Total Time: 17 hours 33 mins 2 secs
Celebrate Easter with these adorable spring-themed projects.
Hand Sew an Easter Chick Softie and Basket
Kata Golda
In this class, Alison shares two hand-stitched projects—a sweet stuffed chick and a companion Easter basket. The egg-shaped chicks are a cinch to stitch and stuff, and the basket comes together with just a few rows of sewing. Whip up a batch in neutral colors and display them in an egg carton for whimsical Easter décor. Or fill the Easter baskets with pastel colored chicks and candy for a classic Easter presentation.
DIY Easter Bunny Ears
Annabel Wrigley
Learn how to create cute Easter Bunny ears using wire and colorful fabric. Easy and fun to make, this craft is great for a children’s party activity. Make a whole set of bunny ears in different colors and sizes to wear at a family gathering, or use them as a photo booth prop.
Orizomegami Easter Cards: 4/6/17
Use this Japanese paper dyeing technique to make darling egg cards for Easter. This video originally appeared on Facebook Live on April 6, 2017. 
Sew an Easter Bunny Basket
Annabel Wrigley
This sturdy and adorable bunny-themed Easter basket is a must-have accessory for any Easter Egg hunt. Made with natural-colored canvas and pink felt, this basket features a stitched bunny face and big floppy ears. Once you’ve attached the pompom tail, your basket is ready to fill with treats and treasures.
Hand Sew Springtime Bunny and Carrot Softies
Kata Golda
In this class, Alison shares her method for hand-stitching a sweet little bunny with a companion carrot softie. Only a few stitches are required to complete these adorable dolls – satin stitch, running stitch, and blanket stitch – and Alison shares tips for how to work the stitches successfully. Templates are provided to make a large and small bunny, both of which are sewn exactly the same way. Have fun stitching up a little springtime bunny family, and don’t forget to sew a carrot or two for them to munch on while you’re at it.
Needle Felted Peeps
Rad Megan
Want a craft project as sweet as marshmallow Peeps, but without all the sugar? Peeps are a perfect needle felting project, with their recognizable shape and bright colors. Megan will share techniques for building the shape, as well as adding definition, features, and color to recreate a plush version of these iconic confections.
Popover Sundress
Liesl Gibson
Sewing this darling dress gives you a chance to learn tips and techniques from Liesl, including French seams, bias binding and sewing a narrow hem. The dress works up quickly and is offered in a wide range of sizes, including small enough for a matching doll version. Download the pattern here
No-Sew Party Décor
Jenean Morrison
There are lots of ways to have fun with fabric that don’t require sewing. In this inventive class, fabric designer Jenean shares six ideas for making no-sew party decorations. The festive projects include a table runner, a two-tiered chandelier, party hats, fabric lanterns for votive candles, tassels to adorn paper lanterns, and two styles of fabric bunting. Each project is quick to make and uses minimal materials, like fabric scraps, glue and fusible webbing. Have fun picking out your fabrics to get the party look you desire, going soft and subtle or bold and bright—the choice is up to you!
Hand Sew Farm Animal Finger Puppets
Kata Golda
Learn how to make a whole gang of farm animal finger puppets with Alison of Kata Golda. Templates are included to make a dog, cat, pig, chick, and bunny, and each finger puppet is made the same way – with two pieces of felt and a few simple stitches. But the cute hand-stitched faces and little details are what give each farm animal their distinctive traits. Alison shares tips for free-hand stitching the features, and demonstrates how to sew the front to the back with blanket stitch.
Pillbox Hat
Amy Karol
Bring some vintage-inspired sass to your day, without learning technical millinery skills. Amy shows you how to take hat forms, drape and line them with fabric, and add trimmings. The effect can be sixties-cool, jaunty, or anything in between depending on the materials you use. If you think you are one of those people who could never pull off wearing a hat, let Amy show you how it’s done.
Sew a Bow Tie
Annabel Wrigley
Finding the perfect gift for guys can be tricky. Annabel Wrigley makes it simple with this easy-to-sew, customizable bow tie. Whip up a batch in fun prints for the special men in your life (whether they be grown men, little boys or even pets).
The Wilton Method: Three Ways to Ice a Cake
Wilton Instructors
In this quick class, Emily teaches three easy ways to ice a cake with buttercream: using an icing comb, a fork, and a spoon. Each of these techniques creates gorgeous, textured effects. Use them to decorate any cake, creating a unique, stunning presentation.
Felt Flower Headband
Annabel Wrigley
This pretty and sweet adornment adds a midsummer night's feel to any season. Working with felt in bright color combinations creates a wearable bouquet of plush happiness – but you can equally create a bracelet, garlands, or decorate the edge of a lampshade. Beads add texture to the bohemian feel of this project.
Kids Cricut Crafts: Paper Flower Necklace
Annabel Wrigley
In this class, Annabel Wrigley shows you how to make a cheerful paper flower necklace using Cricut Explore. Once the paper pieces are cut out, Annabel shows how easy it is to assemble the flowers, give them fringed details, add colorful pompoms centers, and how to link the flowers together to create a pretty necklace that fits your unique style.
Kids Cricut Crafts: Watercolor Butterfly Rings
Annabel Wrigley
In this class, Annabel Wrigley demonstrates how to make lively and vibrant paper butterfly rings using a Cricut Explore machine. This project is great fun for both kids and adults. Annabel shows you how to decorate your butterfly shapes using watercolors, gel pens, and a felt tip marker and then attach them to rings, though they can also be used to embellish hair berets, magnets, and more.
Stitched Bracelets
Annabel Wrigley
This sweet project is a quick sew that introduces simple embroidery and helps build confidence at the sewing machine. Annabel Wrigley shows how to work up these bracelets in bright colors, providing motivation for younger sewists to make and trade these bracelets with friends. 
Crochet Flower Jewelry
Jenny Doh
In this workshop, Jenny will teach you how to crochet a scalloped flower, a five-petal flower, a small circle and a simple band. Stack the elements to make a cuff or a brooch. Or assemble the flowers and circles into a statement necklace. Jenny reviews every stitch you need in order to start whipping up these sweet and simple combinations. 
Cricut Paper Flowers: Make a Hydrangea
Lia Griffith
In this class, Lia shows how to make exquisitely detailed hydrangeas using a Cricut Explore machine. The Cricut is especially perfect for this project since you’ll need to cut out lots of small, intricate pieces of paper to make the flowers. Once your leaves and petals are cut out, Lia will show you how to assemble the hydrangea blooms on floral wire, adding dimension to each piece to create perfectly rounded 3-D branches
Intermediate Watercolor
Yao Cheng
Learn how to paint gorgeous, gestural florals that reflect the vitality and energy of a freshly picked flower. This class is not about capturing the detail in every petal and leaf – what’s more important is focusing on the composition and the movement of the arrangement. Once you’ve learned how to create leaves and single stem flowers, you’ll learn how to combine these elements to paint a stunning bouquet.
Make Tissue Paper Pompoms
Courtney Cerruti
Paper pompoms bring a colorful and textured floral touch to any celebration, especially weddings and parties. Courtney demonstrates how to create a gorgeous, oversized pompom from tissue paper, and also gives ideas for customizing color, shape and size.
The Wilton Method of Cake Decorating
Wilton Instructors
In Part 1 of our multi-part course, learn how to bake the perfect chocolate cake and ice it with velvety buttercream icing. Emily will teach you how to prep your ingredients, mix them and bake the cakes, all while avoiding the three C’s (crowning, cracking, and crumbing). Once the cakes have cooled, you’ll be ready to level and torte the cakes plus assemble them in a multi-layer stack. Emily will also show you how to whip up a batch of buttercream and ice the cake like a pro.
Learn Raw Edge Appliqué Quilting
Sue Nickels
Learn all about raw edge machine appliqué with quilting expert, Sue Nickels. In this class, Sue shares her signature technique for assembling a vibrant, floral appliqué quilt top. Each piece of appliqué uses just a bit of fusible web to keep it in place, and is then secured permanently with machine blanket stitching. You will learn how to stitch inner and outer points as well as curves and circles, complex units, and bias stems. This class will teach you everything you need to know to work any machine-appliqué pattern, large or small.
Cricut Paper Flowers: Make Potted Paperwhites
Lia Griffith
In this class, paper flower artist Lia Griffith shows how to create realistic paperwhites using the Cricut Explore cutting machine. Lia demonstrates how to use the scoring tool to create perfect creases in the flowers and leaves, and then shows how to assemble the blooms to make a stunning arrangement.
The Wilton Method®: Sugar Cookies
Wilton Instructors
Make classic sugar cookies from scratch with the Wilton method. Not only will Emily show you how to make the dough and cut out shapes, but she also shares expert tips for decorating the cookies with royal icing. This class is perfect for anyone who wants to make professional looking cookies for holidays, Halloween, parties and special events year round.