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Gudrun Johnston

Gudrun was born in Shetland, Scotland in the 70's when her mother was running the successful knitwear design company, The Shetland Trader. Some 30 years later and now living in the U.S, she has followed in her mother's footsteps by reviving the Shetland Trader name, and has made a name for herself in the knitwear design industry using the internet to directly interact with an international community of knitters.

Gudrun has been fortunate to teach in many interesting and beautiful places throughout the US and Europe. Because she misses Scotland so much and loves to get back as often as possible she has started running specialized knitting tours in Shetland! When she’s not on the road she enjoys hanging out with her family in the woods of Western Massachusetts…and knitting of course!

Gudrun's patterns can be found on her website and through

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