Total Time: 8 hours 58 mins 49 secs
Whether you loom knit, arm knit, "regular" knit, or crochet, here are some ideas to keep your neck nice and toasty this winter.
Crochet Shawl Workshop
Marly Bird
Side-to-side shawls can appear daunting, but it’s actually one of the easiest shawl styles to construct. Using simple increases and decreases and basic crochet stitches, Marly Bird shows you how to create a mesh-like stitch pattern, keep track of your shaping as you go, and customize the size of the shawl by working more or less shaping rows. When the shawl is finished, you’ll learn how to weave contrasting tassels through the mesh stitches to create a must-have fringed accessory. 
Arm Knitting: Make a Cowl
Anne Weil
There’s no better gift to give at the holidays than a cozy, oversized cowl. In this class, Anne Weil shows how to make a simple arm-knit cowl using nothing more than super-bulky yarn and your arms. She even shares a fun variation, perfect for the holidays – a bulky scarf with festive pompom adornments. In about an hour, you can whip up this luxe accessory for the ultimate in handmade gift-giving.
Knit a Super Scarf
Faith Hale
Bundle up in style with a gloriously bulky super scarf. Designed by Yarnspirations, this oversized scarf features a 12-row stitch pattern that creates a gorgeous overall texture. Faith Hale shows you how to get started, work the Dew Drop pattern, and make super-sized tassels to finish off the corners. Worked in a super bulky yarn, the scarf knits up quicker than you might think. For even more Super Scarf inspiration, check out 12 more fabulous knit and crochet patterns from Yarnspirations here
Loom Knitting: Make a Cowl
Michele of Simplicity
Learn how to create a luxurious, chunky knit cowl on a rectangular knitting loom. Michele Muska shows you how to create cozy double Stockinette stitch fabric, then finish it off with a button closure. There are many variations you can make with this deceptively simple knitting tool, and you and your family and friends are guaranteed to love them all.
Knit a Log Cabin Shawl
Norah Gaughan
This fun-to-knit shawl has the appearance of a log cabin quilt, with long rectangles fitted together in intricate patchwork. Though it may look as though the pieces are sewn together, this shawl is worked seamlessly by picking up stitches and working textured sections. Norah brings her clever design sense to this construction, always challenging the limitations of what is possible in knitting.
Make a Reversible Double Knitted Cowl
Lynne Barr
In this technique-intensive class, knitting master Lynne Barr demystifies the art of double knitting. She begins by explaining what double knitting is and the fundamentals of how it is worked, and then she demonstrates how to read a double knitting chart to create multicolored reversible pieces that have different designs on the front and back. She also provides a valuable lesson on how to create your own double knitting charts using any stitch patterns you please. To put the lesson into practice, she shares instructions for knitting an adorable double knit cowl in the round with a striped design on one side and dots on the other. To give the cowl lovely rounded edges, she works a tubular cast on and bind off—both very handy techniques to know for your future double-knitting projects.
Learn to Knit: Basketweave Scarf
Jill Draper
This workshop covers all the knitting basics: casting on, the knit stitch, the purl stitch, and binding off. Jill also shows how to cast-on for lefties, knitting in the English and Continental methods for each stitch, and how to switch between knit and purl stitches in the same row. After you watch this workshop, you’ll know everything you need in order to knit your first project - an impressive basketweave scarf.
Crochet Edge Scarf
Anna Maria Horner
This lightweight scarf requires no sewing machine, so you can cut your fabric and dive right into adding your edging. Anna Maria will teach you how to blanket stitch around the edges and create a scalloped double crochet edging to flatter any outfit and wear in any season.

Knit the Imposter's Shawl
Fancy Tiger
Jaime and Amber from Fancy Tiger Crafts show you how to make one of their most sought-after knitting projects: The Imposter’s Shawl. This triangular shawl got its name because the basket weave stitches and scalloped edging appear to be woven and crocheted – but, in fact, it’s all cleverly knitted. The shawl begins with a single stitch that grows quickly with strategically placed increases. The scalloped edge is added at the end, and then the whole shawl is blocked to perfection.
Intro to Double Knitting: Sprout Cowl
Jill Draper
Double knitting is a great technique for creating a cozy, double sided, reversible fabric. Jill teaches all the skills you need on a practice swatch, including a special two-color cast on, working double knitting flat and in the round, as well as how to kitchener stitch to finish. So you'll be all set and ready to apply your new double knitting skills to the full-size cowl. Pattern included - a $6 value!
Gigantic Cable Scarf
Jill Draper
Learn traditional cabling on this oversize scarf, with large needles and three strands of yarn held together. The scale of the scarf knits up quickly and allows you to really see what you’re knitting. Jill teaches you how to cable to the front or back. The result is new knitting knowledge, as well as a sculptural scarf that can be a solid color, or ombre through different colors of yarn. Pattern included - a $6 value!
Falling Leaves Lace Scarf
Debbie Stoller
Love the look of lace but intimidated by knitting it? In this workshop, Debbie demystifies knitting lace by showing you her favorite cast on, how to read a lace knitting chart, and most importantly – how to really understand what you are knitting so you can fix any mistakes with confidence. The result is this graceful, lacey scarf and a lot of knitting knowledge. Pattern included - a $6 value!
Crochet Hexi Cowl
Cal Patch
Kick your granny squares up a notch with this hexagon shape. Cal shows you how to work a hexagon in multiple colors, as well as her favorite way to join them as you work. Crochet up a small stack and you’ll be ready to create this fresh hexi cowl in a modern colorway.

Knit a Lace Shawl
Gudrun Johnston
In this class, knitwear designer Gudrun shares one of her patterns for making a beautiful Shetland-inspired lace shawl. Worked up in lace-weight yarn, this shawl has a slightly unusual construction—the decorative edge is worked as a strip in an eyelet lace pattern, and then the stitches are picked up along one long edge and worked in garter stitch. This garter-stitch section is shaped with short rows, adding rich texture and a lovely curve to this delicate wrap. This is the perfect project for an intermediate lace knitter (or an ambitious beginner), and it’s a great opportunity to use that one big skein of boutique lace-weight or fingering-weight yarn that you’ve been saving for a worthy project.