Jesse Genet of Lumi
Jesse Genet is the founder of Lumi and the maker of Inkodye, a light-sensitive dye for fabric. Using Inkodye, Lumi is pioneering a new DIY process for printing clothing and textiles using the sunlight in your own backyard. Now 26, Jesse has been developing and using the Lumi printing process since she was 16 years old. She studied Product Design at Art Center College of Design and lives and works out of her loft at The Brewery near Downtown Los Angeles.

A crowdfunding success story, Lumi has been been profiled in The Economist, TechCrunch, CNN and Forbes and now has products for sale in over 800 stores worldwide. Lumi mainly sells DIY kits and supplies to individual makers worldwide, but Jesse has also worked with clients such as Puma, Junk Food Apparel, Invisible Children, Summit Series and Cisco Home Furniture using the Lumi process to design limited run collections or host collaborative workshop experiences. On days when she isn't running an Inkodye manufacturing line or running workshops you might find her taking her vintage 1972 Chevy truck for a joyride in the canyons of north LA.

Jesse's Gallery