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Anna Maria Horner Nashville, TN 

To many the Anna Maria brand means color & inspiration in the form of craft, sewing, needlework, books, and friendly how-to. Since 2006 her ever growing library of fabrics has delighted and adorned creative souls around the globe. 

Anna Maria Horner grew up in a house full of her dad's paintings and with a closet full of her mom's handi-work. Beds were warmed by the hand-loomed wool blankets sent by her grandmother from Greece. The busy little bodies of Anna and her siblings were warmed by the beautiful handknits of their grandmother in Indiana.

She and her husband, Jeff, make their home on a rambling and not overly maintained two acres of happiness in Nashville. Their six children range in age from 3 to 20.  Anna Maria works from her attic studio where the tree house atmosphere inspires many lofty ideas and maintains her sense of wonder.  She is incredibly thankful to be able to seek out her artistic goals at home in the presence of her family's encouragement. Here success means being surrounded by the work of her own hands.

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