December Lookbook // 2021
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Seasonal crafting is kicking into high gear and whether you're looking for a moment of calm or a project to spark that celebratory spirit, there's a class for you on Creativebug. Watch this quick preview of our December classes and view the entire series here.
December Lookbook // 2021
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New Releases // Lookbook
Make an Ice-Dyed Top
Lesley Ware
Dyeing fabric with ice is like watching magic happen before your eyes. Lesley Ware, a maker and author of three books on sewing and fashion, takes you step-by-step through the fun and fascinating process of transforming a plain white T-shirt with dye. All you need are ice cubes and powdered dye to add a burst of color to your wardrobe and create interest with dynamic patterns.
Make a Modern Log Cabin Lap Quilt
Annabel Wrigley
In this beginner-friendly class, author, textile designer, and modern-quilter Annabel Wrigley teaches you how to make log cabin quilt blocks, then how to sew them together into a lap-sized log cabin quilt top. Begin with planning your design, choosing fabric colors, and cutting fabric, with several layout options provided in the class PDF. Then, Annabel will show you how to sew the log cabin block. Seaming your blocks together is a breeze, and by the end of the class you'll have the skills to create a log cabin quilt as small or as big as you wish. Once you start sewing one log cabin quilt block, you won't want to stop.
Paint a Portrait in Oils
Christopher Clark
Professional artist and storyteller Christopher Clark's favorite subject to paint is the light itself, and in nowhere is it more important than the portrait. Inspired by 19th century art and the Impressionist Movement, this class formally guides you through all stages of developing a portrait in oil paint. Learn about light, shape, value, and anatomy sculpturally, as you push and pull with charcoal and add and subtract paint. Begin with a charcoal study, then move on to underpainting. Then follow with blocking out general shapes with paint and then adding a few more layers of detail and fine-tuning. While portraits can certainly be challenging, they are also immensely rewarding. 
Painting Repeat Patterns by Hand: A Daily Practice
Cleo Papanikolas
Picasso said, "Learn the rules like a pro, so you can break them like an artist." This month, artist, author and educator, Cleo Papanikolas teachs the old-school tracing and transferring techniques used by designers before computers to create analog surface design patterns that can be used to print fabric, wallpaper, tiles, puzzles, and more. In the final three days, she shows us how to digitize the work with Photoshop and Procreate, and how to upload to Spoonflower to make all your artistic designs a reality.
Coming June 29
Embroidered Handwritten Label
Heidi Parkes
***This class releases on June 29th *** Whether used to attribute your quilt or explain the circumstances of its production, a personalized quilt label is a thoughtful addition to a quilt. In this class, Milwaukee artist and quilter Heidi Parkes teaches how to embroider text in your own handwriting, both printing and cursive, using the back stitch so that you can leave yourself or someone else a special fabric note. The sentiment can be personal or practical, mundane or historical; this embroidered handwritten label can be added to a quilt, article of clothing, embroidered art piece or really anything that can hold stitching. Heidi walks you through the basics of hand-sewing, her easy tracing and transfer technique, and how appliqué the label using a neat trick using aluminum foil. Once you get the hang of it, you can transfer any sentiment onto an embroidered label.
Three Ways to Stitch a Pamphlet Book
Sarah Matthews
The pamphlet is a deceptively simple bookbinding structure that’s easy to transform into something fabulous. Printmaker and book artist Sarah Matthews demonstrates three ways to bind a basic pamphlet book: a seven-hole pamphlet stitch, the link stitch, and her favorite - the dot dash stitch. Use these approachable techniques to make books, journals, zines, and more, and play with specialized tools like the bone folder, a Japanese screw punch, and waxed linen thread.
Jewelry Design with Scotchbonnet!: Creative Product Photography
Tracey-Renee Hubbard
Handcrafted jewelry deserves to be beautifully presented, which is why Tracey-Renee Hubbard, designer behind the jewelry brand Scotchbonnet!, created this class. Whether you’re documenting your work to share with friends or marketing your products for sale, Tracey-Renee shows you how to choose props and consider placement, proportion, and composition to best highlight your pieces. Using her tested methods, you'll learn how to create gorgeous images - right on your cell phone - that you can use for social media, email newsletters, or your online store.
Sew the Ara Quilted Overcoat
Natalie Ebaugh
Cozy up to this fresh take on the quilted coat. The Ara Quilted Overcoat is short-sleeved with double patch pockets and plenty of ease to fit over your favorite chunky sweaters in the winter or just a t-shirt in the spring. Fiber artist, quilter, and sewist Natalie Ebaugh starts this project with you from the beginning, from showing you how to select fabric and batting, to assembling quilt sandwiches and quilting your pattern pieces, to constructing a coat with a bias binding. There are minimal pattern pieces with Natalie's modern design, so you can spend even more time playing with different prints and quilting techniques - and making a whole collection of coats for all year round.
Presser Feet 101
Natalie Ebaugh
Most sewing machines come with a collection of different presser feet, which can be intimidating and confusing for beginner sewists. Fiber artist and quilter Natalie Ebaugh demystifies these little metal bits and shows you what different feet can do and when you want to use them. Once you learn some presser foot basics, you'll realize how fabulous they are and how they can make your sewing projects go more quickly and easily.
Color Play: A Daily Practice in Watercolor and Colored Pencil
Joy Ting
Learning through play is artist and educator Joy Ting's favorite way to discover new techniques. Join Joy in this fun-filled class as she demonstrates how to be loose and expressive while exploring the fun of oil pastels and colored pencils. In this daily practice, you’ll be inspired by the natural world around you in order to make drawings in a variety of sizes and colors. Beginning with a simple sketch and fall down a rabbit-hole of creative play, discovering a style that is all your own. 
Sew the Triangle Bag
Sanae Ishida
Sew an origami-inspired triangle bag with author, illustrator, and maker Sanae Ishida. This simple and stylish design has been around for generations in Japan, and you can sew it in under an hour, no pattern necessary. Sanae will teach you how you to calculate the size of your fabric pieces to customize the size of your bag, how to fold the fabric to create its signature triangle shape, and how to sew it all together with basic sewing machine skills. You'll also learn how to add a leather or fabric handle. Whether used as a farmers market tote, a lunch box holder, or a casual tote, this bag is especially versitile and giftable. 
Finishing Embroidery Projects: Three Ways
Rebecca Ringquist
If you’ve been embroidering for any length of time, you’ve probably asked yourself what to do with all those finished projects. Rebecca Ringquist, a Portland, Oregon based artist, designer, educator, and author, gets asked this all the time, and she is excited to share all her ideas. From samplers to small design motifs, she demonstrates three ways of finishing your projects to elevate them from a simple piece of fabric to a beautiful object worthy of being displayed. Whether hanging on your wall, turned into ornaments, or crafted into sculptural artworks, Rebecca has a wealth of advice on how to achieve finished looks for all your embroidery projects.
Make Resin Paperweights
Twinkie Chan
Craft a moment suspended in time using the distinctive properties of resin. While the medium has a reputation for being messy and complicated, Creativebug instructor Twinkie Chan demonstrates how attention to detail can lead to a mesmerizing outcome. Using a basic paperweight as a simple introductory project, you’ll learn how to select and mix resin, then assemble your project. You'll see how some inclusions need to be treated differently and the advantages of working in layers. You can use your finished paperweights as pattern weights for sewing, for sending inspirational messages to friends, or for capturing life's special moments in a unique way.
Creative Correspondence
Courtney Cerruti
Artist and educator Courtney Cerruti has an enthusiasm for the postal system that is both abundant and contagious, and she demonstrates that you don’t need elaborate materials or even perfect handwriting to spread joy through the mail. In this class, be inspired to make unique postcards, address envelopes decoratively, and try out wax seals. She shares her favorite materials, postal requirement guides, and an addressing template that creates tidy envelopes every time. Most importantly, you’ll discover that postal bliss is just a stamp away.
30 Structures in 30 Days: A Daily Practice in Bookmaking
Faith Hale
Blank books are deceptively simple vessels of creativity. In this month, bookmaker Faith Hale demonstrates a new structure, variation, or technique every day. From traditional bidings like a three-hole pamphlet to innovative structures like the blizzard book, you’ll glue, fold, and stitch your way to a library of possibilities. Whether your style is precise or playful, in this class learn fundamentals of bookbinding and find a structure that ignites your imagination.
April Lookbook // 2022
In the month of April, watch your creativity grow. Check out this video for a sneak peek at the new classes releasing this month and learn more about each of the classes here.