How to Stitch in the Ditch
Beginner | 3 min 39 sec
“Stitching in the ditch” is an essential sewing and quilting technique that anchors your layers in place and creates clean seams on the right side of your sewing. Like the name implies, ditch-stitching is as simple as sewing along your seam lines. Ashley Nickels demonstrates how it’s done in this short tutorial.
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Barbara Mickey
I'm new to quilting and this is a good-to-know tip to a better-quality quilt. Thanks!
6 days ago
Margaret Swann
Very easy instructions to understand
January 12, 2023
Elise Buhler
Very informative. I never knew what stitched in the ditched meant. I did not know that a regular sewing machine could do that. I am intrigued to learn more.
December 20, 2022