April Lookbook // 2021
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April Lookbook 2021
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New Releases // Lookbook
Sewing Hacks for the Jessica Dress
Brittany J Jones
If you haven’t worn any of your shirt dresses in a long time, consider transforming one into two brand new garments. Pick up your fabric shears and join Brittany J Jones - sewing instructor, co-owner of Melanated Fabrics, and brand ambassador for Husqvarna Viking – as she guides you through two hacks for the Jessica Dress by Mimi G Style. With some strategic snips and hemming, Brittany will show you how the Jessica Dress is the perfect foundation for a peplum top or a gathered skirt. Learn how to create even gathers and make a buttoned waistband from material already on the dress. This class is fantastic for thrifters and anyone interested in sustainable fashion, since you can re-imagine a wonderful garment that might have a stain or an irreparable hole. You'll be able to use these techniques on any shirt dress that you have.
Make an Embroidered Floral Patch
Lauren from Lark Rising Embroidery
Looking for creative ways to incorporate crafting into your closet? Fiber artist Lauren of Lark Rising Embroidery shows you how to embroider a whimsical floral patch to sew onto a favorite shirt, jacket, bag, or jeans. With a passion for upcycling and an expert knowledge of stitching, she'll guide you through transferring a design to fabric, creating flowers and leaves with French knots and thread painting, and attaching your finished patch onto whatever garment you choose. You'll get all of her tips for completing a beautiful piece of embroidery and learn everything you need to know to make your own wearable art.
May Lookbook // 2021
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Inspired by Botanicals: A Daily Drawing and Painting Practice
Sharon Virtue
If you are a lover of color and a little wild at heart, this daily practice is just for you. Oakland artist, educator, and muralist Sharon Virtue finds inspiration in Matisse and O'Keefe, but most of all, in the exquisite beauty of flowers, leaves, and plants. On this month-long painting and drawing journey, gain confidence in your drawing abilities, explore value by working in black and white, and choose colors and styles that let your unique expression shine. With Sharon's encouraging guidance, find confidence and freedom to creating magic in your imagination and in your sketchbook.
Coming May 19
Coming May 26
Make a Leather Card Wallet
Treasure of Nikki&Mallory
If you've ever been curious about working with leather, this stylishly simple card wallet is a fabulous place to begin. Treasure is the owner and designer of Nikki&Mallory, an artisan-made collection of bohemian-inspired leather handbags, accessories, and home décor. In this class she takes you through the entire process of preparing and sewing leather, from sourcing it, to cutting it, to sewing it together by hand. She also demonstrates how to smooth and dye the edges of the leather for a beautiful and professional finish. Discover a fun array of tools and techniques while making the perfect gift for your friends, family, and yourself.
Make a Leather Cell Phone Bag
Treasure of Nikki&Mallory
Treasure is the owner of Nikki&Mallory which specializes in artisan-made leather handbags, accessories, and home décor - plus, she has impeccable style. In her day-to-day life as a designer, she often prefers to skip a bulky purse and carry a slim cell phone bag instead. In this class, she shows you how to make your own bohemian-inspired leather cell phone bag. It can accommodate phones of all sizes, and it has a convenient shoulder strap and front pocket. From sourcing leather, cutting it, to stitching it all together on a home sewing machine, Treasure breaks down each step, making this the perfect project for the beginner leatherworker.
Plant Talk with The Tender Gardener: The Basics of Houseplant Care
The Tender Gardener
Are you unsure of what plants will thrive in your space? Do you know what kind of light you have? Do you know what plants will fit your lifestyle? The Tender Gardener is here to answer those questions and more with Plant Talk. Having plants in your space brings so many benefits: not only do they beautify a room, but they can lower anxiety and fatigue and improve mood and focus. The first of this series of Plant Talks with Lana Williams, aka The Tender Gardener, covers the basics of care for common houseplants so that you can experience the joys of happy plants and new growth. 
Sew a Reversible Apron Dress
Lesley Ware
Lesley Ware is a fashion-as-self-care advocate and a three-time author on sewing and fashion. This apron dress comes from her first collection that explores her family fashion history. Her father is from Kentucky and after traveling to visit the farmland where he was born, she was inspired to create a series of modern farm girl wear. This dress is super cute and easy to make, using just one piece of fabric cut out twice and sized for teens and tweens. Lesley shows you how to sew the reversible dress from start to finish, including adding darts for shaping and pockets for your treasures.
Thread Painting: Embroider Spring Blooms
Anna Hultin of OlanderCO Embroidery
Colorado artist Anna Hultin of OlanderCO is known for her gorgeously stitched landscapes and botanicals inspired by the land. In this class, Anna teaches how to embroider two of her favorite spring blooms: the Oriental Poppy and the Sweat Pea. After learning two simple stitches - the back stitch and satin stitch - you'll see why Anna calls her embroidery style "thread painting,"  approaching her stitches like paint strokes on a canvas and realistically blending colors. Anna guides you through her entire process, from transferring a pattern to fabric to attaching labels for a perfect finish. If you admire the minimalist beauty of botanical illustrations, you will fall in love with translating this style into thread.
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April Lookbook // 2021
Watch this quick promo to see a sneak peek of our all-new releases and click here to watch all of the classes shown in the promo.
Learn to Paint with Gouache: A Daily Practice in 31 Questions and Answers
Cleo Papanikolas
Gouache can be an elusive medium. How do you pronounce it? How do you use it? Painter, educator, author and illustrator Cleo Papanikolas of Cleomade will teach you everything you need to know about gouache, how to paint with it, and how to find your own painting style. Her latest book, The Opposite is Also True, explores how trying to find the “best way” or the “right way” to do something in art can result in discovering that the opposite way is also good. Art rules are very slippery and contradictory, so it’s all about figuring out what is best for you right now. On each day of this daily practice, we'll ask one question about gouache - like "What is the difference between acryla gouache and regular gouache?" or "Do I paint light-to-dark or dark-to-light?" - and then paint out experiments to find the answers. Cleo helps build your confidence in your skills and develop the independence to be able to ask new questions and figure out the solutions on your own.