Abstract Art Making: A Daily Practice
Beginner | 3 hours 1 min
Restore your creative energy with Portland, Oregon artist and educator Abby Houston! This daily practice leads you on an abstract painting journey that offers a beautiful reset for all creative practices.  One of the tricky parts of art making can be knowing where to start, so Abby takes you through her toolbox of techniques: layering messy marks, adding fine details and personal motifs, all while exploring emerging themes. Working in several sketchbook spreads simultaneously, this daily exploration exposes the magic of being open to transforming mistakes into thoughtfully layered creativity.

Celebrate the last day of the daily practice by joining Abby on January 31, 1pm PT / 4pm ET. Click here to register for this live zoom session.
Here’s what you’ll need:
  • Arteza or Pentalic 4x4 OR 8x8 bound sketchbook or watercolor weight paper
  • Variety of Posca paint pens in various sizes and colors
  • Variety of Molotow paint pens in various sizes and colors
  • Liquitex or Golden brand gesso (white)
  • Canson acrylic painting paper
  • Canson cold press watercolor paper pad - 9x12 preferred
  • Color pencils - Abby prefers Prismacolor or Posca brands
  • Golden high fluid acrylics and fluid acrylics
  • Amsterdam heavy body tube acrylics
  • Sennelier Abstract 3D Liners
  • Fineliner syringe pen or diluted fluid acrylic paint applicator
  • Uniball Signo white ink gel pen and black ink gel pen
  • Scissors
  • Scrap cardboard in various sizes and weights - cereal boxes work well
  • Flexible wedge tool or various styles of Catalyst wedges
  • Various synthetic and foam brushes
  • Jar for water
  • Various found objects to use for circle stencils, such as cans, game boards, or tape rounds
  • Pencils and ball point pens
  • Stabilo wooden crayon sticks and/or wax crayons
  • Mod Podge in matte finish
  • Natural items such as dried flowers, house plants, or sticks and rocks
  • Various wall paints or sample paints
  • Washi or painter's tape
  • Binder clips
  • Unconventional materials such as lids, netting from produce bags, collage pieces
  • Wax paper to prevent pages sticking
Learn how to:
  • Use simple techniques to get your artwork started
  • Work loosely with acrylic paint and paint paints
  • Layer and layer and layer with texture and color
  • Set parameters to assist your abstract art practice
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Class Reviews
83 users recommended this class to a friend
Kerry Haugh
I loved this class! I've been following Abby's work for a while, so when I saw she was leading a class, I immediately signed up. I appreciate that it pushed me to do a little bit of art every day, which helped create a habit for me - I kept reaching for my box of art supplies at the end of each day. It is also very accessible for artists of all levels! I would definitely take another class with Abby. I would also love to see her do a class incorporating some more of her art therapy strategies for those of us looking to use art as a mindfulness practice :)
22 hours ago
Lela Annotto
Really love Abby's process and presentation. She has a great way leading you through the process over product mindset and finding structure and groundedness in the chaos. Finding how this is breaking down rules and biases about how I make my own art. Love her art theraist perspectives!!!
23 hours ago
Molly Kennedy-Darling
I started this class brand new to abstract painting. Abby did an excellent job teaching this class and making it approachable and easy to understand. Abby shares a lot of great tips for techniques for ways to get started. Getting started and having a blank canvas is the part I often struggle with. Abby's information helped me overcome my fear of worrying too much about the end result and instead enjoying and trusting the process. Often while taking this class, I sat down intending to paint for 10-15 min, and I got into a flow, and the next thing I knew, 2 hours had gone by. I ended this class feeling empowered and excited to continue an abstract art practice. Thank you, Abby!
2 days ago