Total Time: 12 hours 1 min 35 secs
Take a look at our most popular quilting classes, taught by expert designers like Kaffe Fassett, Liza Lucy, Anna Maria Horner, Heather Jones, and more.
Creating Color Palettes with Anna Maria Horner
Anna Maria Horner
Anna Maria Horner is a master with color. In this class, she shows you how to switch up traditional color conventions in order to develop your own stunning palettes. Beginning with a traditional color wheel, Anna demonstrates how each color interacts with one another depending on its position in the wheel. Then, using paint chips, she walks you through a color swap exercise where you will learn how to mix and match hues. Anna explains how to apply this information to printed fabrics, demonstrating how scale and proportion can be used to create new and interesting patchwork combinations. This class is ideal for anyone who wants to understand how to work intuitively with color and print.
Rainbow Jelly Roll Quilt Top
Heather Jones
Drape a plush rainbow over your bed or favorite reading chair with this dramatic quilt. The bold visual impact belies its simple construction. To make the quilt top, Heather Jones shows you how to pare down a pack of jelly roll precuts and use simple piecing techniques to create a juicy gradient of color. 
Mod Corsage Quilts with Anna Maria Horner
Anna Maria Horner
Learn how to combine existing patchwork pieces and fussy cut floral fabrics to create stunning floral bouquet blocks. Inspired by 17th century Broderie Perse (Persian embroidery) quilting, Anna Maria Horner shows you how to create a modern interpretation of a "trompe l'oeil" bouquet using improvisational patchwork and applique. The architectural line work of this modern block is softened by the organic floral motifs, giving it a balanced and fresh look. “Mod Corsage” is perfect for anyone with patchwork experience who is looking to experiment with composition and color.
Dreamy Hexagons Medallion Quilt
Kaffe Fassett
In this class, Kaffe and Liza work together to create a masterful medallion quilt in rich, warm tones. The quilt begins with a stunning medallion center that is comprised of English paper-pieced hexagon rings and hand-appliqued fussy-cut fabrics. From there, the quilt expands with several colorful borders—some patchworked, some solid—which come together to create a lush, harmonious effect. Throughout the making of this low-contrast quilt, Kaffe explains his process for selecting fabrics, demonstrating various options on a design wall. At the end of the class, enjoy bonus footage of Kaffe and Liza sharing stories about how they met and the creative journey they are on together.
Perfectly Pixelated Jelly Roll Quilt
Ashley Nickels
Ashley Nickels shares a simple, modern approach to designing your own pixelated jelly roll quilt top, with lots of time-saving tricks built into the process. You will learn how to lay out your quilt on a design wall, and then chain-piece the squares without having to pin or clip. Best of all, there’s no ironing until the very end, so you can speed through the piecing process in a flash. Ashley demonstrates this process on a crib-sized quilt top, but it’s easy to make this quilt smaller or larger—after all, you’re the designer.
Whippersnapper Block
Anna Maria Horner
This month’s block is gorgeous, graphic and quick to whip up. Textile designer and quilter Anna Maria Horner shows you how to bust your stash of scraps and create precise seams using foundation paper piecing. Learn how to create your own template, audition fabrics and balance light and dark tones. 
Ohio Star Block
Heather Jones
In this class, Heather Jones shares how to make the iconic Ohio Star quilt block. Using half square triangles and quarter square triangles, you will learn how to precisely sew the pieces together to create this crisp, geometric design. Bind and finish your block to create a quilted wall hanging, or use the block to make a funky, modern throw pillow.
Color Theory for Modern Quilters
Heather Jones
Learn how to build a color story for your next patchwork project with modern quilter, Heather Jones. This course begins with a basic overview of the color wheel and how quilter’s can use it to understand the interaction of colors in patchwork– a particularly helpful skill when you’re trying to pair prints with solids. Heather also teaches fun exercises for getting outside of your comfort zone, and suggests fascinating sources for further research.
Modern Log Cabin Quilting
Susan Beal
Welcome to log cabin quilting! In this first part, we'll focus on the classic, simple, and very modern square-within-a-square block setting. Susan will walk you through the basics of choosing fabric, cutting strips, and pressing and piecing your 'logs.' Once you've learned how to make a complete block in this simple style, she'll show you how to turn it into a beautiful quilted pillow.

What you will learn:
– How to cut center squares and strips
– Simple log cabin piecing
– Basting and geometric quilting techniques
– How to make custom binding tape
– How to make a pillow with an envelope back
Piecing Large-Scale Patchwork Quilts
Heather Jones
Modern quilter Heather Jones loves to play with scale, and in this class she shows how to enlarge a traditional quilt block so that a single block becomes the entire quilt top. Heather demonstrates this technique by creating a 72-inch square version of the Fly Away quilt block, though this formula can be used to enlarge any quilt block you like. Heather takes you through the process of scaling up a traditional block design on paper, and then shows you how to piece it together to create a bold, graphic quilt top.
Advanced Machine Quilting
Sue Nickels
For everyone who wants to learn or improve free motion quilting at home, this workshop is for you. Free motion quilting gives you total control over the direction and stitch length of your quilting, which Sue shows you how to achieve. From machine settings to threads, tools and tips – Sue walks through the basics of free motion techniques, from stippling through cabling and feathers so you will be set up to create any number of designs on your quilt.

Improvisational Patchwork: Pineapple Quilt Blocks
Heather Jones
A Pineapple block traditionally features strips of patchwork that radiate out from a center point, creating a beautiful design full of energy and movement. While it’s typically important to cut precisely and match your points perfectly, modern quilter Heather Jones teaches a method for piecing this block without measuring or matching, resulting in a loose, contemporary version of the original. This class is a fun way to create blocks quickly using leftover scraps of fabric, and it’s perfect for anyone who wants to practice improvisational quilting techniques and play with color.
Color Dive Half-Square Triangle Quilt
Anna Maria Horner
In this gorgeous, color-filled class, Anna shows quilters how to make a vibrant quilt using half-square triangles and squares. This is a perfect class for combining scraps of fabric from your stash. Anna begins by walking quilters through the process of sorting their fabrics into color groups, and from there she demonstrates how to cut and piece the squares and half-square triangles. The real fun begins when Anna goes to the design wall to lay out all of the pieces—when assembled, the half-square triangles come together to create blocks of color that dive right down the center of the quilt. While the project involves a lot of patchwork, the cutting and piecing are easy and the process of sorting colors is pure fun.
Rosy Quilt Top
Liza Lucy
Expert quilt designers Kaffe Kassett and Liza Lucy walk you through every step of making the eye-popping Rosy Quilt top. Using vibrant large and small-scale prints, the version shown here is a modern take on the very first design Kaffe and Liza ever created together. Kaffe provides wonderful insights on how the colors and prints work together, while Liza teaches the basics of cutting and piecing the patchwork. Perfect for beginning quilters and anyone wanting to try patchwork for the first time.