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Lynne Barr

Lynne Barr is a knitwear designer and author who brings an enthusiasm for innovation and modern design to her books and workshops. She understands and respects the value of historical lessons and the foundation they offer, but it’s the unknown territory of never-before-seen techniques that compels her. She finds that leaping into a design, rather than taking incremental steps, often leads to a more interesting creation.

Her book Knitting New Scarves (STC Craft, 2007) used groundbreaking techniques to create many new three-dimensional hand knit shapes. Two books that followed, Reversible Knitting (STC Craft, 2009) and The Shape of Knitting (STC Craft 2013) also include new techniques for knitters to add to their technical repertoire. What Lynne most hopes is that other knitters will find her work an inspirational platform from which to make their own creative leaps.

Lynne lives in the White Mountain foothills of Maine with her husband Doug, where they raised and home schooled their children in their self-designed home. They love working together, designing, inventing, and creating.


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