April Lookbook // 2021
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Watch this quick promo to see a sneak peek of our all-new releases and click here to watch all of the classes shown in the promo.
April Lookbook 2021
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New Releases // Lookbook
December Lookbook // 2021
Seasonal crafting is kicking into high gear and whether you're looking for a moment of calm or a project to spark that celebratory spirit, there's a class for you on Creativebug. Watch this quick preview of our December classes and view the entire series here.
Color Play: A Daily Practice in Oil Pastel and Colored Pencil
Joy Ting
Learning through play is Joy’s favorite way to discover new techniques.  Artist and instructor Joy Ting teaches you how to be loose and expressive as you create paintings using oil pastels and colored pencils. Jump in with Joy as she takes you on a month-long daily practice journey where you create oil pastel pieces inspired by nature and discover a style that is all your own.
Coming December 8
Crochet a Child's Crown and Star Wand ​
Twinkie Chan
Welcome to the land of make believe. Twinkie Chan - crochet designer and lover of whimsical and wearable projects - will teach you how to crochet a soft, cozy crown and a star to top a magic wand. The crown pattern is easily adjustable and you will learn many different crochet techniques along the way. Play with texture to mimic metal by alternating a short single crochet stitch with a tall treble crochet stitch, discover the handy foundation single crochet, resulting in an extra stretchy and comfy fit, and find out Twinkie's secret for keeping your seams straight when working in joined rounds. The magic wand is a quick project made with granny stitch stars, with plenty of room for your favorite enchanting embellishments. These pieces make an adorable play set for dress up, and the crown is actually a great ear-warmer for any chilly day. Hold on to your flying horses and get ready to crochet your own fairy tale.
Coming December 15
Sew a Quiet Adventure Book for Baby
Sanae Ishida
Learn how to make a quiet adventure book with Sanae Ishida, author, illustrator, and maker of many things. The book cover, interior pages, and the characters that inhabit the book are all made of fabric and felt. Sanae loves to encourage quiet, thoughtful play time, and the soft, colorful, movable shapes provide endless hours of creativity and story making for little ones. This is a wonderful project for practicing basic sewing machine skills as well as hand embroidery. You can choose an elastic or button closure for the book, and there is also a hidden pocket to store all the felt shapes. Sanae provides templates for storybook animals, trees, and flowers, but you can also create any characters you dream up. 
Coming December 22
Carve & Print: Words and Expressions
Sarah Matthews
Known for her vibrant use of color and joyful, expressive printmaking, artist Sarah Matthews often uses words in her work. In this class she demonstrates how to use your own handwriting as well as tracing and transferring found text for making your own custom stamps. Sarah demonstrates how these techniques can be used to create wrapping paper, gift bags, and gift boxes. If you can carve words, you can carve anything. This class is fabulous for someone who's never carved before - if you're going to start somewhere, start with words.
Coming December 29
DIY Nail Art
Taylor of SF Party Nails
After mastering her skills on herself and her friends, nail artist Taylor Watson of SF Party Nails broke the mold of traditional salon culture and began a business by popping up at Bay Area bars and vintage stores, bringing her innovative designs to unexpected audiences. Now creating bold looks out of her own private studio, Taylor’s highly coveted designs are often colorful, geometric and pattern-based, with subtle, expertly placed accents. Her nail art business is a party in its own right and now she's bringing the party to Creativebug. 
Sew a Christmas Tree Skirt Using EZ Quilting Templates
Leslie Schucker
A beautiful tree can be the highlight of your holiday decor, and nothing gives your tree a perfect finish like a gorgeous tree skirt. While this project is big in size, it is surprisingly easy in technique. Expert sewist Leslie Schucker guides you through making your own colorful tree skirt using EZ Quilting templates to cut out eye-catching geometric appliques. You can sew and embellish this entire project by hand, but Leslie also shows you how to use a sewing machine to add bias tape for strength and giant ric rac for an extra touch of fun. Thick and cozy wool felt creates a high quality piece that can last for generations.
Make a Leather Bucket Bag
Treasure of Nikki&Mallory
Crafting a gorgeous, bohemian-inspired leather bag is well within your reach with expert guidance from designer Treasure of Nikki&Mallory. You'll cut and sew a leather bucket bag with a drawstring closure and fabric lining while learning a wide range of leatherworking skills, from sourcing leather and stitching to punching holes and adding hardware. Treasure skips no details, and you'll get to play with lots of tools and techniques. The best part - besides showing off your new bag - is that you can do all the sewing on your home sewing machine.
Goddess Sketchbook: A Daily Practice Inspired by Feminine Energy
Lily Sol
Come make artwork for radiant souls. In this daily practice, Berkeley artist Lily Sol invites you to tap into feminine energy in all its forms. Over the month together, use mixed media to channel four goddesses inspired by the power and beauty of nature. In your journal, you’ll adorn your goddesses in flower crowns, jewels, and hues that make your heart sing. Lily’s playful energy makes it easy to stay present and soft-hearted, so join us for a daily dose of  blossoming.
Corner to Corner Crochet: Make an Evergreen Tree Pillow
Tian Connaughton
Corner-to-corner crochet is a technique you can use to incorporate bold, eye-catching imagery into your crocheted projects. Think of it as pixel art, where each pixel is a small square of crochet. Tian Connaughton, expert crochet designer and technical editor, guides you through the basics of corner-to-corner crochet while making a pillow with an iconic evergreen tree motif. You’ll learn how to read a corner-to-corner chart and how to turn single crochet stitches, double crochet stitches, chains, and slip stitches into squares that will make up the building blocks of your tree. Tian also shows you two different options for finishing your pillow: a permanent seam to enclose the pillow, or an extra button flap to make a removable cover. This pillow is perfect for holiday decor and gifts, but it’s also easy to switch up the colors for a year-round, rustic style.
Crochet a Lacy Top
Tian Connaughton
Crochet designer Tian Connaughton may also be an experienced technical editor and teacher, but she always keeps in mind how to simplify designs in order to take up as little of your precious time as possible. Crocheting a garment may seem like an epic task but Tian will surprise you by demonstrating how accessible and meditative it can truly be. With only single and double crochet stitches, you’ll be able to add this lovely T-shirt to your handmade wardrobe. Learn how to crochet ribbing and lace paneling, plus how to make a gauge swatch and block your work. Tian notes that while this top may be challenging for absolute beginners, she encourages the adventurous.
October Lookbook // 2021
Whether you like your Octobers spooky or snuggly, we've got classes to fit the mood. Watch this quick preview of our October classes and view the entire series here.