Mixing Black Using Acrylic Paint
All levels | 6 min 4 sec
Mixing Black Using Acrylic Paint
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How to Work Stranded or Fair Isle Knitting
Edie Eckman
Knit and crochet expert Edie Eckman demonstrates how to work Fair Isle, or Stranded, knitting. Learn how to follow along with a chart and pick up some helpful tips along the way, like how to hold two yarn colors at once, how to catch yarn “floats," how to work in rows and more.
Mixing Black Using Acrylic Paint
Lisa Solomon
Instead of using black paint right out of the tube, learn how to mix your own by combining dark brown and dark blue acrylic paints. Lisa Solomon demonstrates how the addition of other colors can create warm and cool tones in your black mixture, adding extra depth to your paintings.
Make a Leather Key Fob or Wristlet Strap
Elke Bergeron
Learn how to make a super simple, stylish key fob with basic leather-working tools. Elke Bergeron shows you how to turn your strap into a wristlet, or add a clip to attach it to your favorite clutch. This quick class is a great introduction to leather working, and a fun way to practice your skills.
Crocheted Lemon
Twinkie Chan
Learn how to make this sweet and zesty crocheted lemon from renowned yarn foodie, Twinkie Chan. This lemon can be made in a flash with simple single crochet and slip stitches. Originally designed for the Craft Yarn Council as a “stress ball” for National Stress Awareness Month, this lemon is the perfect thing to squeeze when you’re having a rough day. If you find yourself hooked on making crocheted fruit, learn how to make other delicious (in)edibles in Twinkie’s Eat Your Fruits and Veggies Crochet-Along!

Intarsia Knitting
Edie Eckman
Intarsia is a knitting technique that produces blocks of color by using separate balls of yarn. Knit and crochet expert Edie Eckman demonstrates this method of colorwork and gives helpful tips on how to read an intarsia chart, avoid creating holes, weave in ends invisibly, and more.
Finger Knitting
Amelia Strader
Want to get your craft on with nothing more than a skein of yarn? Amelia shows you how to finger knit chains of yarn that can be turned into necklaces, bracelets, garlands and much more. Wear the chains in stacks for a modern and tactile look. Amelia teaches the sequence in a chunky yarn so it’s easy to follow along. This is a great entry-level craft for kids and kids of all ages.
Setting Up a Screen Printing Studio
Hilary Williams
You don’t need an expensive or elaborate studio space to create successful screen prints. Mixed media artist Hilary Williams talks you through setting up a basic home studio space. You will learn how to create a printing board, how to set up your space to make clean prints, what tools you will need have on hand, and how to practice good studio cleanup habits.
Knitted Lace Mitts
Wendy Bernard
Wendy Bernard teaches you how to knit fingerless mitts featuring a gorgeous Nested Fans lace pattern in this handy tutorial. Fingerless mitts are great for cross-season warmth, plus they’re ideal for typing away on your electronic devices while keeping your hands toasty. In this action-packed class, you’ll learn how to start with a simple ribbed cuff, read a lace chart, shape a thumb gusset and more. The mitts call for very little yarn, and are a great opportunity to use that precious skein you’ve been saving for a rainy day.
Intro to Needle Felting
Rad Megan
Ever been curious about the wild and wooly world of needle felting? Megan’s quick workshop will serve as an introduction to the range of materials and tools you’ll need to get started, as well as tips for safe felting. Her demonstration covers how to begin needle felting a basic shape, add color, and finish your project.
Fixing Knitting Mistakes
Debbie Stoller
As knitters, we all make mistakes. In this class, knitting pro Debbie Stoller teaches you easy ways to fix the most common culprits. You'll learn how to unknit a few stitches, rip out whole rows, turn knits into purls (and vice versa), and how to pick up dropped stitches with a crochet hook. Once you know how to fix your mistakes, you can move on with your knitting like nothing ever happened.
How to Knit Short Rows
Edie Eckman
Short rows are one of the best ways to add dimension to knitting, perfect for creating everything from curved sock heels to set-in sleeves or even bust darts. Edie Eckman demonstrates how to create short rows in stockinette stitch, work “wrap and turns” on both knit and purl rows, and then shows how to hide the wraps if you so desire.
DIY Painted Hardware Accessory Rack
Barb Blair
Pro furniture refinisher Barb Blair teaches you how to create a sweet accessory rack out of found wood and drawer knobs. This project only takes a few minutes to make, but the resulting rack will hang on your wall for years and years to come. It’s perfect for hanging scarves and necklaces, and it’s easy to customize the size and style with your choice of materials.
How to Emboss
Courtney Cerruti
Have you ever wondered how embossing works? In this quick class, Courtney Cerruti demystifies the embossing process, showing you how to do this simple technique at home. You will need just a few items -- embossing powder, wet ink and a heat gun -- to create professional-looking, glossy designs.
How to Pull a Successful Screen Print
Hilary Williams
Screen-printing artist Hilary Williams provides pro tips for pulling successful prints, helping you troubleshoot what went wrong and figure out how to improve the quality of each print. You will learn how to add the right amount of ink, what parts of the squeegee to use, how to gauge the correct squeegee pressure, and lots of other helpful pointers.
Cricut Crafts: Make Stenciled Vases
Courtney Cerruti
Upcycle old vases or bottles with this fun, quick Cricut project. Courtney demonstrates how to use the Cricut Explore to create a floral stencil, and then she spray-paints the pattern onto a glass vase. Drop in a votive or add some water with your favorite fresh flowers and you will have a lovely new table decoration.
Appliqué Umbrella
Nicole Blum
Turn your kid’s drawings and designs into a snazzy umbrella with this project, which is sort of like creating custom stickers from nylon. Nicole and her son show how to use a few simple materials to fancy up an umbrella and brighten any dreary day. This works for kids of all ages.
Painted Wooden Sign
Courtney Cerruti
Learn how to create an easy, eye-catching sign – perfect for décor or special events. Courtney will show you how to arrange vinyl stickers for your lettering, then create a rustic, salty finish using a combination of water-based and oil-based paint layers.
Upcycling: Transform Your Wardrobe with Dye
Marisa Lynch
Learn how to give old garments a dye-bath makeover with upcycling expert, Marisa Lynch. In this class, she shares a wealth of knowledge about how to dye clothes – whether they’re made from natural fibers, synthetic fibers, or a blend of both – all using commercial dyes. The best part of all is the big reveal at the end, where you’ll see the varying degrees of saturation and spectrum of hues that occur when the same dye is used on garments made from various fibers.
Spray-Painted Votives
Courtney Cerruti
Whether you're hosting a dinner party or a special holiday gathering, we all know that lighting is key. Learn an easy way to transform plain glass votives using paper doilies and spray paint – perfect for adding sparkle to a dinner table or cozy nook.
Design on Ceramics
Molly Hatch
Transfer a created or found design onto ceramics – either in your own studio or at a paint-your-own pottery studio. Molly shares her trademark technique for applying custom artwork to ceramics, including the best tools for transferring a design and how to achieve dense coloring on your one-of-a-kind piece.

Intro to Stenciling
Natalie Chanin
Stenciling on cotton jersey is at the core of all of Natalie’s designs for Alabama Chanin. In this workshop, Natalie will teach you how to create the cut stencil and then apply the paint that becomes the guide for all her designs. You’ll see Natalie’s tried-and-true method of air brushing the stencil onto fabric, as well as simple alternatives that use basic materials.
Lumi: Sunfold Printed Scarf
Jesse Genet of Lumi
In this class, Jesse shows you how to create vibrant, textural prints on textiles and home décor. To make these prints, Jesse uses Inkodye -- a special light-sensitive fabric dye that comes out of the bottle translucent and develops in the sunlight, resulting in beautifully dyed fabric. Jesse presents her technique for applying Inkodye, and shares several ways to fold fabric to create organic printed designs as well as intricate stripes and swooshes. She also shares ideas for moving beyond the scarf, printing on throw pillows, curtains, and pashminas.
Carving Rubber Stamps
Christine Schmidt
With simple carving tools and your design sensibilities, you can carve a custom set of stamps to add personality and zip to stationery, textiles and more. Christine shows you how to transfer a design and which tools to use, to celebrate the charm and imperfections of printing by hand.
Create Personalized Dishes
Courtney Cerruti
In this short and sweet Valentine’s class, Courtney teaches you how to make personalized dishware using plain ceramic pieces and porcelain pens. Courtney demonstrates how to adorn mugs and plates with Valentine’s motifs—hearts, arrows, X’s and O’s—in a way that’s sweet (but not too sweet). In fact, these lovely personalized dishes are sure to become year-round favorites for your loved ones. Once you have adorned your ceramics, you’ll simply bake them in the oven to set the ink and then they’re ready to wrap up and give to your sweetheart.
How to Sew Mitered Corners
Ashley Nickels
Learn how to make mitered corners on a single piece of fabric from sewing and quilting instructor Ashley Nickels. Starting with a square piece of fabric and a home sewing machine, you will learn how to press the edges, mark corners, stitch the miters in place and trim away excess fabric. This easy technique is great for creating cloth napkins and table runners or finishing the edges of any sewing project that has a corner.
How to Sew Zippers
Liesl Gibson
Whether you are working with invisible zippers or regular zippers, sewist and pattern designer Liesl Gibson shows you all of the basics, from shortening the length to pinning and sewing. You will learn lots of finishing techniques, too, like how to sew the remainder of a seam and finish a waist facing once the zipper is installed.
Sewing Machine Basics
Liesl Gibson
Want some help when it comes to learning your way around a machine? Liesl points out the main components of a sewing machine as well as how to thread the machine and wind a bobbin so you will be ready to dive into the sewing process with confidence.
Drawing with Thread
Improv Sewing
Learn how to doodle with thread to customize and embellish your clothing and home decor. The creative minds behind Improv Sewing will teach you how to make adjustments to your sewing machine and stabilize fabric so you can create different effects on material, including how to draw outlines and make your stitching more bold. This workshop will have you seeing unadorned fabric as a new canvas for whatever motifs you dream up.

Upcycled Pouch
Maya Donenfeld
Make a durable and surprisingly sophisticated pouch from the most humble of materials: a discarded mailer. Maya shows you how to dissect a Tyvek® envelope and paint it for charming, distressed effect. You can add designs with hand-carved or store-bought stamps and install a zipper to finish. All the stitching is done by hand with the running stitch so there is no machine needed. You'll have endless ways to organize all your bits and pieces, as well as a go-to handmade gift for any occasion.
How to Attach Binding Tape
Ashley Nickels
Quilting designer Ashley Nickels demonstrates the traditional method for attaching binding tape to a quilt — a fundamental technique every quilter needs to know. Step by step, you will learn how to pin the binding to the quilt sandwich, attach it using the walking foot on your sewing machine, create mitered corners, join the ends of the binding, and finish with a hand-sewn blind stitch. Watch Ashley's How to Make Binding Tape class for a quick lesson on how to make your binding strips and sew them together.
How to Make Binding Tape
Ashley Nickels
Custom-made binding tape adds a gorgeous finishing touch to your quilts, allowing you to play around with colors and prints. Binding tape is typically used to bind quilts and can be made with fabric that has been cut on the straight of grain. Ashley Nickels demonstrates how to create your own binding tape using any fabric you like and sew the strips together to create one long strip to go all around your quilt. Watch Ashley's class on attaching binding tape to find out how to sew it to your quilt.
Rainbow Jelly Roll Quilt Top
Heather Jones
Drape a plush rainbow over your bed or favorite reading chair with this dramatic quilt. The bold visual impact belies its simple construction. To make the quilt top, Heather Jones shows you how to pare down a pack of jelly roll precuts and use simple piecing techniques to create a juicy gradient of color. 
Zodiac Necklace
Alix Bluh
This charm necklace subtly reveals your astrological sign, with understated sophistication. Alix shows you how to hand stamp the constellation of your birth sign onto a brass disc with faceted stars. You can add a gemstone or an additional charm with an initial for a necklace that tells a sweet and pretty secret. A template for all twelve constellations is included.
Kids Cricut Crafts: Watercolor Butterfly Rings
Annabel Wrigley
In this class, Annabel Wrigley demonstrates how to make lively and vibrant paper butterfly rings using a Cricut Explore machine. This project is great fun for both kids and adults. Annabel shows you how to decorate your butterfly shapes using watercolors, gel pens, and a felt tip marker and then attach them to rings, though they can also be used to embellish hair berets, magnets, and more.
Shrinky Dink Jewelry
Nicole Blum
Create original and wearable works of art with shrinkable plastic. Nicole shows you how to take your own artwork, or use scanned images and fabric to create designs. Then watch them shrink down into miniature versions with intensely concentrated color. The magic and satisfaction works on kids of all ages!
Make a Beaded Leather Tassel Necklace
Elke Bergeron
In this class, Elke shares instructions for making one of her signature creations: a bohemian leather tassel necklace. She begins by teaching you how to make the leather tassel, and then demonstrates how to add the beads and leather lacing. This is a great project for beginning beaders and leatherworkers— experiment with color combinations and styles to make a necklace with boho charm.
Wire Wrapping
Alix Bluh
Learn how to create your own charms with gems, wire and basic jewelry tools. Alix Bluh will teach you three different kinds of wire wrapping in this workshop that you can then apply to personalize your own jewelry creations.
Make Homemade Marshmallows
Karen Solomon
This holiday season, forego the store-bought marshmallows and whip up a batch of these chunky, light, and flavorful treats. Not only are they the perfect topper for your mug of cocoa, but they also toast up perfectly over open flame. In this class, Karen will show you how to use a candy thermometer to ensure perfect texture and prepare the pan so you don’t wind up with a goopy mess. At the end, Karen will show you how to roll the marshmallows in powdered sugar, cocoa powder, and toasted coconut, which make for perfect gourmet gifts.
The Wilton Method: Colorful Dipped Cookies and Pretzels
Wilton Instructors
Stephanie from Wilton demonstrates two different methods for dipping cookies and pretzels: an ombre effect and a striped effect. You will learn how to create a custom color palette with Candy Melts and how to dip the cookies to create clean lines of color. You will also learn how to use decorating bags to pipe Candy Melts onto pretzel rods for the ultimate in no-bake treats. Layering color onto cookies and pretzels is a sure-fire way to wow guests at holidays, birthdays, Halloween and celebrations year round. No matter what you are decorating, the results will be colorful–and of course, delicious.
The Physics of Sewing
Natalie Chanin
In this workshop, Natalie shares some of the old wives’ tales that she’s heard about stitching over the years and the truths that each tale reveals for smoother and easier hand sewing. After watching this workshop, you’ll have a deeper appreciation of the physics that determine how cotton jersey and thread behave and you’ll be ready to get stitching by hand.

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In this workshop, Natalie shares some of the old wives’ tales that she’s heard about stitching over the years and the truths that each tale reveals for smoother and easier hand sewing. After watching this workshop, you’ll have a deeper appreciation of the physics that determine how cotton jersey and thread behave and you’ll be ready to get stitching by hand.

Learn how to:
  • Hand-sewing basics
  • Needling your thread
  • Making a double knot
  • Hand stitches for knit fabrics

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  • An easy-to-follow lesson on the physics of sewing
  • 6 HD video lessons you can access online anytime, anywhere
  • Itemized supply list
  • Step-by-step ins instruction by artist Natalie Chanin
  • The ability to leave comments, ask questions and interact with other students
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