Total Time: 8 hours 26 mins 54 secs
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Art Journaling
Dawn DeVries Sokol
Take a leap into the vibrant world of art journaling with Dawn DeVries Sokol. Art journaling is an artistic way of documenting your life within the pages of a journal – but instead of using words alone, you’ll be using pens, paint, and collage to express yourself and record moments from your life. Over the next four weeks, Dawn will be with you each step of the way, with tips on painting, doodling, and composition, and frequent reminders that there are no rules. Simply grab a blank journal, doodle to your heart’s content, splash the page with paint, cover it in collage, and scribble on the page all over again. Whether you have five minutes, half an hour, or endless days to fill up your pages, we hope this course will inspire you to make time each date to be creative.
How to Make a Blank Art Journal
Dawn DeVries Sokol
Learn how to make two kinds of blank mixed-media journals: one from upcycled cereal boxes and a sewn spine; the other with a hard cover book, scrap papers, duct tape, and a button closure. These simple journals are easy to create and are perfect for on-the-go journaling to capture all your creative endeavors.
Journal of Family Life
Amy Karol
Capture and elevate the small, everyday moments of family life with this workshop. Amy offers her trademark no-stress approach to creating a customized family journal to preserve family photos, jot down milestones, and record special stories. Amy's philosophy is that documenting memories should never be stressful, time-consuming or precious. In this class, she shares her quick and easy approach.
Embroidery Transfer Techniques
Rebecca Ringquist
Once you have a grasp of basic stitches, you can start designing in embroidery. Rebecca will show you how to turn found images into embroidery, as well as suggesting places to go looking for interesting text styles and motifs. Learn how to add vintage images, repeat patterns, layers and texture to your embroidery projects.
Linen Caftan
Liesl Gibson
This caftan is an easy-breezy wardrobe staple, made from a single rectangle of fabric with a drawstring to add a lovely shape. Liesl shows you how to sew this as a top, or longer if you’d prefer a tunic or dress. Included in her instruction is how to use interfacing on the neck facing, and hand printing the caftan for a totally customizable, elegant garment.
Sew an Easter Bunny Basket
Annabel Wrigley
This sturdy and adorable bunny-themed Easter basket is a must-have accessory for any Easter Egg hunt. Made with natural-colored canvas and pink felt, this basket features a stitched bunny face and big floppy ears. Once you’ve attached the pompom tail, your basket is ready to fill with treats and treasures.
Hand Sew an Easter Chick Softie and Basket
Kata Golda
In this class, Alison shares two hand-stitched projects—a sweet stuffed chick and a companion Easter basket. The egg-shaped chicks are a cinch to stitch and stuff, and the basket comes together with just a few rows of sewing. Whip up a batch in neutral colors and display them in an egg carton for whimsical Easter décor. Or fill the Easter baskets with pastel colored chicks and candy for a classic Easter presentation.
Wholecloth Quilt
Anna Maria Horner
Hand quilting a whole cloth quilt enlivens the surface and adds beautiful texture to the front and back of your quilt. Anna Maria shows the entire process of creating a baby quilt, from laying out and basting, then highlighting the design of a printed fabric with even stitching, and finally binding the quilt with single fold bias binding. Anna Maria also shows gorgeous examples of applying this technique to pillows and clothing.

Pop Rocks Block
Anna Maria Horner
The Pop Rocks Block is as fun as it sounds, using subtle and intense fabrics from your stash to create playful contrast. Anna Maria Horner’s scrappy design is a modern take on a 9-patch block, with random pops of color sprinkled throughout. Round up your light and dark fabric scraps and start putting them together to create these unexpected blocks. 
Cricut Paper Flowers: Make Potted Paperwhites
Lia Griffith
In this class, paper flower artist Lia Griffith shows how to create realistic paperwhites using the Cricut Explore cutting machine. Lia demonstrates how to use the scoring tool to create perfect creases in the flowers and leaves, and then shows how to assemble the blooms to make a stunning arrangement.
Crocheted Stones
Anne Weil
Learn how to embellish favorite found stones with gorgeous crochet patterns. Knit and crochet designer, Anne Weil, demonstrates how to make these intricate little decorations, perfect for gifting to friends or displaying as a collection. The patterns are customizable, too, so you can decorate anything from a small stone to a larger rock.