Total Time: 2 hours 48 mins 2 secs
Taught by Twinkie Chan
Get your daily dose of Vitamin Yarn with Twinkie Chan’s newest food-themed creations: crocheted fruits and veggies! These ten delicious (however, inedible) designs are perfect for those days when you feel like "making food". 

Eat Your Fruits & Veggies Crochet-Along
Part 1:
Crocheted Strawberries and Blueberries
Twinkie Chan
Whip up these adorable berries designed by crochet food fanatic Twinkie Chan. Using only small amounts of yarn, this is a quick-to-stitch project that begs to be made in multiples. 
Part 2:
Crocheted Potato
Twinkie Chan
You’ve never seen a cuter potato than one designed by Twinkie Chan. Using a basic cylindrical pattern, Twinkie first talks you through the crochet construction, then demonstrates how embroidery can be used to turn a tube into a tuber.
Part 3:
Crocheted Radish
Twinkie Chan
Spice up your stuffed salad with Twinkie Chan’s darling little radishes. This skill-building project incorporates multiple colors and stitch patterns in a manageable, methodical way.
Part 4:
Crocheted Apple
Twinkie Chan
Tart and sweet, Twinkie Chan’s crocheted apple uses minimal shaping for maximum effect. A tiny stem and leaf add fresh-picked details. You know what they say about an apple a day, so don’t hedge your bets – make one now!
Part 5:
Crocheted Eggplant
Twinkie Chan
A green stem and leaves makes the purple pop on this mid-sized veggie. Whether you call it “eggplant” or “aubergine,” this firm-fleshed nightshade is an unexpectedly adorable addition to your family of crocheted produce. 
Part 6:
Crocheted Watermelon
Twinkie Chan
Stitch yourself a slice of summer with this tricolor chunk of watermelon. Once the crochet portion is complete, seeds are sewn on using an embroidery needle – an unexpected-yet-essential detail.
Part 7:
Crocheted Broccoli
Twinkie Chan
Broccoli is the undeniable king of the cruciferous – a nutrition packed (or in this case, poly-filled) veggie. Worked with two shades of green using elementary crochet stitches, these bite-sized florets can be stitched up quickly.
Part 8:
Crocheted Tomato
Twinkie Chan
A bit of red yarn, a scrap of green, and some stuffing are all you need to make nature’s favorite fruit-disguised-as-a-vegetable. Sew long stitches after shaping to create a vintage effect, reminiscent of Grandma’s pincushion.  
Part 9:
Crocheted Pineapple
Twinkie Chan
Long considered a symbol of welcome and comfort, this crocheted pineapple is perfect for the ambitious beginner. The body is worked using two colors of yarn, leaves are stitched in two sizes, then Twinkie walks you through artful assembly and the importance of sturdy stitching.  
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