Total Time: 20 mins 59 secs
Challenge yourself to a month of making! These 30-day prompts are the perfect way to launch your daily art practice.
Daily Drawing Challenge: 31 Things to Draw with Pam Garrison
Pam Garrison
Jumpstart your creative practice with a 31-day drawing challenge, taught by artist and professional doodler Pam Garrison. In this draw-along, Pam shares her playful, encouraging style, providing prompts and colorful demonstrations every single day for a month. Not only will you learn how to draw ordinary objects and add splashes of color, but you’ll also learn how to strengthen your creative muscles and develop a new habit. You’ll be amazed at how much your skills will grow in just one month. Be sure to post your drawings on Instagram using #cbdrawaday 
Daily Drawing Challenge: 31 Art Journal Prompts with Dawn DeVries Sokol
Dawn DeVries Sokol
Join professional doodler, Dawn DeVries Sokol, for a month of art journaling inspiration. Every day for 31 days, Dawn provides prompts to get you making art that is fun, intuitive and totally you. Learn how to create backgrounds, respond to prompts, and add embellishments, lettering and collage along the way. Stay loose and respond to whatever strikes you in the moment without the pressure of having to create a “finished” piece of art.
Daily Painting Challenge: 30 Things to Paint with August Wren
Jennifer Orkin Lewis
In this 30-day painting challenge, Jennifer Orkin Lewis (known as @Augustwren on Instagram) draws inspiration from objects found in real life and imagination. Using gouache and watercolor, she demonstrates her approach to painting without fear and reminds us that it’s never too late to start painting. Jennifer started her daily painting practice three years ago, painting for just thirty minutes every day. In that time, she has cultivated the loose, colorful style that she’s known for, inspiring thousands of people along the way.
Daily Drawing Challenge: 31 Things to Draw with Lisa Congdon
Lisa Congdon
There’s nothing like starting off the new year with a big creative challenge, and boy do we have one for you: Every single day for the month of January, we challenge you to draw along with Lisa Congdon. Lisa has hand-picked 31 objects to draw, and demonstrates several ways to render each object using just your imagination. This creative exercise is designed to help you embrace wonkiness and imperfections, all while learning to see everything around you—be it bird or bikini—as artistic fodder.
Daily Drawing Challenge: Tracing Shadows with Lisa Solomon
Lisa Solomon
For this month-long daily drawing challenge, we’ve added a twist. Artist and educator Lisa Solomon shows how to use overhead light and everyday objects to cast interesting shadows onto paper, then draw around the shadows to create outlines. What you do within the outlines is where the real fun begins. Each day, Lisa shares a new idea filling outlined shapes with color and texture, using everything from pens and graphite to watercolors and highlighters. This technique is a great way to experiment with composition and keep your drawing practice loose. Simply start with a shadow and allow yourself to play within the lines. 
Daily Drawing Challenge: 29 Things to Draw with Molly Hatch and Heather Ross
Molly Hatch and Heather Ross
Due to popular demand, we are thrilled to present another Daily Drawing Challenge. For 29 days, we will release bite-sized drawing classes taken from the Creativebug archives. Taught by expert drawing instructors Molly Hatch and Heather Ross, you'll learn classic techniques for rendering everyday objects as well as opportunities to practice your blind contour skills.

To see the full classes from which our Daily February Challenge originated, check out Heather Ross's Drawing and Illustration course and Molly Hatch's Introduction to Drawing course--both are a great place for beginners to start and offer excellent guidance. 

Be sure to share what you draw on Instagram #cbdrawaday

Daily Drawing Challenge: 31 Pattern Motifs with Courtney Cerruti
Courtney Cerruti
Go beyond drawing individual objects with our daily pattern motif drawing challenge. In this 31-part class, Courtney Cerruti shares easy ideas for approaching surface design, opening new avenues of imagination and creativity. To keep things simple, Courtney works exclusively on index cards using brush markers. From foods to animals to abstract geometric shapes, you’ll explore fun, loose variations on a different pattern motif every day for a month. When you’re all done, the index cards are the perfect size to mail to friends (or us!).
Holiday Craft-Along: 30 Days of Cards, Tags and Packaging Ideas
Courtney Cerruti
This holiday season, join us for a month of merry making (literally!). Every day for a whole month, Courtney Cerruti shows you how to make handmade cards, gift tags, and creatively wrap gifts. This challenge is both practical and fun, giving you a reason to gather up your paper crafting supplies and find holiday inspiration every day. 
Daily Creativity Challenge
The team at Creativebug is surrounded by inspiration every day, but even the most prolific amongst us needs a jumpstart now and then. We asked members of our staff to share their go-to tips for finding creativity when the well has run dry. Their answers are as versatile as the artists themselves. Each day this month, members of our staff will be sharing their favorite ways to stoke the creative fires. Join us for a month of painting, drawing, journaling, organizing, upcycling, beautifying, and so much more.