Denielle Noe
​Relationship Status: Happily Married & New Baby

Activities: Anything and everything. I have written short stories and poetry, I have crocheted and knitted entire wardrobes, I have read book upon book for the mere pleasure of it. I have played volleyball, softball, baseball, football or any kind of ball game. I have skated, I have baton twirled, and danced my way through younger years. I love music, sing, play the piano and guitar. I am really bad at bowling LOL, but I am really good at drawing, photography, ceramics, knitting and crafting.

Interests: My general interests include playing video games on my Nintendo Wii, fitness of all types (especially riding my bike), watching TV & Movies, reading, knitting and working on my art.

Music: Thanks to my father and my husband, my music tastes are wide ranging from Heavy Metal, Rock, Alternative, Easy Listening, all decades, all styles- I even like to listen to Opera & Broadway!
Books: I love all types of books especially Fantasy and Science Fiction adventures. However, one book that was unlike my typical readings was required reading for one of my classes. The book was titled “Mastery: The Keys to Success and Long-Term Fulfillment” by George Leonard. I truly became absorbed by the book’s message concerning mastery. “Mastery” as the book tries to convey is simply this… That in order to achieve mastery in life, that you need to practice or participate in life’s every moment.

Movies & TV: Like my taste in books, I absolutely love watching Fantasy and Science Fiction films. I love watching the human imagination come to life on the screen before me!

Denielle's Art + Craft Interests

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