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Katia Ferris San Francisco, California 

Katia Ferris is an artist, maker and designer living in San Francisco, California with her husband, two magical girls and kitty boy, Ernest. She is best known as a textile artist and doll-maker working under the brand name Luckyjuju. Katia received a Fine Art degree from the College of Santa Fe where she studied Figure Drawing and Printmaking. Later, when her young children began Waldorf preschool with its emphasis on handwork, she was inspired to learn to knit. Soon after, she borrowed her mother-in-law’s sewing machine (which she has yet to return) and taught herself to sew. Encouraged by her young daughters, doll-making soon became the primary medium for her creative pursuits and she found that being largely self-taught in the textile arts allowed her to explore techniques and materials with curiosity and freedom. Katia developed the design for the iconic Luckyjuju Kitty doll in 2013. Her dolls are now collected internationally and she has gone on to expand her line of original doll designs, as well as accompanying handmade wardrobes, and has also collaborated with Anthropologie on a line of children’s accessories. Her doll-making mantra: When in doubt, put a pompom on it.

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