Meet the Team

The Creativebug team, left to right: Chelsea Sena, Devlin Mannle, Fernando Santacruz, Jeanne Lewis, Kelly Wilkinson, Matt Novak, Erik Wilson, Ken Bousquet, Ursula Morgan, Stephanie Blake, Courtney Cerruti, Brian Emerick, Julie Roehm, Su Li, Liana Allday. Not pictured: Zenaida Hernandez, Michael Melichar, Li Sen, Justin Cheung, Diana Morrow, Sharon Laszlo, Katrina Johnson, and Ivan Daunis.

Ursula Morgan
CEO, Creativebug

Ursula is the CEO of Creativebug. Before Creativebug, she led a successful career as an art director, was an award-winning magazine publisher, launched what some call “the UK’s favorite knitting magazine,” and was the Vice President of US operations for one of UK’s largest publishing houses. Ursula believes crafting is joyful: from making something to receiving a handmade gift. Each time she grows Creativebug’s audience, she sees it as helping artists spread more joy.
The thing that drew me to Creativebug was the authenticity of the videos. It's not about the lenses or angles they use—it's a mindset. The team sees what they do as ‘artists shooting artists.’ That's the Creativebug essence.
Ursula Morgan, CEO

Julie Roehm
Founder, VP of Partnerships & Operations

Julie, is a Founder and VP of Partnerships & Operations at Creativebug. Before founding Creativebug, Julie spent 15 years in the financial services industry, and served as a Vice President of Customer Experience at Wells Fargo—America’s fourth largest bank. Julie says Creativebug is a place where people get their creative fix, in a fun and easy way that brings out the maker in all of us.
We attract passionate people who are all artists themselves, so everyone loves coming to work. We are motivated to grow Creativebug’s success so we can all continue doing what we love. We feel like a family, and our instructors are like favorite cousins who come to visit.
Julie Roehm, Founder
Left: Jeanne and the dev team discuss changes to the site. Right: During the meeting, Urusula and Julie check in through a window that opens into Jeanne and Ursula’s office.
Ken and Arlen continue the conversation about site changes in front of a hand-painted wall that lines the office’s entrance.
I looked for creative people who were passionate about the maker space, but I also just wanted people who gave a damn. It's really hard to find people who are like, 'Yeah! I'm totally into this!' versus people who just need a job and want to say they work at a startup.
Jeanne Lewis, Founder
Stephanie (far right) often seeks outside perspectives from other team members, like this day when she was deiciding on classes to promote through the site. “Everyone’s voice is heard and disagreements are welcomed,” she says. “I think they foster that here. It’s really about moving the product forward, not the ego.”
Everyone here is really creative. That’s one of the main things I ask when hiring someone. What do you do besides being a shooter?
Fernando Santacruz, Director of Video Content
Erik, Liana, Chelsea, and Devlin (left to right) admire a 10-page feature story on Creativebug in the latest issue of Where Women Create BUSINESS magazine. This leads into a conversation about Liana’s first day at work. “No one knew what I was doing—I didn’t even know. And then someone came up and hugged me and I was like, ‘whoa.’ I’d never been hugged at work before.”
My favorite thing about working here is the people. Every single person is so different: our personalities, our backgrounds, where we’ve come from. But we’re like a family. We even fight like brothers and sisters sometimes.
Chelsea Sena, Producer
Julie, Ken, Matt, Brian, and Liana (left to right) work on Magic Braid Bracelets, a project on Creativebug. These “crafternoons” help the team stay connected with the product and each other.
Most of the producton work I’ve done was nothing as creative as this. Because we work with artists, you just turn around and there’s a project you can play around with.
Matt Novak, Videographer/Editor
The core video production team, Matt, Brian, Devlin, and Erik (from left) grab an early-morning coffee from a cart around the corner. Topics of conversation include: skater art, a new food startup, and the coffee culture in San Francisco. Matt and our photographer round out the discussion with a review of Errol Morris documentaries and the failures of TV history re-enactments.
I’m really excited to see where we go as a company. I think we are in a position to realize what we want to become.
Devlin Mannle, Photographer/Videographer