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Alix Bluh San Francisco, CA 

While pursuing her BFA in painting Alix began making unique jewelry pieces as a way to exercise creative juices. It was hard to keep her hobby from overshadowing her painting ambition, which soon took a backseat to jewelry making. Before long she was invited to show in galleries in Boston and New York.  

Reliquary pieces are a longtime fascination for Alix, where sacred objects are held in tiny boxes close at hand to honor the entity that it houses. Alix’s reliquaries, ranging from 18k gold branches, feathers, pearls and loose precious stones, safely nestled under crystal have become her signature design concept. Alix Blüh's jewelry can be found in a number of high end retailers including the Sundance Catalog, Imagine (Santa Barbara, CA), FINI (Seattle, WA), New York Adorned (NYC) and COG & Pearl (Brooklyn, NY). In addition, her work is also shown in galleries all over the USA, and in 8 other countries. She runs an atelier gallery in San Francisco called Modern Relics.

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