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Abby Houston Portland, OR 

Born and raised in Portland, OR, Abby Houston lives, teaches, creates art and raises her three daughters. Abby has developed a daily creative practice that has become a necessary and automatic part of developing and maintaining her creative identity. Recently having left the classroom teaching arena, Abby continues creating community through her personal fine art practice and inviting social media presence. Abby’s colorful and expressive abstract works reflect a sense of calm and chaos, fluidity and structure. Abby works primarily in acrylics on canvas and is inspired by the natural and internal worlds she lives in. When Abby isn’t making art, she is scavenging for supplies, going on walks in the rain, volunteering in her community, hiking with her daughters to take photographs or driving across town to pick up some ornate item off of a neighborhood list. Abby will never pass up the opportunity to score a great deal at a garage sale and she is always game for rooting through boxes of items left on the streets of SE Portland. And yes, she once managed to make her husband carry home a kitchen sink so that she could use it as an art installation in their backyard.

Abby’s Classes