Lori-Ann Ball
Sarasota, Florida, United States
My name is Lori-Ann Ball and I am happily married to the best Husband ever and the Mother of two amazing cairn terriers Jack and Jill. I have a loving and supporting circle of family and friends that support me and keep me held up. I have been battling an autoimmune disease Sarcoidosis, for 30 years but it does not dictate my life. I am a rich child of a loving God and have been blessed every day I open my eyes. God continues to wow me with my life. It has morphed into my first thoughts/affirmations/spoken wishes. God answers the wishes of our hearts, even if we never speak a word of it. God is so amazing.

I get to go into the journey, my studio in my back yard every day and create. It is the blessing that I never thought of, but the one that brings me the most joy, like I said God is amazing.

Can you tell I I've in a state of joy and gratitude? Well I do and I am sharing this love through my art/crafts , as I travel on my art journey and I am also working on my spiritual journey as well. The constant is that I am currently on journeys which are beginning to merge with each other. This crafting world is something that I never knew existed, and this community of artists are loving, kind and supportive. I have been blessed on my art journey. I am now at a point where I can take the time to build a following, to teach some classes… hey, I have a studio built just for the sharing of crafts! I even have a name picked out, so know I need to be certified to teach and sale the best. So here goes….

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