Total Time: 2 hours 9 mins 24 secs
Taught by Barb Blair
Learn how to give old flea market finds new life in this information-packed four-part series. Furniture makeover expert Barb Blair has more than a few refurbishing ideas up her sleeve, from selecting and preparing furniture to choosing and applying paint, and adding fun accents like wallpaper or color-blocked designs. In no time, you’ll be ready to head to the garage, grab your power sander, and fill your house with gorgeous, customized pieces of your very own design.
Furniture Refinishing
Part 1:
Furniture Refinishing: Sanding and Prepping
Barb Blair
Before you can apply a fresh coat of paint to a thrift store find, you’ll need to get the furniture ready for its transformation. Barb demonstrates basic prepping techniques on a vintage nightstand and coffee table, showing how to remove the hardware, rough up the veneer with sandpaper, fill hardware holes with wood filler, and clean and vacuum the surfaces. You will also learn how to tape off your drawers for clean, painted lines, and apply polyurethane to spots where you've added wood filler.
Part 2:
Furniture Refinishing: Painting Basics
Barb Blair
Now that you have prepped the surface of your furniture, you are ready to start painting. In this class, Barb demonstrates two of her favorite painting techniques. First, she shows how to apply two coats of latex paint to a wooden coffee table. Then, she demonstrates “milk painting” on a nightstand to create a textured, antiqued look. Barb gives plenty of tips for getting into those detailed areas and creating a lovely, finished look in either medium.
Part 3:
Furniture Refinishing: Paper and Decoupage
Barb Blair
Create a pretty pictorial effect on your furniture with wallpaper or high-quality giftwrap – no drawing skills required. In this class, Barb shows how to choose a wallpaper that coordinates with your base paint, and then demonstrates covering drawer fronts, adding a lining, and installing your own fun hardware.
Part 4:
Furniture Refinishing: Color-Blocking and Painting Techniques
Barb Blair
Want more creative ideas for designing furniture that pops? Barb shows how to paint a bold, geometric design on a coffee table, and demonstrates a couple of options for finishing your furniture using wax or wood stain. By the time you are done watching, you will have all the tools you need to create beautiful, custom-designed pieces for your home.
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