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July Lookbook // 2021
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New Releases // Lookbook
Crochet a Lacy Top
Tian Connaughton
Crochet designer Tian Connaughton may also be an experienced technical editor and teacher, but she always keeps in mind how to simplify designs in order to take up as little of your precious time as possible. Crocheting a garment may seem like an epic task but Tian will surprise you by demonstrating how accessible and meditative it can truly be. With only single and double crochet stitches, you’ll be able to add this lovely T-shirt to your handmade wardrobe. Learn how to crochet ribbing and lace paneling, plus how to make a gauge swatch and block your work. Tian notes that while this top may be challenging for absolute beginners, she encourages the adventurous.
October Lookbook // 2021
Whether you like your Octobers spooky or snuggly, we've got classes to fit the mood. Watch this quick preview of our October classes and view the entire series here.
Artober: 31 Days of Spooky Monoprints
Courtney Cerruti
Making an artful image doesn't have to be difficult. With just a few unique materials, you can create a beautiful illustration without any drawing experience at all. Artist Extraordinaire Courntey Cerruti is excited to expand one of her most popular Creativebug classes into a daily practice exploring monoprinting. First made popular by Andy Warhol, these monoprints use a blotted line technique made by using a process that combines tracing with basic printmaking. The result is dotted, broken, and delicate lines that can then be colored in. There is a lot of freedom inherent in this technique - the quality of your line expresses your own style - with each inking and impression of the original image producing a unique illustration.
Creativebug Slow TV: Fabric Meditations
Creativebug Slow TV
Creativebug now offers a different type of content you can stream: artful meditation videos. You already know the soothing benefits of crafting something with your hands. In this third video in the series, you'll receive the therapeautic benefits by proxy when you watch skilled Creativebug craftspeople iron, cut, sort and stitch fabric. Find yourself a peaceful location, press play, and relax.
Jewelry Design with Scotchbonnet!: Working With a Bead Loom
Tracey-Renee Hubbard
Design and make beautifully beaded jewelry with Tracey-Renee Hubbard, designer and founder of the vibrant accessories brand Scotchbonnet! She guides you through the process of developing a cohesive jewelry collection, beginning with the assembly of a mood board to find your aesthetic. Then, learn how to map out a beaded design on paper and prepare a Jewel Loom to weave your beads. Finally, Tracey-Renee demonstrates how to mount your beadwork to a brass cuff or barrette and show off your stylish new creation. 
Plant Talk with The Tender Gardener: How to Choose a Houseplant
The Tender Gardener
With so many to choose from, picking out a houseplant from a nursery can be overwhelming. Luckily, The Tender Gardener is here to thoughtfully guide you through selecting plants that best suit your life. No matter your space or lighting situation, the perfect plant can be found. Avid plant enthusist and gardener Lana Williams encourages you to ask yourself important questions such as the available light in your home, the time you're able to give to plant care, and whether you share your place with pets or small children, then suggests the best plants for a positive outcome. 
Lucky Star Quilt Along with Keaton Quilts
Justin of Keaton Quilts
Be dazzled while you stitch along with Justin of Keaton Quilts and make a 12 block quilt top, featuring a rainbow palette of star shapes. Sewist, author, and educator Justin Stafford walks you through the Lucky Star quilt, using rulers and a rotary cutter to make an array of traditional blocks. While the quilt top is designed for intermediate quilters, once beginners have mastered the half square triangle they’ll find the video instructions thorough enough to rapidly advance their skills. Use a muted palette for a traditional throw or replicate Justin’s scheme for a vibrant stunner.
September Lookbook // 2021
Big news - Creativebug has moved! Take a look at our new office and see what's in store for the month of September in this quick behind-the-scenes peek. Click here to check out all of the classes shown in the promo.
Mixed Media Wall Hanging
Jessie Jennings of Plaid Crafts
Join Jessie Jennings, Plaid Content Creator, for a fun and relaxing class as she teaches you how make a simple mixed media wall hanging. With some FolkArt paint, Mod Podge, and a few basic supplies, Jessie walks you through the process of creating your own beautiful décor piece -- perfect for brightening up any space in your home.
Acrylic Pouring 101
Kyra Balentine of Plaid Crafts
Join Kyra Balentine, Content Studio Manager at Plaid, as she walks you through the basics of one of the most intriguing trends in crafting – paint pouring. This uniquely playful technique requires a big of planning and an open mind. In this class you'll explore the basics of planned and unplanned pours, how to tidily coat the edges of your canvas,and a creative idea for using up your leftover paint. 
Make Your Own Fashion Patches
Lesley Ware
An appliqué is a small piece of fabric sewn onto a larger piece to create a design. Fashion icon and sewing expert Lesley Ware will teach you how to create an appliqué for your t-shirt, tote or anything else. You'll start by making a paper template, assembling a patch made of felt, and finish by hand-sewing the your appliqué to a garment or accessory. Lesley provides templates for a cute panda, adorable cat, and a fun heart-face emoji, but you will finish the class with the skills to design your own patch from scratch.
Make Over a Denim Jacket
Lesley Ware
Sturdy denim is a fabulous fabric for DIY projects because it’s easy to cut and embellish just the way you like. Expert sewing instructor and fashion blogger Lesley Ware teaches you how to embellish a denim jacket to match your style and challenges you to try a totally new look. Let your creative spirit free by adding patches and covering the back of a jacket with fun fabric shapes.
Sew a Zippered Makeup Bag
Lesley Ware
Organize everything from makeup to markers with these easy-to-sew zippered bags. Lesley Ware is a maker and author of three books on sewing and fashion. In this class, she guides you through the basics of sewing a lined pouch. Learn how to line your bag, create a gusset, and install a zipper closure. Once you’ve mastered the large pouch, the steps for the smaller pouch provided in the class PDF are exactly the same. These bags are not only handy to use in your purse, vanity, or travel bag, but they are also the perfect project for using smaller pieces of fabric you might already have on hand.