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Kathy Doughty

Kathy Doughty started quilting in 1993 shortly after relocating to Australia from her home in the USA.   She found her community amongst the quilters she met through her craft.   

In 2003 Material Obsession was created.  It is a place where quilters are encouraged to  experiment with textiles, design and method.  It is an interactive environment that is all about the discovery of adding layers.  Kathy works with John, her photographer husband, and a team of friends that beg the quote, “even our bad days at work are good days,” …days filled with laughs, ideas, busy hands and good thoughts.

Through Material Obsession Kathy explores a variety of styles of quilt making while learning from the quilters, teachers and customers that frequent the  shop. She has developed a keen eye for combing the traditions of patchwork with the influences of contemporary designer fabrics. As a result, Kathy’s quilts are diverse in nature being inspired by the fabrics, new techniques or her vibrant imagination that searches always to bring an ideas to life in textiles. 

Kathy lives in Sydney Australia with her husband and three sons.  She is the co-author of the two popular Material Obsession books, and two solo efforts which are Making Quilts and the soon to be released, Adding Layers.  The books capture, reflect and communicate her connection to tradition while acknowledging the influences of today.  The reader is encouraged to make quilts reflective of their own style using the tips and techniques that Kathy teaches.  Making quilts is about making choices that reflect our inner self.

Kathy is grateful to the many artists over the years that have opened her eyes to the principles of design, colour, shape and line.  Sharing the process through her quilts with other artists is an obsessive part of her life.

Kathy’s Classes

  • Wagga Star Quilt
    Kathy Doughty
  • Quilting: Dresden Plates
    Kathy Doughty

Kathy's Gallery