Calligraphy on Unconventional Surfaces
Maybelle Imasa-Stukuls
Take your calligraphy to the next level in this creative lettering class. Maybelle Imasa-Stukuls covers techniques for writing with calligraphy on unconventional surfaces, like wood and chalkboard, using acrylic paint, gouache and chalk. You’ll also learn how to mix custom colors with gouache, allowing you to work with hues other than black and white. If you’re brand new to calligraphy (or just want a refresher), be sure to take Maybelle’s Calligraphy for Beginners class to practice your lettering.
Appliqué Umbrella
Nicole Blum
Turn your kid’s drawings and designs into a snazzy umbrella with this project, which is sort of like creating custom stickers from nylon. Nicole and her son show how to use a few simple materials to fancy up an umbrella and brighten any dreary day. This works for kids of all ages.
Color Wheel Basics: Working with Paints and Colored Pencils
Molly Hatch
Learn how to mix and manage colors in this artistic primer course. Illustrator Molly Hatch explains how the color wheel works, showing how to mix secondary and tertiary colors using primary colors, and how to mix tints and shades. Finally, she demonstrates how to create a personalized palette for your artwork with a fun coloring book page exercise (PDF included with class).
Cricut Crafts: Flower String Lights
Annabel Wrigley
In this class, Annabel Wrigley demonstrates how to make a festive strand of lights featuring flowers cut on a Cricut Explore machine. These gorgeous, oversized flowers feature several textural fabrics, including paper, felt, and a leather-like fabric called Kraft-tex. Once the shapes are cut out, it’s easy to assemble the flowers and attach them to a strand of lights.
Sew a Yoga Mat Bag
Ashley Nickels
Sewer and quilter Ashley Nickels shows you how to create a stylish, functional carrier bag for your yoga mat. Learn how to cut out the pattern pieces, add handles, and attach D-ring hardware to hold the mat in place. Best of all, this yoga mat bag features a zippered pocket - an essential for stashing your keys and phone while you're on the mat.
Knit a Linen Stitch Glasses Case
Wendy Bernard
Tossing your eyeglasses into your bag without protection is never a good idea. Wendy Bernard's eyeglass case is a great project for beginner knitters ready to try a new stitch pattern, and for anyone who needs a quick gift idea. Wendy's pattern even includes three different size options, so you can create a case for slim reading glasses, standard eyeglasses, or oversized sunglasses. Using lovely hand painted yarn, Wendy shows how to knit Linen Stitch in the round for the body of the case then work the flap of the case flat. Finally, learn how to make a buttonhole and add a button.
Make a Beaded Leather Tassel Necklace
Elke Bergeron
In this class, Elke shares instructions for making one of her signature creations: a bohemian leather tassel necklace. She begins by teaching you how to make the leather tassel, and then demonstrates how to add the beads and leather lacing. This is a great project for beginning beaders and leatherworkers— experiment with color combinations and styles to make a necklace with boho charm.
The Wilton Method®: Slice and Bake Cookies
Wilton Instructors
Learn how to transform classic sugar cookie dough into festive cookies for any occasion. Emily Tatak from Wilton begins by showing you how to make cookie dough in a variety of colors and flavors. After assembling the colored dough into layers, you'll roll up the dough, slice it into colorful pinwheels, and bake in the oven to create playful, vibrant multi-layered cookies. You will also learn how to decorate your baked goods using candy melts, sprinkles, candy, or any other edible decorations, for cookies you'll love to make in any season.
Kids Weaving
Kelly Wilkinson
Weaving is distilled down into its most basic elements in this class, so kids will learn and find satisfaction in the tactile, repetitive nature of "over, under, over, under." With a no-fuss portable loom and scraps of bright yarn, kids will create wall hangings, necklaces and cuffs. 
How to Emboss
Courtney Cerruti
Have you ever wondered how embossing works? In this quick class, Courtney Cerruti demystifies the embossing process, showing you how to do this simple technique at home. You will need just a few items -- embossing powder, wet ink and a heat gun -- to create professional-looking, glossy designs.