Creative Journaling: 3/21/17
CBTV | 27 min 59 sec
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Courtney and Liana craft artful journal entries using stamps, markers, paint and more. This video originally appeared on Facebook Live on March 21, 2017. 
Here’s what you’ll need:
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Paola Jolley
really nice ladies!!!
More than 3 months ago
Afzan Adilah Ayoub
thank you..thank you
More than 3 months ago
Deborah Haar
I'm new to journaling but wanted to make a church sermon journal. I need it to be easy, easy, easy as I am not that talented. I love the idea of stickers and found a sticker book by The Happy Planner that has 1486 stickers with boxes and words like "Focus", "Note to Self", "Important", arrows, dots, etc. I bought a little composition book to write Bible quotes and messages from the pastor each week. When I go home I use multicolored markers, gel pens, and arrows/stickers to add to things that inspired me. I use washi tape to make tabs and write the focus of that sermon so I can go back for inspiration on a topic when needed. This class helped me understand that it doesn't have to be perfect and if I goof up terribly, just put a sticker or post it over it!
More than 3 months ago