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Mercedez Rex Austin, Texas 

Mercedez Rex is an Austin Texas based artist and creativity enthusiast, who favors processes that allow for chance, unpredictability and play. She founded her eponymous collection of hand dyed accessories and home goods in 2016. After discovering the magic of water marbling, her focus shifted from dyes on textiles to pigments mono-printed on silk, leather and paper. Her sensitivity to discovering the “decisive moment” from formal training in film photography is reimagined in this dynamic printing process where one captures a singular ephemeral expression of color in motion on the surface of thickened water.   Mercedez believes that everyone has creative potential and that cultivating creativity is a worthwhile pursuit with many positive side effects including- a greater sense of purpose and stress reduction. Her goal in teaching is to encourage others to tap into their inherent creativity by fostering an environment that values playful experimentation and process over, perfectionism, and fear of failure. Preferring outdoors to inside, Mercedez has developed a habit of being a “reverse snowbird”- road tripping to cooler climates to escape the Texas heat in Summer. While traveling she takes her marbling supplies to offer pop-up workshops in wherever she lands. Follow her journey @mercedezrexdesigns

Mercedez’s Classes