Double Layer Paper Wine Wrap
All levels | 10 min 2 sec
Great Handmade Gifts for Dad
Sew a Bow Tie
Annabel Wrigley
Finding the perfect gift for guys can be tricky. Annabel Wrigley makes it simple with this easy-to-sew, customizable bow tie. Whip up a batch in fun prints for the special men in your life (whether they be grown men, little boys or even pets).
Turkish Map Fold
Jody Alexander
An elegant way to fold paper, this technique has traditionally been used to fold maps. Jody deconstructs the steps to show how one piece of paper can be turned into a pop-up greeting card -- or you can combine many to create an artist’s book, decorative garland or even a crown!
Accordion Photo Album
Jody Alexander
Get pictures off of your phone or computer and turn them into a beautiful handmade album. Jody shows you how to create an accordion album that is as unique as your photo collection and can be customized with different ways to attach photos and text. This entry-level bookmaking project turns photos into a work of art that can be displayed, given as a gift, or tucked away for posterity.

How to Fold a Paper Box
Liana Allday
Create custom-sized boxes using decorative paper with Liana from Creativebug. These pretty paper boxes have their roots in origami, coming together with a series of simple folds. You'll learn how to make box tops with matching bottoms, which make cute gift containers for any occasion.
Homemade PB&J Cups: 8/4/16
Liana shows you how to make peanut butter and jelly cups at home. Yum! To make these you will need: 3 cups chocolate chips, 1 cup peanut butter, 1 "sleeve" of graham crackers, 1 cup powdered sugar, and a jar of jam. This video originally appeared on Facebook Live on August 4, 2016.  
The Wilton Method of Cake Decorating: Bake a Naked, Layered Chocolate Cake
Wilton Instructors
In Part 1 of our multi-part course, learn how to bake the perfect chocolate cake and ice it with velvety buttercream icing. Emily will teach you how to prep your ingredients, mix them and bake the cakes, all while avoiding the three C’s (crowning, cracking, and crumbing). Once the cakes have cooled, you’ll be ready to level and torte the cakes plus assemble them in a multi-layer stack. Emily will also show you how to whip up a batch of buttercream and ice the cake like a pro.
DIY Boutonnieres
Learn how to make fresh flower boutonnieres from the wedding experts at 100 Layer Cake and Emily of Shotgun Floral. Emily gives tips for choosing focal flowers and greenery, and then demonstrates how to assemble and secure these tiny arrangements. In no time, you’ll have a full set of boutonnieres ready for all of the groomsmen in your party.
Mastering Chocolate at Home
Mark Tilling
Working with chocolate is an art unto itself, and there’s no better person to learn from than master chocolatier, Mark Tilling. The first step in any chocolate making project is learning how to temper chocolate. This process perfects the crystallization structure, ensuring that, when cooled, your chocolate will be glossy and have a great snap. The tempering process can make or break your chocolate creation, so it’s important to temper it correctly for successful results. In the first part of this class, Mark teaches how to melt chocolate in a microwave or double boiler and how to troubleshoot common mistakes along the way. Once you understand how to temper chocolate, making your own chocolate bars is a quick next step. Mark  shows you how to use a bar mold and delicious mix-ins, like dried fruits and popping candies, to create custom bars featuring dark, milk, and white chocolates. In addition to showing how to combine flavors, Mark also demonstrates how to color and marble chocolate, and work with cocoa butter gold coloring to paint your darkest bars. Once you understand the fundamentals of working with chocolate, you’ll have a basis upon which to expand your skills. 
Paint Pen Mugs: 6/13/17
Customize ceramic mugs with easy-to-use paint markers.  This video originally appeared on Facebook Live on June 13, 2017.
How to Make an Envelope
Courtney Cerruti
Learn how to make customized paper envelopes with Courtney. You'll begin by making a cardstock template so you can create multiple envelopes in various sizes. Courtney explains which types of papers work best for envelopes and shares how to make a decorative liner. With a few folds and a couple swipes of glue stick, you'll have a perfect envelope for birthdays, thank you cards, and holidays.
Six Pocket Keepsake Book
Jody Alexander
In this class, Jody shows how to quickly transform a simple piece of paper into a structured six-pocket folder, perfect for stashing sentimental items, photos and papers. The materials are minimal, including a bone folder for creasing and a large piece of paper of any weight, color or design. After making a series of simple folds, the sheet of paper is magically turned into a ready-to-use multi-pocket book.
Simplicity Sewing: Classic Denim Apron
Michele Muska
Learn how to make a professional looking shop apron featuring ample pockets and crisscross straps with Michele Muska of Simplicity Patterns. Based on a vintage apron pattern, this classic design has been updated for the modern sewist and is available in three different versions for men, women and kids (Simplicity Pattern #8151). Equally at home in the wood shop, the painting studio, or the kitchen, we’ve dubbed this versatile cover-up the official apron of Creativebug.
How to Make Zines
Courtney Cerruti
Zines are DIY booklets (“zine” is short for magazine) – perfect for showcasing your artwork and sharing with friends. Zine enthusiast, Courtney Cerruti, shows you how to make four simple zine structures using copy paper and a photocopier, including 8 or 16-page books made from a single sheet, an accordion book, and a pamphlet stitch book. Courtney fills her zines with found photos and doodles, but you can feature anything that sparks your imagination. Drawing from her own collection of zines, Courtney shows examples of each structure to get you inspired. 
Book Safe
Jody Alexander
Give an old book new purpose by turning it into a book safe. Jody shows you how to create a finished safe in a few simple steps. You’ll be scouring your bookshelves and flea markets for hardback books that can be transformed into clever and handsome hiding places for cherished items.
Cricut Crafts: DIY Gift Bags
Lia Griffith
In this class, Lia shows how to make customized gift bags and gift tags using a Cricut Explore. The Cricut will cut out and score the printed cardstock, making assembly quick and easy. Lia will show you how to add ribbon handles, giving your gift bags a clean, professional finish. These gift bags can be cut out and stored flat for later use or assembled on the spot.
Kaleidoscope Gift Wrap
Megumi Inouye
If you’re like most of the crafty folks we know, you likely have a lot of scraps of paper in your crafty stash. In this workshop, Megumi shows you how to make a gorgeous (and simple) flat paper “bow” with simple folds. You can limit your palette or mix in a range of patterns for dramatically different effects.
How to Make Pie Crust
Devlin Mannle
Homemade pies are beloved by all, but they can be particularly challenging to do well. Whether you're baking for a holiday, a barbecue, or just because, Devlin Mannle will show you how to make a killer pie you'll be proud to share on Instagram. Devlin shares his mother’s recipe for perfectly flaky pie crust, walking you through every step just like he’s in the kitchen beside you. You’ll learn tips and tricks for handling and rolling out the dough, as well as several traditional and decorative pie crust designs that will impress your guests, like lattice crust, cut outs and pretty crimped edges. 
Repurposed Wine and Bow Wrap
Megumi Inouye
With simple materials you probably already have at home, you can create a beautiful and crisp paper flower to attach to a wine bottle. Megumi will also show you how to repurpose everyday household materials to dress up a bottle of wine for a hostess gift.
Hand-Rolled Truffles
Mark Tilling
Making hand rolled truffles at home is easy and yields professional results! Learn from master chocolatier, Mark Tilling, as he shows how to make a classic chocolate ganache that then gets rolled into delicate truffles. You will learn how to add flavors to your ganache and decorate your truffles with cocoa powder or metallic dusting colors. These truffles require only a few ingredients and can be made in advance.
Map Wine Wrap
Megumi Inouye
Using any old map, create an elegant wrap with a festive message. It's a quick and easy way to dress up a wine bottle for a hostess or birthday gift in a matter of minutes
Iris Fold Card
Jody Alexander
This traditional paper crafting technique originated in Holland and makes a striking frame for any image or photograph. Strips of folded paper (traditionally the insides of security envelopes) create a spiral design that resembles the iris of an eye or camera. Learn to make an Iris Fold frame for a greeting card and then let your creativity take over with the possibilities!

How to Make a Shadowbox Collage
Courtney Cerruti
Shadowboxes are a beautiful way to create a three-dimensional collage, displaying favorite memories or thematically capturing a moment in time. In this class, Courtney walks you through her system for creating a shadowbox using any objects or bits of ephemera you like. You will learn helpful tips on gathering objects, editing down the selection, creating a composition, and choosing the perfect glues and adhesives to keep everything in place. At the end of the process, you will have a thoughtful, signature masterpiece, ready to hang on your wall or give as a special gift.
Image Transfers
Courtney Cerruti
Whether you are a beginner or a seasoned artist, learning how to create image transfers will introduce you to a whole new world of using creative imagery in your work. Courtney will show you the best methods for a range of techniques using inexpensive materials, including how to create transparent layers. The resulting images are beautiful for adding dimension and depth to various art projects, from paper arts and collage, to fiber arts and more.
Double Layer Paper Wine Wrap
Megumi Inouye
Learn how to layer two simple pieces of paper in an elegant and simple way that creates a multi-dimensional effect. Megumi shows you how to use leftover scraps of decorative paper to achieve a sophisticated look when you’re giving someone a bottle of wine.
Screen Printing for Beginners: Screen Printing Cards
Hilary Williams
Print custom cards to have on hand for any occasion. Hilary uses tracing paper stencils and a basic screen-printing setup to print these cards, so there’s no need to burn screens or do any complicated prep work. This class provides a great opportunity to keep practicing your screen-printing skills and create a set of professional looking handmade cards.
Design on Ceramics
Molly Hatch
Transfer a created or found design onto ceramics – either in your own studio or at a paint-your-own pottery studio. Molly shares her trademark technique for applying custom artwork to ceramics, including the best tools for transferring a design and how to achieve dense coloring on your one-of-a-kind piece.

Marbled Oreo Cookies: 9/8/16
Customize cookies using Wilton candy melts with this marbled-effect dip technique by Courtney Cerruti. This video originally appeared on Facebook Live on September 8, 2016.  
How to Cut a Mat and Frame Your Artwork
Hilary Williams
Having your artwork and photos professionally framed can be pricey—especially if you have several pieces to frame. In this class, Hilary Williams shows how to professionally mat and frame your artwork at home for a fraction of the price. You will learn how to mount and back artwork of any size and add a dust cover to finish it off. Whether you’re an artist with a collection of pieces that need to be framed, or you simply want to frame your favorite family photos, this class will show you exactly how simple it is to get a professional look at home.
Painted Wooden Sign
Courtney Cerruti
Learn how to create an easy, eye-catching sign – perfect for décor or special events. Courtney will show you how to arrange vinyl stickers for your lettering, then create a rustic, salty finish using a combination of water-based and oil-based paint layers.
Stencil Décor
Amy Butler
Elevate everyday objects with stencils. Amy shows how to transform anything from clothing and furniture to glassware and enamel—with a fresh design. Amy’s motif is included as a download, and she also shows you how to create your own design and then apply evenly to any surface that will benefit from a vibrant new design.
Wood Burned Spoons: 5/23/17
One simple tool produces endless patterns. This video originally appeared on Facebook Live on May 23, 2017. 
Loom Knitting: Make a Hat
Michele Muska
If you love the look of knitted fabric but don’t feel like picking up your knitting needles, try your hand at loom knitting. This style of knitting is super fast and fun for all ages—plus you can learn how to use the loom in a snap. Michele Muska teaches you how to use a round loom to knit two types of hats: one with a rolled brim and the other with a flat brim. For extra flourish, Michele shows you how to create a faux fur pompom to attach to the top of the hat. 
The Wilton Method of Cake Decorating: Cupcakes with Buttercream Swirls
Wilton Instructors
Part 2 is all about cupcakes and piped buttercream. First, you’ll learn all of the piping basics, like how to change the consistency and color of buttercream, how to fill a decorating bag, and proper hand positioning. From there, you’ll learn how to make pretty rosettes, classic swirls and other fun ideas for adding stripes. Once you’ve taken this class, you’ll be a piping bag pro, ready to create a colorful dessert table with lots of gorgeous texture.
Watercolor Silhouette
Christine Schmidt
This project appeals to a range of personalities, since you can be loose with creating the watercolor effect and then add structure with a crisp silhouette. Christine shows you different watercolor techniques to build texture and dimension, from layered washes to dry brushing and splattering. The result is a fresh update on the classically Victorian way to capture the likeness of someone you adore.
Taught by Christine Schmidt
This project appeals to a range of personalities, since you can be loose with creating the watercolor effect and then add structure with a crisp silhouette. Christine shows you different watercolor techniques to build texture and dimension, from layered washes to dry brushing and splattering. The result is a fresh update on the classically Victorian way to capture the likeness of someone you adore.
Here’s what you’ll need:
  • 11x15" watercolor paper (Christine uses 90lb student grade cold-press paper)
  • tracing paper
  • pencil
  • photo of your loved one
  • alphabet template (included in PDF)
  • cutting mat
  • x-acto knife
  • paper towel
  • water
  • assorted brushes and pallet knife
  • watercolor paint
  • gouache
  • and/or acrylic paints
Learn how to:
  • Use watercolor techniques
  • Create crisp silhouettes
What you’ll get:
  • An easy-to-follow lesson on how to make watercolor silhouettes
  • 5 HD video lessons you can access online anytime, anywhere
  • Detailed supply list
  • Downloadable PDF pattern included
  • Step-by-step expert instruction from artist Christine Schmidt
  • The ability to leave comments, ask questions and interact with other students
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