lumi
In this class, Jesse shows you how to create vibrant, textural prints on textiles and home décor. To make these prints, Jesse uses Inkodye -- a special light-sensitive fabric dye that comes out of the bottle translucent and develops in the sunlight, resulting in beautifully dyed fabric. Jesse presents her technique for applying Inkodye, and shares several ways to fold fabric to create organic printed designs as well as intricate stripes and swooshes. She also shares ideas for moving beyond the scarf, printing on throw pillows, curtains, and pashminas.
Upcycling: Transform Your Wardrobe with Dye
Marisa Lynch
Learn how to give old garments a dye-bath makeover with upcycling expert, Marisa Lynch. In this class, she shares a wealth of knowledge about how to dye clothes – whether they’re made from natural fibers, synthetic fibers, or a blend of both – all using commercial dyes. The best part of all is the big reveal at the end, where you’ll see the varying degrees of saturation and spectrum of hues that occur when the same dye is used on garments made from various fibers.
Tape 101
Courtney Cerruti
Ever wondered why there are so many different types of tape? In this overview, mixed media artist Courtney Cerruti explains the characteristics of the most commonly available tapes—like masking, painter’s, duct, double-sided, decorative washi, and glue dots—and demonstrates the best uses for each. You will learn which tape is best for taping papers, photos, card stock, and other mixed media, as well as fun ideas for using these common tapes in entirely new ways.
Glitter 101
Courtney Cerruti
Learn everything there is to know about glitter in this quick (and sparkly) class. Courtney Cerruti demonstrates the proper way to apply glitter to glue, and best practices for getting the excess back in the jar. All types of glitter are covered here, from kids craft glitters, to specialty crushed glass, and spray paint.
Canning the Best Blueberry Jam
Karen Solomon
In this class, our resident jamming expert, Karen Solomon, shares a simple recipe for a classic favorite: blueberry jam. Karen demonstrates exactly how to make this stove-top recipe, and she also walks you through the basics for properly canning the jars, ensuring a long shelf-life. If you would like to veer away from the classic, Karen provides lots of ideas for add-in flavors, like fruity liqueurs, fresh herbs, citrus zest and extracts.
Glue 101
Courtney Cerruti
Mixed media artist Courtney explains the basics of glue, including: Elmer's Glue, PVA (Poly Vinyl Acetate), Glue sticks, Mod Podge & gel medium, Tacky Glue, specialty glues, wood glue, heavy duty glues, hot glue guns, and glue dots. This class is perfect for anyone interested in collage, mixed media, image transfers, and using glue in general. Courtney explains how each type of glue works, as well as its ideal crafting use. You don't need every type of glue that exists, so watch this video to see which ones you'll want to include in your craft kit.
How to Make an Envelope
Courtney Cerruti
Learn how to make customized paper envelopes with Courtney. You'll begin by making a cardstock template so you can create multiple envelopes in various sizes. Courtney explains which types of papers work best for envelopes and shares how to make a decorative liner. With a few folds and a couple swipes of glue stick, you'll have a perfect envelope for birthdays, thank you cards, and holidays.
Cricut Paper Flowers: Make a Hydrangea
Lia Griffith
In this class, Lia shows how to make exquisitely detailed hydrangeas using a Cricut Explore machine. The Cricut is especially perfect for this project since you’ll need to cut out lots of small, intricate pieces of paper to make the flowers. Once your leaves and petals are cut out, Lia will show you how to assemble the hydrangea blooms on floral wire, adding dimension to each piece to create perfectly rounded 3-D branches
Cricut Crafts: Color Splash Sticker Labels
Courtney Cerruti
In this class, mixed media artist Courtney Cerruti shares a fun, super simple way to create colorful decorative labels on the Cricut Explore. You will use pens, markers, and pencils to cover sticky-backed paper with painterly scribbles, then cut out clean shapes on the Cricut for adhering to packages. This project is fun for kids and adults alike, and the finished labels are great to have on hand for last-minute gift giving.
Cricut Crafts: DIY Bookplates
Lia Griffith
In this class, Lia demonstrates how to create monogrammed bookplates in the Cricut Design Space. This project utilizes the “Print Then Cut” feature, so you will begin by printing out the design, and then you will cut out shaped labels using the Cricut Explore. Whether you personalize the books in your own library or create a bookplate for a gifted book, this is the perfect project for all book lovers!
Canning Basics: How to Can Tomatoes
Karen Solomon
Learn how to preserve the taste of late-summer garden tomatoes with canning pro, Karen Solomon. Karen will teach you the basics of selecting and peeling perfectly ripe tomatoes, then show you how to safely can and process them so you can enjoy the taste of summer sunshine all year long. These whole canned tomatoes are perfect for soups, sauces, and everyday cooking throughout the year.
How to Use Paper Punches
Courtney Cerruti
Paper punches are available in all shapes and sizes, and in this class, mixed media artist Courtney teaches you tips and tricks for using some of the most common varieties. From standard hole punches to decorative shapes to awls, paper punches are perfect for making confetti, gift tags, or pretty garlands.
The Wilton Method: Three Ways to Ice a Cake
Wilton Instructors
In this quick class, Emily teaches three easy ways to ice a cake with buttercream: using an icing comb, a fork, and a spoon. Each of these techniques creates gorgeous, textured effects. Use them to decorate any cake, creating a unique, stunning presentation.
How to Use a Bone Folder
Courtney Cerruti
In this quick class, Courtney demonstrates the proper way to use a bone folder. Traditionally a bookbinder's tool, a bone folder can be used to score paper, make perfectly crisp folds, and neatly tear papers. Once you see all that a bone folder can do, you'll wonder how you ever crafted without one.
Make a Geometric Paper Collage
Lisa Congdon
Learn a unique way to create collage from celebrated artist and surface designer, Lisa Congdon. In this beginner-friendly class, Lisa plays with diamond-shaped collage elements, bringing them together to create exquisite multi-colored stars. Experiment with different colors and paper varieties to make your own patchwork stars, and then bring them together to create a harmonious piece of artwork.
Make a Leather Tassel
Elke Bergeron
Leather tassels are not only a great beginner leather project — they are also the perfect adornment for purses, keychains, and necklaces. In this quick lesson, Elke shows us an easy way to make tassels using just a little bit of leather, tacky glue, a rotary cuter, and brass hardware.
Make Homemade Marshmallows
Karen Solomon
This holiday season, forego the store-bought marshmallows and whip up a batch of these chunky, light, and flavorful treats. Not only are they the perfect topper for your mug of cocoa, but they also toast up perfectly over open flame. In this class, Karen will show you how to use a candy thermometer to ensure perfect texture and prepare the pan so you don’t wind up with a goopy mess. At the end, Karen will show you how to roll the marshmallows in powdered sugar, cocoa powder, and toasted coconut, which make for perfect gourmet gifts.
Spray-Painted Votives
Courtney Cerruti
Whether you're hosting a dinner party or a special holiday gathering, we all know that lighting is key. Learn an easy way to transform plain glass votives using paper doilies and spray paint – perfect for adding sparkle to a dinner table or cozy nook.
DIY Dream Catcher
Emily Katz
Macramé artist Emily Katz demonstrates how to weave a modern version of the classic dream catcher. Learn how to create an overall web design, and then personalize your project by incorporating found objects and treasured keepsakes. Once you’re done, hang your dream catcher over your bed to ward off bad dreams, or display it in your home as a piece of art.
DIY Yarn Banners
Courtney Cerruti
Add color and texture to any space with these simple, decorative yarn banners. Courtney will show you two ways to make these vibrant banners: with knots for a textured look or with glue for a seamless look. Customize your banner in your own color palette for easy nursery decor, photobooth backdrop, reading nook or for celebrations like wedding, birthdays and PRIDE. This class is a perfect way for anyone to get crafty with yarn, both knitters and non-knitters alike.
Make Tissue Paper Pompoms
Courtney Cerruti
Paper pompoms bring a colorful and textured floral touch to any celebration, especially weddings and parties. Courtney demonstrates how to create a gorgeous, oversized pompom from tissue paper, and also gives ideas for customizing color, shape and size.
How to Fold a Paper Box
Liana Allday
Create custom-sized boxes using decorative paper with Liana from Creativebug. These pretty paper boxes have their roots in origami, coming together with a series of simple folds. You'll learn how to make box tops with matching bottoms, which make cute gift containers for any occasion.
How to Sew Zippers
Liesl Gibson
Whether you are working with invisible zippers or regular zippers, sewist and pattern designer Liesl Gibson shows you all of the basics, from shortening the length to pinning and sewing. You will learn lots of finishing techniques, too, like how to sew the remainder of a seam and finish a waist facing once the zipper is installed.
Make a Monkey’s Fist Knotted Necklace
Courtney Cerruti
Learn how to make a nautically inspired necklace using twine or decorative rope. Courtney will teach you how to create a small Monkey’s Fist Knot pendant, and then add a vibrant accent with colored cord. This is a great summertime craft for sailors and land-lovers alike.

Make a Nautical Rope Bracelet
Liana Allday
Before you take off on your next beach vacation, whip up a batch of easy nautical rope bracelets. These tie-on bracelets are the perfect last-minute accessory and can be made in a snap with just a bit of rope, ribbon, leather cord and hot glue. Have fun mixing and matching your ribbon and rope to make unique pieces for all of your friends.
Painted Canvas Pillows
Courtney Cerruti
Give your living room a fun makeover with these hand-painted canvas pillowcases. Inspired by the classic, colorful stripes of Hudson Bay Blankets, you will use primary colors to paint stripes on your fabric. Then, follow along as Courtney demonstrates how to sew and assemble this simple pillowcase.
Painted Wooden Sign
Courtney Cerruti
Learn how to create an easy, eye-catching sign – perfect for décor or special events. Courtney will show you how to arrange vinyl stickers for your lettering, then create a rustic, salty finish using a combination of water-based and oil-based paint layers.
DIY Felt Pennants
Courtney Cerruti
Add color and text to your walls with these easy-to-make felt pennant banners. Courtney teaches two ways to make vibrant pennants: by cutting out customized letters and gluing them in place, or with iron-on letters and a sewing machine. Perfect for parties and seasonal décor, these pennants can be made quickly for spontaneous celebrations.
How to Use Ink Pads and Stamps
Courtney Cerruti
Learn how to stamp like a pro with this quick tutorial. Courtney demonstrates the proper way to ink up your stamps and discusses uses for different kinds of ink.
How to Work Stranded or Fair Isle Knitting
Edie Eckman
Knit and crochet expert Edie Eckman demonstrates how to work Fair Isle, or Stranded, knitting. Learn how to follow along with a chart and pick up some helpful tips along the way, like how to hold two yarn colors at once, how to catch yarn “floats," how to work in rows and more.
How to Thread a Serger
Fancy Tiger
A serger makes it easy to whip up garments quickly, but learning how to thread a serger sometimes stops people from using this handy tool. In this tutorial, the ladies of Fancy Tiger come to the rescue and demonstrate how to thread two different types of sergers: a Brother 1034D and a Juki MO 644D Serger. They also share best practices for maintaining your serger and trouble-shooting tips in case you don't get it right on the first try.
How to Substitute Yarn
Debbie Stoller
You don’t always have to use the yarn suggested in patterns — but if you do stray from the recommended yarn, you’ll want to keep a few guidelines in mind. Debbie Stoller shares sage advice for substituting yarn, such as using a yarn in a similar gauge and weight and sticking to the same fiber family. Also important, you’ll learn how to calculate yardage requirements for your new yarn so you won’t run out in the middle of the project (or buy far more than you actually need).
Furniture Refinishing: Flea Market Tips
Barb Blair
There are lots of treasures to be found in flea markets all over the country, but finding a piece of furniture that is ideal for refinishing takes a specially trained eye. Walk along with Barb Blair of Knack Studios as she peruses the stalls at the Pickens Flea Market in South Carolina. Learn how to look for pieces of furniture that will be a breeze to refinish, and how to identify the pieces that will take more time and effort than they're worth. Best of all, you’ll learn how to use your imagination on the fly, envisioning how you might transform a piece of furniture and where it will fit into your home.
How to Emboss
Courtney Cerruti
Have you ever wondered how embossing works? In this quick class, Courtney Cerruti demystifies the embossing process, showing you how to do this simple technique at home. You will need just a few items -- embossing powder, wet ink and a heat gun -- to create professional-looking, glossy designs.
Distressed Wooden Chalkboard Sign
Courtney Cerruti
Create a rustic looking chalkboard sign that you can change with the seasons. Using the magic of steel wool and apple cider vinegar, Courtney guides you through aging a wooden frame to perfection. You will learn how to create your own chalkboard backing and then complete the project with a message written in chalk.
How to Make Binding Tape
Ashley Nickels
Custom-made binding tape adds a gorgeous finishing touch to your quilts, allowing you to play around with colors and prints. Binding tape is typically used to bind quilts and can be made with fabric that has been cut on the straight of grain. Ashley Nickels demonstrates how to create your own binding tape using any fabric you like and sew the strips together to create one long strip to go all around your quilt. Watch Ashley's class on attaching binding tape to find out how to sew it to your quilt.
How to Attach Binding Tape
Ashley Nickels
Quilting designer Ashley Nickels demonstrates the traditional method for attaching binding tape to a quilt — a fundamental technique every quilter needs to know. Step by step, you will learn how to pin the binding to the quilt sandwich, attach it using the walking foot on your sewing machine, create mitered corners, join the ends of the binding, and finish with a hand-sewn blind stitch. Watch Ashley's How to Make Binding Tape class for a quick lesson on how to make your binding strips and sew them together.
How to Pull a Successful Screen Print
Hilary Williams
Screen-printing artist Hilary Williams provides pro tips for pulling successful prints, helping you troubleshoot what went wrong and figure out how to improve the quality of each print. You will learn how to add the right amount of ink, what parts of the squeegee to use, how to gauge the correct squeegee pressure, and lots of other helpful pointers.
DIY Room Décor: Color-Blocked Bulletin Board
Courtney Cerruti
Learn how to turn a basic cork panel into a colorful, decorative bulletin board in a snap. Courtney Cerruti shows you how to paint a color-blocked design on cork and add a colorful rope hanger. She then shows you how to spruce up your pushpins by attaching colorful pompoms and paper flowers with hot glue. Hang your finished corkboard in your kitchen or bedroom – it’s perfect for displaying your favorite photos and inspirational imagery.
DIY Room Décor: Decoupaged Jewelry Holder
Courtney Cerruti
If your jewelry collection is in need of some organization, this class will help set you straight. Courtney Cerruti shares a quick and easy idea for a jewelry hanger that utilizes decoupage and a little bit of hardware. Courtney shows you how to properly apply Mod Podge to adhere pretty paper to a wooden placard, and how to paint the beveled edges with a foam brush. After that, install some simple hanging hardware and you’ll be ready to display your necklaces, bracelets, earrings and rings.
DIY Room Décor: Painted Fabric Wall Art
Courtney Cerruti
Learn how to transform painted cotton fabric into bold, abstract wall décor. Using expressive brush strokes in a color palette of your choice, Courtney Cerruti shows you how to paint abstractly on fabric, then “frame” your painted fabric in embroidery hoops. The finished pieces are lightweight and super easy to hang – perfect for sprucing up a bedroom or making any space your own.
Make a Classic Macramé Plant Hanger
Emily Katz
Learn how to create the most iconic of all macramé projects: the Plant Hanger. Emily Katz shows you how to create a hanger out of cotton rope tied into simple square knots and half square knots. This project is totally customizable and can work with planters of any size. Emily will show you how to calculate the proportions of your planter and construct a hanger that will hold the pot perfectly.
How to Sew Mitered Corners
Ashley Nickels
Learn how to make mitered corners on a single piece of fabric from sewing and quilting instructor Ashley Nickels. Starting with a square piece of fabric and a home sewing machine, you will learn how to press the edges, mark corners, stitch the miters in place and trim away excess fabric. This easy technique is great for creating cloth napkins and table runners or finishing the edges of any sewing project that has a corner.
Beaded Crochet
Marly Bird
Marly Bird shares tried-and-true techniques for adding beads to single crochet. You will not only learn how to pre-string beads to add to your work as you go, but also how to add beads spontaneously right onto the stitch. Marly demonstrates her beading techniques on worsted weight yarn and large pony beads, but you can use this technique with any yarn gauge and bead—as long as your crochet hook and yarn can fit through the bead.
Setting Up a Screen Printing Studio
Hilary Williams
You don’t need an expensive or elaborate studio space to create successful screen prints. Mixed media artist Hilary Williams talks you through setting up a basic home studio space. You will learn how to create a printing board, how to set up your space to make clean prints, what tools you will need have on hand, and how to practice good studio cleanup habits.
Magic Loop Knitting
Edie Eckman
Learn how to cast on and work in the round with Magic Loop knitting. This technique is ideal for knitting a small circumference object in the round on one long cable needle—a great option for those who don't love working with double-pointed needles. Edie Eckman shows you how to cast on, join in the round, and continue working in rounds.
Beaded Knitting
Marly Bird
Learn how to add beaded embellishments to your knits with Marly Bird. There are several ways to add beads to your knitting, and Marly covers all the basics. You’ll learn how to place beads between the stitches on purl rows and knit rows when you’re working Stockinette, and how to add beads directly to the stitches with a crochet hook any old time you feel like it.
How to Chain Piece Fabric
Ashley Nickels
Learn how to construct a nine-patch quilt block using one of Ashley Nickel’s favorite short cuts: chain piecing. Prepare and cut your nine fabric squares and learn how to piece them together row-by-row without ever snipping threads. You’ll then learn how to sew your chained pieces together by nestling the seams. With this trick up your sleeve, you’ll end up with a flawless nine-patch quilt block in a flash.
How to Cut a Mat and Frame Your Artwork
Hilary Williams
Having your artwork and photos professionally framed can be pricey—especially if you have several pieces to frame. In this class, Hilary Williams shows how to professionally mat and frame your artwork at home for a fraction of the price. You will learn how to mount and back artwork of any size and add a dust cover to finish it off. Whether you’re an artist with a collection of pieces that need to be framed, or you simply want to frame your favorite family photos, this class will show you exactly how simple it is to get a professional look at home.
DIY Painted Hardware Accessory Rack
Barb Blair
Pro furniture refinisher Barb Blair teaches you how to create a sweet accessory rack out of found wood and drawer knobs. This project only takes a few minutes to make, but the resulting rack will hang on your wall for years and years to come. It’s perfect for hanging scarves and necklaces, and it’s easy to customize the size and style with your choice of materials.
Ohio Star Block
Heather Jones
In this class, Heather Jones shares how to make the iconic Ohio Star quilt block. Using half square triangles and quarter square triangles, you will learn how to precisely sew the pieces together to create this crisp, geometric design. Bind and finish your block to create a quilted wall hanging, or use the block to make a funky, modern throw pillow.
Knitted Lace Mitts
Wendy Bernard
Wendy Bernard teaches you how to knit fingerless mitts featuring a gorgeous Nested Fans lace pattern in this handy tutorial. Fingerless mitts are great for cross-season warmth, plus they’re ideal for typing away on your electronic devices while keeping your hands toasty. In this action-packed class, you’ll learn how to start with a simple ribbed cuff, read a lace chart, shape a thumb gusset and more. The mitts call for very little yarn, and are a great opportunity to use that precious skein you’ve been saving for a rainy day.
Whippersnapper Block
Anna Maria Horner
This month’s block is gorgeous, graphic and quick to whip up. Textile designer and quilter Anna Maria Horner shows you how to bust your stash of scraps and create precise seams using foundation paper piecing. Learn how to create your own template, audition fabrics and balance light and dark tones. 
Acrylic Painting: How to Clean Paintbrushes
Lisa Solomon
Believe it or not, your paintbrushes and tools can serve you well for years as long as you clean and care for them properly. In this quick class, Lisa Solomon demonstrates how to clean your tools like a pro. You will learn how to scrape your palette clean, and how to thoroughly clean and care for your brushes between uses.
Polk Block: Paper-Piecing with Scraps
Carolyn Friedlander
Embrace the flexibility and spontaneity of paper piecing with this scrappy block. Carolyn Friedlander shows you how to select a color palette from your leftover bits of fabric and create a precise design using a template. Paper piecing with scraps enables you to use every last bit of fabric, so don't toss your scraps—save them for a project like this one. 
Make a Leather Key Fob or Wristlet Strap
Elke Bergeron
Learn how to make a super simple, stylish key fob with basic leather-working tools. Elke Bergeron shows you how to turn your strap into a wristlet, or add a clip to attach it to your favorite clutch. This quick class is a great introduction to leather working, and a fun way to practice your skills.
The Wilton Method: How to Write on Cakes
Wilton Instructors
Stefanie from Wilton demonstrates some simple tips and tricks for mastering the art of lettering with buttercream. Learn about various decorating bag tips, how to do freehand lettering, and how to follow a template to produce cursive letters. With a little practice, you’ll soon be a pro at picture-perfect cake writing.
Mixing Black Using Acrylic Paint
Lisa Solomon
Instead of using black paint right out of the tube, learn how to mix your own by combining dark brown and dark blue acrylic paints. Lisa Solomon demonstrates how the addition of other colors can create warm and cool tones in your black mixture, adding extra depth to your paintings.
Homage to Josef Albers Block
Heather Jones

Modern quilter and designer, Heather Jones, shares how easy it can be to transform visual inspiration into patchwork goodness. In this class, learn how to construct a bold and contemporary quilt block that pays homage to her favorite artist, Josef Albers, and his series of paintings titled “Homage to the Square.” This crisp design and easy construction allows for creative freedom, so you can scale your block to a different size, or have fun playing with unexpected color combinations.

Finished Measurements:
Unfinished block will be a 7 ½” x 7 ½” square
Finished block will be a 7” x 7” square
Intarsia Knitting
Edie Eckman
Intarsia is a knitting technique that produces blocks of color by using separate balls of yarn. Knit and crochet expert Edie Eckman demonstrates this method of colorwork and gives helpful tips on how to read an intarsia chart, avoid creating holes, weave in ends invisibly, and more.
Folk Flower Block
Anna Maria Horner
You don’t have to be an expert quilter to make this eye-catching quilt block. Modern quilter and fabric designer, Anna Maria Horner, shares how to create this folk-inspired flower block using floral print scraps. You will learn how to piece a background, fussy cut fabric, and reverse applique the flower and leaves using a sewing machine (no hand-stitching required). Make multiple Folk Flower blocks and piece them together however you’d like to make a quilt top that is blooming with color and texture.
Final Block Measures 12 ½” x 12 ½”
Calligraphy on Unconventional Surfaces
Maybelle Imasa-Stukuls
Take your calligraphy to the next level in this creative lettering class. Maybelle Imasa-Stukuls covers techniques for writing with calligraphy on unconventional surfaces, like wood and chalkboard, using acrylic paint, gouache and chalk. You’ll also learn how to mix custom colors with gouache, allowing you to work with hues other than black and white. If you’re brand new to calligraphy (or just want a refresher), be sure to take Maybelle’s Calligraphy for Beginners class to practice your lettering.
How to Mix Screen Printing Ink
Hilary Williams
To pull a good print, you need to be sure your ink consistency is just right. Screenprinting artist Hilary Williams shows how to determine whether your ink has the correct consistency and what to do if it’s a bit too runny, too thick or too dry. Hilary also demonstrates how to resuscitate ink that’s salvageable with just a splash of water, as well as how to tint ink to make light, pastel colors.
Make an Ice-Dyed Top
Lesley Ware
Dyeing fabric with ice is like watching magic happen before your eyes. Lesley Ware, a maker and author of three books on sewing and fashion, takes you step-by-step through the fun and fascinating process of transforming a plain white T-shirt with dye. All you need are ice cubes and powdered dye to add a burst of color to your wardrobe and create interest with dynamic patterns.
Jewelry Design with Scotchbonnet!: Creative Product Photography
Tracey-Renee Hubbard
Handcrafted jewelry deserves to be beautifully presented, which is why Tracey-Renee Hubbard, designer behind the jewelry brand Scotchbonnet!, created this class. Whether you’re documenting your work to share with friends or marketing your products for sale, Tracey-Renee shows you how to choose props and consider placement, proportion, and composition to best highlight your pieces. Using her tested methods, you'll learn how to create gorgeous images - right on your cell phone - that you can use for social media, email newsletters, or your online store.
STEAM: Make a Crystal Yeti
Jamie Hudson
Science meets papercraft with this dazzling crystal yeti project. PhD chemist and maker Jamie Hudson teaches you how to use a paper abominable snowman - easily cut on the Cricut - as a surface for growing “fur” crystals. While learning about crystallization, nucleation, and super saturation, you'll enjoy crafting a sparkly new friend.
Glowforge Projects: Engraved Slate Tray
Lauren Marcinek
Present food with pizzaz at your next get-together with a beautiful, personalized serving tray. Lauren Marcinek from the Creativebug team shows you how to use the Glowforge to engrave on slate. You'll learn how to choose and upload a design, then how to adjust the correct settings on your machine. There's no need to be daunted by the tricky material as the Glowforge does all the hard work for you. The classic design of the tray fits in with any home, and the personalization makes for a thoughtful and unique gift. 
Knitting Techniques: How to Knit Fast
Carla Scott
Knitting speed increases with time and practice of course, but there are other small factors to take into consideration that can affect your knitting speed in a big way. Professional knitter and knitwear designer Carla Scott demonstrates the specific technique she uses to get so many stitches worked up so quickly.
Knitting Techniques: Keeping Track of Needle Size
Carla Scott
It's all too easy to make a gauge swatch and then promptly forget the size of the needles you've used. When swatching, expert knitter Carla Scott suggests using this simple (and ingenious!) tip to keep track of your needle size.
Knitting Techniques: Using Consistent Needles
Carla Scott
There are many variables that can change the gauge of your swatch, but you may not realize that the needle material can be one of them. Expert knitter Carla Scott demonstrates how to get consistent gauge across swatches and project knitting by keeping in mind this simple fact. 
Sew a Pair of Baby Bloomers
Ashley Nickels
Creativebug all-star Ashley Nickels shows you how to stitch a simple pair of baby bloomers that make the sweetest summery diaper cover. You’ll sew straight seams, then work a double-fold casing for the elastic waist and legs. The included pattern comes in three sizes: 3-6 months, 6-12 months and 12-24 months. Requiring just a small amount of fabric, these are an approachable stash-busting project that make for an adorable gift.
Galaxy Slime
Faith Hale
There are many ways to make slime but pro-crafter Faith Hale shows you her very favorite method for making a sparkly, swirly version. Using liquid starch, clear glue, nontoxic pigment and fine glitter, we'll make three separate shades before swirling them all together. The slime comes together quickly and clean-up is a breeze.
How to Make Bias Tape
Ashley Nickels
An essential part of any quilter or sewist’s arsenal, bias tape is helpful for creating stretchy, durable edges. Ashley Nickels demonstrates how to find the bias on ordinary quilting cotton, then how to cut, iron, and pin fabric to an edge. This snack-sized lesson packs lots of information into just five minutes.
Creating a Mixed-Paper Sketchbook
Pam Garrison
A sketchbook featuring a range of fun and colorful papers makes the perfect background for on-the-go sketching, journaling or list making. Learn how to create a mixed-paper sketchbook by gathering together interesting papers and sewing them together with an easy pamphlet stitch. Pam Garrison also shows a few of her own mixed-paper sketchbooks, featuring solid-colored papers, patterned papers and pages on which she’s already drawn or painted.
Doodling on an iPad
Pam Garrison
When it comes to doodling, paper and pen aren’t your only options. Pam Garrison demonstrates how she likes to use her iPad to doodle using the free app “Paper” by FiftyThree and talks about how it inspires her process. You really don’t have to be a tech expert to use technology for your creations.
Picking Up Stitches Along a Curved Edge
Edie Eckman
Picking up stitches along a curved edge is a little different than picking up along a straight selvedge. In this quick class, Edie shares her tips for creating a smooth, pucker-free edge. This is especially helpful to keep in mind when picking up stitches around a neck edge or the armholes of a sweater. 
Crocheted Lemon
Twinkie Chan
Learn how to make this sweet and zesty crocheted lemon from renowned yarn foodie, Twinkie Chan. This lemon can be made in a flash with simple single crochet and slip stitches. Originally designed for the Craft Yarn Council as a “stress ball” for National Stress Awareness Month, this lemon is the perfect thing to squeeze when you’re having a rough day. If you find yourself hooked on making crocheted fruit, learn how to make other delicious (in)edibles in Twinkie’s Eat Your Fruits and Veggies Crochet-Along!

DIY Valentine's Day Love Bugs
Courtney Cerruti
Get crafty with the little ones this Valentine’s Day with this fun and simple project. Courtney Cerruti shows you how to make love bugs using pipe cleaners, pompoms and googly eyes. These bugs take no time to make, and are great to hand out as little gifts or to stick onto Valentine cards.   
Mixed Media Wall Hanging
Jessie Jennings of Plaid Crafts
Join Jessie Jennings, Plaid Content Creator, for a fun and relaxing class as she teaches you how make a simple mixed media wall hanging. With some FolkArt paint, Mod Podge, and a few basic supplies, Jessie walks you through the process of creating your own beautiful décor piece -- perfect for brightening up any space in your home.
STEAM: Make a Paper Zoetrope
Jamie Hudson
Scientist and maker Jamie Hudson shows you how to make a handheld paper zoetrope which creates an easy 10-frame animation and demonstrates persistence of vision, which tricks the brain into turning many still images into one moving image. This is how all cartoons and movies are made, and you get to make an animation of your own with a Cricut and some poster board. Putting together this classic piece of movie-making history requires no glue. The Cricut does all the work, and you just need to fold it together and let your imagination do the rest.
Make a Geode Painting
Kyra Balentine of Plaid Crafts
Recreate the dimensional beauty of a geode using an unconventional art material - rock salt. Kyra Balentine, Plaid Craft's Content Studio Manager, demonstrates how to take your paint pouring to a new level with this intriguing technique. The rock salt adds texture and depth to your painting while glitter brings bling to your home decor.  Mod Podge - the real workhorse here - holds it all together securely.
Make a Leather Cell Phone Bag
Treasure of Nikki&Mallory
Treasure is the owner of Nikki&Mallory which specializes in artisan-made leather handbags, accessories, and home décor - plus, she has impeccable style. In her day-to-day life as a designer, she often prefers to skip a bulky purse and carry a slim cell phone bag instead. In this class, she shows you how to make your own bohemian-inspired leather cell phone bag. It can accommodate phones of all sizes, and it has a convenient shoulder strap and front pocket. From sourcing leather, cutting it, to stitching it all together on a home sewing machine, Treasure breaks down each step, making this the perfect project for the beginner leatherworker.
Make Hand and Body Salve
Arina from BellaCreme
When she couldn't find low-additive body products for her baby daughter over a decade ago, Arina Soler began concocting her own. Since then she has developed her own skincare line, BellaCreme, and has empowered numerous makers to follow in her footsteps by teaching workshops. In this class, Arina explains how to create healing salves using botanical-infused oils, resulting in affordable and customizable nontoxic skin care products that will soothe parched skin. You'll find the process as relaxing as using the products themselves. Dry, sensitive skin - thirst no more! 
STEAM: Make a Flying Squirrel Glider
Jamie Hudson
Let your crafting take flight and make a flying squirrel glider out of wood veneer. PhD scientist and experienced crafter Jamie Hudson will show you just how easy it is to put together a fun glider using the draw-and-print function on the Cricut while also teaching you about airfoil design, center of mass, and of course, actual flying squirrels. Jamie will also help you troubleshoot your flying squirrel and demonstrate how to make adjustments for the smoothest descent.
Make an Herbal Infused Body Oil
Arina from BellaCreme
Arina Soler believes in creating products with care, consciousness, and consideration. As owner of BellaCreme, an all natural skincare company operating out of the Hudson Valley, she handmakes herbal infusions, salves, and soaps using natural colorants, scents, and unrefined, responsible ingredients. Botanical oil infusions allow you the ability appreciate and enjoy the beneficial properties of nature, are simple to prepare and even easier to use. This class will teach you how to begin making your own natural skin products that are both beautiful and resourceful.

Want more ideas of how to use this oil? Watch Arina's Make Hand and Body Salve class
Eat Your Fruits & Veggies Crochet-Along: Orange and Slice
Twinkie Chan
Get your daily dose of vitamin C-for-crochet with this orange and orange slice designed by Twinkie Chan. Using juicy shades of worsted yarn, you’ll learn how to crochet an orangey orb, complete with a tiny green stem. Then, stitch up a slice before embellishing with a surface slip stitch.
Glowforge Projects: Engraved Wooden Sign
Lauren Marcinek
Lauren Marcinek from the Creativebug team shows you how easy it is to engrave a customizable wooden sign with the Glowforge. You'll learn how to upload your design and adjust the settings on the machine. Then, see how to make your engraved wood look its very best. With the push of a button, you can add a beautiful touch of handmade to your home or create a one-of-a-kind gift that is perfect for any occasion, from treasured gifts to bridal showers to housewarming parties.
Glowforge Projects: Monogrammed Wreath
Lauren Marcinek
Lauren Marcinek from the Creativebug team shares one of her favorite projects to make on the Glowforge: a gorgeous, monogrammed wreath. She'll show you how to upload your monogram design to the Glowforge, adjust the machine settings to laser cut wood, and turn your wooden letter into an elegant piece of home decor. With lots of opportunity to personalize the colors and embellishments, you can make a wreath for any holiday or all year round.    
Glowforge Projects: Engrave a Photo
Lauren Marcinek
Learn how to engrave your favorite photo memories onto wood with this easy and impressive Glowforge class. Lauren Marcinek from the Creativebug team guides you through choosing the best photo for engraving, uploading your file to the machine, and adjusting the settings for laser engraving. The Glowforge does the hard work for you -- all you need is a piece of wood to start making beautiful mementos for your friends and family.        
Cricut Crafts: Gemstone Favor Boxes
Jennifer Sbranti
Event stylist Jenn Sbranti from Hostess with the Mostess guides you through constructing 3D paper gemstones that can hold little gifts, serve as a place card, or just brighten up a tablescape. Use your Cricut machine to cut any card stock, then accent your box with metallic gold paint and printable tags. Easily personalized, these gemstones will elevate any event.
Blocking Knits 101
Faith Hale
Block your knits is a must-do step to lend polish to your finished project and prepare items for gifting. Expert knitter and pattern designer Faith Hale walks you through her favorite tools and essential items that make blocking a breeze. Know when to use pins, wires, or nothing at all, ideal surfaces for pinning, and the best techniques required for different fibers. You’ll see how satisfying it can be to shape your project into its ideal form.
Astro Origami
Faith Hale
Use text-weight paper and a few simple folds to construct an entire galaxy. In this class paper-crafter Faith Hale demonstrates three different structures: a spaceship, a planet, and a small star you'll make handfuls of. Try it now and discover which one is inflatable! With Faith's enthusiastic guidance and clear instructions, you'll make enough stars for your own milky way.
Cricut Crafts: Make an Affirmation Tote
Natalie Malan
Natalie Malan uses the Cricut Wild Rose plus patterned iron-on vinyl from her custom line to craft an empowering tote bag. She’ll show you how to take an existing image from Design Space and hide contours, change colors, and resize and center elements. You’ll then use the Cricut to cut out your design. After weeding, you’ll use the Easy Press to adhere the vinyn to your tote bag. Once you’ve learned how to manipulate an existing image, you’ll see how easy it is to create your very own design.
Sew a Butterfly Wrap
Ashley Nickels
Sew a drapey, gauzy, layering piece in next to no time to quickly top any outfit. Sewer Ashley Nickels demonstrates how to use a comfortably-fitting oversized t-shirt to make your own template, cut your fabric, then stitch together with underarm seams. A rolled-hem foot makes finishing the edges a breeze with options provided for a double-fold hem option. 
Embroidered Constellations
Faith Hale
Bring the night sky into your home with hand-embroidered zodiac constellations. Crafter Faith Hale demonstrates two methods of transferring the patterns included in the class PDF, then how to work the star stitch and the straight stitch using metallic thread. 
Cricut Crafts: Phases of the Moon Wall Hanging
Courtney Cerruti
Create a beautifully graphic wall hanging inspired by the moon. Expert maker and Cricut crafter Courtney Cerruti shows you how to use your Cricut to make precise cuts, then add texture to the faux leather pieces with an easy marbling technique. Keep in tune with the subtle transitions of the moon with this simple wall hanging that can hang vertically or horizontally and adds dimension to your home decor.
Cricut Crafts: Make a Lunar Nightlight
Courtney Cerruti
Make a twinkly night light cover that doubles as a work of art. Maker extraordinaire Courtney Cerruti demonstrates a simple technique for painting on Yupo paper, creating an enchanting moon that glows when the lights go down. Use your Cricut machine to cut the easily-assembled components, which come together quickly to light up any dark corner of the home.
Cricut Crafts: Make a Custom Pencil Pouch
Natalie Malan
Artist, illustrator and Cricut aficionado Natalie Malin lends her design expertise to customizing and crafting a custom pencil pouch.  She’ll walk you through the three-layer design, then demonstrate how some of her favorite Cricut tools – namely, the Bright Pad and the Easy Press – can really simplify the process.  Finally, you’ll learn how to customize type in Design Space to make it your own. Essential for keeping your tools organized or crafting on the go, the resulting pencil pouch is versatile and once you’ve personalized it, totally unique to you.  
Crochet Socks for Your Chair
Cal Patch
Do you fear your chairs catch a chill in the winter months? Crochet Cal will ease your worries by showing you how to quickly stitch a set of four cozy socks for your chair feet. Cal demonstrates how to select yarn that matches the complexion of your chair, take measurements for a perfect fit, and discusses yarn weights so you can create a set of socks for any season.  You'll be all set to enjoy this class on April Fool's Day!
Sew an Artist Smock
Faith Hale
Every artist needs an apron, and making one couldn't be simpler when you begin with a ready-made button-down shirt. Creativebug staffer and upcycling enthusiast Faith Hale explains how to choose the perfect shirt, then shows how to disassemble it and turn the sleeves into giant patch pockets. This project is great for beginners and quick to sew for the more seasoned sewist. With ample coverage and large pockets for stashing art supplies and tools, the resulting smock is sure to become a studio staple.
Meditative Art Journaling
Get Messy
Learn how to make a meditative art journal that serves as a container for your hopes, fears, frustrations and more with the founders of Get Messy. You’ll learn how to free write to get what's in your head onto the page, obliterate it with paint and meditative marks, use watercolor to channel your mood, then add quotes and lettering to complete your page. This small handbound book provides the perfect place to journal and explore your feelings through words and art. Remember to use the hashtag #creativebuggetsmessy on social media to share your work with the Get Messy and Creativebug communities.
Sew a Fabric Basket
Amber of Damask Love
This multi-purpose basket is fabulously fast to make and eminently giftable. Amber from Damask Love shows you how to make this simple and sweet project from just two pieces of decorative fabric and pompom trim. With so many organizational uses – try on your desktop, vanity, or even kitchen – you’ll use these all over the house. Plus you’ll see how easy it is to make dimensional creations on your sewing machine!
Post-It Holiday Wreath
Amber of Damask Love
To make a fabulous temporary wreath for any season, Amber Kemp-Gerstel of Damask Love turns to an office supply staple: Post-it Notes. Amber shows you how to save time by cutting leaf shapes in batches, then apply them to nearly any wall or flat, non-porous surface. Choose from Post-it’s diverse color palette to customize for the season, and scale the wreath up or down to fit virtually any space.
Easiest Garter Stitch Slippers
Faith Hale
Keep your toes toasty with this easy-to-knit weekend project! The delectably simple slipper pattern was designed by Creativebug’s resident knitter, Faith Hale, and requires knitting just one rectangular piece. Simple increases and just two seams give the slipper its shape, making it a great project for last-minute gifting.

Looking for another great garter stitch project? Learn how to make the Easiest Garter Stitch Hat.
Sew a Pie Carrier
Liana Allday
Make easy work of transporting your freshly baked pie with this simply stitched pie carrier. Sewist-with-a-sweet-tooth Liana Allday shows how two pieces of cotton fabric plus handy cotton webbing straps quickly come together to make a classy bag to tote your torte. Whether the pie carrier is for transporting your own desserts or as a gift to your favorite baker,  this project comes together in less than an hour – just enough time to whip up something delicious.
Cricut Crafts: Layering Iron-On Vinyl
Amber of Damask Love
Layering vinyl is an essential technique for creating dynamic projects with your Cricut. Professional Cricut crafter, Amber of Damask Love, explains how to plan your iron-on motif in Cricut’s Design Space, using the slicing and contouring features that make this layering technique possible. Once the vinyl has been cut, Amber shows you how to assemble your layers using the Cricut Easy Press tool. These layered vinyl pieces are perfect for tote and t-shirt designs, and best of all, won’t have any excess bulk!
Lingerie Sewing: The Noelle Panty
Madalynne Intimates
Lingerie designer and seamstress Maddie Flanigan of Madalynne Intimates shares with you her secrets for sewing essential lingerie garments. The “Noelle” is a vintage-inspired, high-waisted panty that can be made with fully-lined stretch elastic or a simple jersey material. In this class, you'll learn to work with stretch picot and add a jersey gusset to make a gorgeous handmade undergarment.  This confidence-building project can be finished in under an hour and is an ideal entre into the glamorous world of lingerie sewing. Class includes a downloadable pattern PDF in sizes XS (23-25" waist; 33-35" hip) to 3XL (38-41" waist; 46-50" hip).
Intuitive Mark Making
Flora Bowley
Take an experimental approach to creating abstract art with intuitive painter Flora Bowley. In this quick class, you’ll learn how to use nontraditional “tools” – like Gerber daises, mushrooms, and celery – to make unique marks with acrylic paint. Flora’s teaching style is equal parts eye-opening and fun, and her techniques will help you nurture a curious and open-minded approach to painting with acrylics.
Washi Tape Decor
Amber of Damask Love
Looking to add a little cheer to your dorm room or a pop of color to your home? Washi tape is a fast and fun way to get vibrant results on a dime. Amber of Damask Love demonstrates a suite of projects: a cheery clock, a frame with crisp mitered corners, and custom stickers perfect for a planner, agenda or notebook. You’ll be able to create endless combinations from the wide array of available washi tape designs, and the finished projects make fabulous gifts. 
Roll With It: Back to School Ideas with Scotch Tape
Courtney Cerruti
Tape is the unsung hero of the craft drawer, and in this Back-to-School themed class, Courtney Cerruti showcases its many versatile uses. In each segment, you’ll learn tips, tricks and hacks that utilize the unique quality of each of Scotch Brand’s five core tapes: Magic Tape, Super-Hold Tape, Wall-Safe Tape, Double-Sided Tape, and Satin Finish Gift Wrap tape. These mighty adhesives are Ideal for everyday organizing and wear-and-tear repairs, plus they provide the perfect stick for creative art and craft projects. We guarantee you’ll never look at tape the same way again.

If you're looking for more info on tape in gerneral and varieties of tape, check out Courtney's class Tape 101
Cricut Crafts: Print-Then-Cut Flair Pins
Amber of Damask Love
Spruce up your denim jacket with DIY flair pins! Amber of Damask Love shows how easy it is to whip up a batch of pins using any artwork in the Cricut Design Space and your Cricut Maker. The “print-then-cut” feature and knife blade tool make it super easy to cut precise shapes from basswood, and then Amber shows you how to paint and assemble your pins.
Cricut Crafts: Carved Wood Frame
Amber of Damask Love
Amber of Damask Love shows how easy it is to make a custom-carved wooden frame with your Cricut Maker. The handy knife blade tool allows you to make woodworking magic by precisely cutting out a template in the Cricut Design Space. After cutting out the basswood pieces, Amber shows how to paint them in cheery shades and insert a favorite photo. These frames make thoughtful, showstopping gifts – especially when you tell the recipient that you made the frame yourself.
Design Your Own Needlepoint Canvas
Anna Maria Horner
Love needlepoint? Want to follow your own creative vision rather than stitch a printed needlepoint canvas? Anna Maria Horner teaches you how to design your own! Starting with an artwork reference of your choice, you’ll learn how match your tapestry wool and paint colors to your artwork. Anna Maria then shows you how to trace and paint the design onto your needlepoint canvas, creating your very own custom needlepoint kit.

Want to learn how to needlepoint? Watch Anna Maria’s class on Creativebug.
Crocheted Carrot
Twinkie Chan
This crocheted carrot is not nutritious or delicious, but it sure is cute! Whip up this seasonal favorite taught by renowned yarn foodie, Twinkie Chan. You’ll learn how to increase and decrease in single crochet to give the carrot its classic tapered shape, and you’ll use easy peasy slip stitches to make the green fronds. If you’re interested in making other crocheted fruits and veggies, learn how to make other delicious (in)edibles in Twinkie’s Eat Your Fruits and Veggies Crochet-Along!
Cricut Crafts: Monogrammed Leather Keychain
Amber of Damask Love
Learn how to make a professional looking custom leather keychain using the Cricut Maker. Amber from Damask Love shows how easy it is to use the Cricut Design Space to create your layout. She then shows how to cut out precise leather shapes on your Cricut Maker and assemble the keychain with embroidery floss and leather glue. This quick and stylish project is perfect for anyone learning how to work with leather on their Cricut machine.
Cricut Crafts: Dimensional Word Art
Amber of Damask Love
Literally add a statement to any room with this super-simple word art project. Using the Cricut Design Space, Amber of Damask Love shows you her process for selecting a typeface, seamlessly linking together the letters of your word. Then, using the Cricut Maker, she shows you how to cut out several sheets of chipboard to make a layered, dimensional sign that will pop from the wall. With some sandpaper, glue, and paint, this trendy wooden word art comes together quickly – no woodworking tools required. 
Cricut Crafts: Easy Monogrammed Cosmetic Bag
Amber of Damask Love
It's super easy to whip up a custom monogrammed cosmetic bag with your Cricut Maker. Amber from Damask Love shows you how to design your own monogram and cut it out in vinyl on your Cricut Maker, plus you'll learn how you can use the Maker to cut out all of your fabric pattern pieces. Once the elements are cut out, Amber shows you how to install the zipper, box the corners, and assemble the bag. The glittery vinyl monogram goes on last as a special finishing touch. 
Crocheted Broomstick Lace Bracelet
Marly Bird
This seemingly complex stitch pattern is a clever crochet technique, and Marly Bird makes it super simple to understand. Using a crochet hook and one giant knitting needle, you’ll learn how to work a small band of lace and create a finished cuff in no time!
Hand-Rolled Truffles
Mark Tilling
Making hand rolled truffles at home is easy and yields professional results! Learn from master chocolatier, Mark Tilling, as he shows how to make a classic chocolate ganache that then gets rolled into delicate truffles. You will learn how to add flavors to your ganache and decorate your truffles with cocoa powder or metallic dusting colors. These truffles require only a few ingredients and can be made in advance.
Cricut Crafts: Felt Christmas Stocking
Amber of Damask Love
Amber from Damask Love shows you how to celebrate the holiday season with modern, bold and colorful felt stockings. You’ll learn how to cut out all of the shapes on a Cricut Maker cutting machine and then sew them together with a few easy seams. These stockings are perfect for your mantle or even as a unique option for gift giving and can be easily customized using Cricut's Design Space software. 
Decorating Chocolate with Transfer Sheets
Mark Tilling
Fancy chocolates with beautifully patterned surfaces are not just for professional confectioners. By working side-by-side with master chocolatier, Mark Tilling, you’ll learn how to use cocoa butter transfer sheets to create show-stopping desserts and decorations in all shapes and sizes. Use this technique as a finishing touch on a from-scratch masterpiece, or elevate a store-bought dessert with fanciful chocolate decor. 
Cricut Crafts: Fall Leaf Garland
Amber of Damask Love
Bring your tabletop to life with this leafy felt garland, perfect for year-round celebrations. Amber Kemp-Gerstel from Damask Love shows you how to cut out several leaf shapes on the Cricut Maker and assemble them with floral wire for sturdy construction. In the version shown here, Amber uses mostly green leaves with fun pops of color throughout, but you can make your leaves any color you like to suit the season. Get the template free on the Cricut Design Space.
Sculptural Chocolate
Mark Tilling
Transform chocolate into stunning three-dimensional shapes with master chocolatier, Mark Tilling. You’ll learn how to work with chocolate on a cold marble surface and transform it into cigarillos, fans, and other fun geometric shapes, perfect for decorating cakes and topping elegant desserts. Mark begins by showing how to beautifully swirl colors to make two-toned chocolate and shares tips and tricks for working on the marble surface. Whether you scrape it into curls, cut it into stacks or fold it into fans, you’ll have a wealth of new chocolate-making techniques to play with.
New to chocolate making? Make sure to begin with Mark’s foundation class: Mastering Chocolate at Home.
Mastering Chocolate at Home
Mark Tilling
Working with chocolate is an art unto itself, and there’s no better person to learn from than master chocolatier, Mark Tilling. The first step in any chocolate making project is learning how to temper chocolate. This process perfects the crystallization structure, ensuring that, when cooled, your chocolate will be glossy and have a great snap. The tempering process can make or break your chocolate creation, so it’s important to temper it correctly for successful results. In the first part of this class, Mark teaches how to melt chocolate in a microwave or double boiler and how to troubleshoot common mistakes along the way. Once you understand how to temper chocolate, making your own chocolate bars is a quick next step. Mark  shows you how to use a bar mold and delicious mix-ins, like dried fruits and popping candies, to create custom bars featuring dark, milk, and white chocolates. In addition to showing how to combine flavors, Mark also demonstrates how to color and marble chocolate, and work with cocoa butter gold coloring to paint your darkest bars. Once you understand the fundamentals of working with chocolate, you’ll have a basis upon which to expand your skills. 
Single Block Projects: Quilt Block Pillow
Ashley Nickels
Wondering what to do with all of the gorgeous blocks in our Block of the Month series? Ashley Nickels shows how to expertly set any quilt block in a posh pillowcase, featuring sashing to frame the block and a hidden zipper. She demonstrates the technique using Carolyn Friedlander's Polk Block, but you can use any block you please to create custom pillows for your home. 
Hand-Stamped Round Coin Purse
Jen Hewett
Create one-of-a-kind coin purses with this simple tutorial. Printmaker Jen Hewett shows you how to create custom stamps and print fabric with geometric designs. You will then learn how to assemble the bag by sewing the curved edges, adding a lining, and finishing with a decorative zipper pull.
Adding Duplicate Stitch to Knits
Marly Bird
Learn how to add customized monograms to your knits with the magic of duplicate stitch. Marly Bird shows you how this simple hand-sewn stitch is applied to knitted fabric, mimicking the knit stitches in order to create a seamless embellishment. Best of all, this stitch can be added to any finished knitting, so you can choose to embellish your project even after you’ve bound off. Downloadable PDF with monogram charts included with class. 
Pop Rocks Block
Anna Maria Horner
The Pop Rocks Block is as fun as it sounds, using subtle and intense fabrics from your stash to create playful contrast. Anna Maria Horner’s scrappy design is a modern take on a 9-patch block, with random pops of color sprinkled throughout. Round up your light and dark fabric scraps and start putting them together to create these unexpected blocks. 
Knitted Cocoon Cardigan
Marly Bird
Designed by Marly Bird, this soft and cozy cardigan wraps you in warmth and style. The oversized shape flatters any body type, while the fitted cuffs add a dose of structure. Make this cardigan in a bright, bold color for a statement piece, or in a neutral for everyday wear.
Churn Dash Block
Heather Jones
The charming Churn Dash block dates back to the early 1800s. (The block design resembles an overhead view of a butter churn, as the story goes.) Modern quilter and designer Heather Jones gives this traditional block a contemporary refresh using a cheeky print. Follow the step-by-step instructions here to make a set of your own modern Churn Dash Blocks.
Knit a Super Scarf
Faith Hale
Bundle up in style with a gloriously bulky super scarf. Designed by Yarnspirations, this oversized scarf features a 12-row stitch pattern that creates a gorgeous overall texture. Faith Hale shows you how to get started, work the Dew Drop pattern, and make super-sized tassels to finish off the corners. Worked in a super bulky yarn, the scarf knits up quicker than you might think. For even more Super Scarf inspiration, check out 12 more fabulous knit and crochet patterns from Yarnspirations here
Double Star Quilt
Fancy Tiger
The Double Star Quilt top features a striking combination of light and dark fabrics, with a star-within-a-star motif radiating from the center. Using a mix of special prints and half-square triangles, Amber from Fancy Tiger Crafts shows you how to use free-form patchwork to grow the quilt from the center out. In the class, Amber shows how to make a 54” quilt top, but instructions are included for making a larger 90” queen-size quilt top.
Howard Block
Carolyn Friedlander
Learn how to make this architectural block with paper-piecing expert, Carolyn Friedlander. This simple process makes it easy to achieve precise, linear piecing—perfect for this geometric design. Make one paper pieced block or several, playing with pattern and color to see how it changes the overall effect. 
Sew a Sleeping Bag
Annabel Wrigley
Learn how to turn a ready-made duvet cover into a snuggly sleeping bag, perfect for sleepovers. Instead of a zipper, Annabel Wrigley shows you how to customize with contrasting side ties, making for a surprisingly quick-to-stitch project. 
Serrated Block
Anna Maria Horner
Textile designer and quilter Anna Maria Horner shows you how to create a stair-step “serrated” pattern out of solid and printed fabrics. To make this block, you’ll learn how to use an inventive template for cutting pieces and Anna’s technique for piecing it together. At the end, Anna discusses how to combine blocks to create a large all-over pattern using this design. 
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Textile designer and quilter Anna Maria Horner shows you how to create a stair-step “serrated” pattern out of solid and printed fabrics. To make this block, you’ll learn how to use an inventive template for cutting pieces and Anna’s technique for piecing it together. At the end, Anna discusses how to combine blocks to create a large all-over pattern using this design. 
Here’s what you’ll need:
  • Quilting Cotton: Assorted prints and solids of varying lengths, all approximately 3½” wide
  • Printed PDF template
  • Rotary cutter
  • Cutting mat
  • Long gridded ruler
  • Iron and ironing surface
  • Sewing machine
  • Neutral thread
  • Straight pins
Learn how to:
  • Use the PDF template to cut different parts of the block simultaneously
  • Piece block
  • Create a stair-step pattern with prints and solids
  • Press seams
What you'll get:
  • Detailed instruction on how to create this unique block using a template and Anna's technique for piecing it together
  • 2 HD video lessons you can access online anytime, anywhere
  • Detailed supplies list and a downloadable PDF template ($16 value)
  • Step-by-step expert instruction from Anna Maria Horner
  • The ability to leave comments, ask questions, and interact with other students
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Bronwyn Silvester
Good technique love the uses. Course was too short would love to see more examples. It was hard to see the shown examples,camera close up. I think stabilisers would improve some outcomes. I’m off to play.
April 13, 2024
Rosamaria OKeefe
Definitely ideas that spark inspiration!
March 4, 2024
Ryn KB
Amending my previous review: After consulting my sewing machine manual, my very basic machine does not have the ability to lower the feed dog / presser foot tension, a requirement for using this technique. So be aware that machines vary and yours may or may not be able to do this. :/
More than 3 months ago