Intermediate | 1 hour
Taught by Tabitha Sewer
Learn a multitude of techniques for sewing garments while making the gorgeous Adelina Dress with fashion and sewing influencer Tabitha Sewer. The Adelina is named after Tabitha's grandmother and features a high waistline, flowing skirt, button placket, and pockets. You can make the sleeves long or short to suit the season or your mood, plus you have the option of adding a stylish ruffle to the elasticated cuff. Find out Tabitha’s secret trick for gathering a skirt in a snap and how she quickly sews on buttons with a sewing machine. This class is a can’t-miss for creating your dream DIY wardrobe.
Learn how to:
  • Sew a high-waisted dress with a gathered skirt, button placket, elastic cuff, and pockets
  • Sew darts for shaping
  • Make and attach an optional ruffle at the sleeve
  • Create gathers for a skirt with Tabitha's special trick
  • Add buttonholes and buttons with a sewing machine
What you'll get:
  • Easy-to-follow video lessons on how to sew a high-waisted dress with a ruffled hem
  • 6 HD video lessons you can access online anytime, anywhere
  • Detailed supply list and PDF pattern
  • Step-by-step instructions by fashion and sewing influencer Tabitha Sewer
  • The ability to leave comments, ask questions and interact with other students

Sew the Adelina Dress
Here’s what you’ll need:
  • Approximately 3 yards medium or lightweight woven fabric such as chambray, linen, cotton sateen, cotton twill, poplin, georgette, crepe, or cotton voile – find exact yardage for your size in the class PDF
  • ¼ yard of 58” inch medium weight interfacing for apparel
  • ¼” elastic
  • 5 x .59” buttons
  • Sewing machine and coordinating thread
  • Pins
  • Iron and ironing surface
  • Open toe sewing foot
  • Button hole foot
  • Fabric shears or rotary cutter and cutting mat
  • A ball of yarn or string
  • Safety pin
  • Tailor’s ham
  • Ruler
  • Button hole spacer
  • Button hole cutter
  • Toothpick or skewer
  • Seam ripper
  • Marking tool
  • Optional: serger, pinking shears, pattern weights
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New Releases // Lookbook
March Lookbook // 2021
Always a month of transition, this March finds us layering gloriously colored stamps with Sarah Matthews, infusing landscapes with light with Christoper Clark, and making soaps with Arina of Bella Creme. Sewists will be interested in hacking a turtleneck pattern with Brittany J. Jones, and two under-the-sea STEAM crafts with Jamie Hudson are perfect for families and mini-makers. Watch this quick promo to see a sneak peek of our all-new releases and click here to watch all of the classes shown in the promo.
Creativebug Slow TV: Calming Creations
Creativebug now offers a different type of content you can stream: artful meditation videos. Watch our very first episode Calming Creations and get lost in over twenty minutes of inventive visuals and soothing sounds. Take a few minutes out of your day to center yourself with visions of brush strokes, doodles, patterns, and more. Be prepared to enter a mindset of creativity, whether you embark on a project of your own or simply clear your mind to take on whatever the day holds.

Class links in order of appearance:
Advanced Acrylic Painting with Jon Stich
Sew the Ella Blouse
Tabitha Sewer
Freshen up your closet with the Ella Blouse, a modern short-sleeved shirt with a stylish row of buttons all the way down the back. It features a dolman sleeve, which is one of the easiest sleeve styles to sew. Fashion and sewing influencer Tabitha Sewer will guide you through each step of creating your own Ella Blouse, from adding darts for shaping, to binding the neckline with bias tape, to her favorite way to sew on buttons - with a sewing machine. Named after jazz singer Ella Fitzgerald, this blouse is perfect for dressing up or down, and much like the First Lady of Song, is elegant, sweet, and timeless.
Stamps! Prints! Books!
Sarah Matthews
Artist, printmaker, and educator Sarah Matthews demonstrates her vibrant signature style of layering stamps to create graphic prints. Throughout each week of this daily practice, you’ll design, carve, and print your own stamps. Then, you’ll bind the resulting prints into four different book structures. The month is rounded out with additional techniques that you can use in any book art project. Sarah’s playful, low-pressure style and dynamic approach to color creates deceptively complex designs that radiate energy.
Coming March 10
Paint a Landscape in Oils
Christopher Clark
Discover the talented oil painter within yourself as you learn to paint a bucolic landscape with professional artist Christopher Clark. In this class he demonstrates his entire painting process, from selecting his favorite materials to the thought behind each brush stroke. Inspired by the Impressionist movement and 19th century artists who are known for capturing the beauty of light, Christopher teaches how to bring this luminous quality to your painting. You'll begin with a charcoal study to determine shape and value, then make an underpainting. Add a few layers detailing and fine-tuning texture as you illuminate your clouds, flower fields, and farm buildings by painting with light. Whether you're new to painting or experienced, this class will give you the techniques needed to infuse your paintings with texture and vibrancy.
Coming March 17
Coming March 24
Sewing Hacks for the Georgia Turtleneck
Brittany J Jones
Brittany J. Jones - sewing instructor, co-owner of Melanated Fabrics, and brand ambassador for Husqvarna Viking - loves a good turtleneck. If you've been skeptical about turtlenecks, this class will definitely change your mind; you can do more with one than you might think. She'll show you two stylish ways to hack the Georgia Turtleneck pattern, designed by Mimi G Style. The first is an added zipper, which you can install in the center front, the side seams, or even the sleeves. The second is lengthening the turtleneck into a chic dress, for which you'll learn some pattern drafting basics and sew a garment from start to finish. You'll be able to apply your new skills to future sewing projects that use knit fabrics, and if you're feeling adventurous, combine both hacks into one garment.
Coming March 31
STEAM: Make a Chomping Shark
Jamie Hudson
Turn a regular clothespin into an amazing chomping shark with scientist and crafter Jamie Hudson. This is a fun project for the whole family to construct using the Cricut Maker to cut out your shark shapes. Then, assemble and paint your shark in your favorite colors. With this quick craft, you'll not only have a new googley-eyed friend to chomp on your finger or hang your laundry, but you'll also learn some scientific principles - like bite force - in a creative and engaging way.
Coming March 31
STEAM: Make a Disco LED Anglerfish
Jamie Hudson
Learn how to recreate natural bioluminescence from the depths of the ocean with an LED light and make a fun angler fish at the same time. Jamie Hudson, a PhD scientist and crafter, gives an introduction to electronics and semiconductors while lighting up the lure on an anglerfish that you'll cut out of basswood on the Cricut Maker. Make a bunch, paint them different colors, and have a disco anglerfish party, finding out about bioluminescence and symbiosis while you're at it.
Make Hand and Body Salve
Arina from BellaCreme
When she couldn't find low-additive body products for her baby daughter over a decade ago, Arina Soler began concocting her own. Since then she has developed her own skincare line, BellaCreme, and has empowered numerous makers to follow in her footsteps by teaching workshops. In this class, Arina explains how to create healing salves using botanical-infused oils, resulting in affordable and customizable nontoxic skin care products that will soothe parched skin. You'll find the process as relaxing as using the products themselves. Dry, sensitive skin - thirst no more! 
Make Friendship Bracelets
Twinkie Chan
There's no better way to celebrate your friends than with friendship bracelets. In this class, fiber artist and good friend Twinkie Chan will teach five very cool bracelet designs, plus four different ways to finish and secure them. You can make them for yourself, give them as gifts, or go old-school and trade them with your besties. They're fun and simple to make and can be easily sent through the mail to your favorite people.
Watercolor Workshop: A Daily Practice
Sasha Prood
The luminous quality of watercolor gives you so much opportunity to play with color, light, and texture, yet oftentimes the paint can have a mind of its own. Artist and illustrator Sasha Prood shares her impressive tool kit of tips and techniques to give you more control of your watercolor painting while also embracing the stroke of each brush. Begin with the basics, like wet-on-dry vs. wet-on-wet, flat washes and color gradients, and then experiment further with lifting, masking, and layering using an array of mixed media. Throughout the month, you'll alternate between learning one technique at a time and creating a small composition that highlights each new technique. Sasha will also talk you through her process of developing a piece of art, from research, to sketch, to final painting. Whether you're just starting to explore watercolor or are eager to expand what you already know, Sasha will help you unlock a treasure trove of new skills and fresh inspiration.