Total Time: 1 hour 44 mins 13 secs
Can you picture yourself learning how to watercolor paint while lounging on your hand-stamped picnic blanket wearing your handmade linen caftan? We can too! Kick off your best summer ever with these classic warm-weather DIY projects.
Weaving for Beginners
Annabel Wrigley
Learn the basics of making one-of-a-kind woven tapestries with Annabel Wrigley. This course goes beyond simple warp-and-weft weaving, teaching you how to add long, dramatic fringe, color-blocked shapes, fluffy clouds of wool roving, and loads of texture and color. Best of all, Annabel teaches you how to mix and match all of these techniques so that you can design a unique tapestry of your own in any size you like.
Daily Drawing Challenge: 31 Things to Draw with Lisa Congdon
Lisa Congdon
There’s nothing like giving yourself a big creative challenge, and boy do we have one for you: Every single day for a month, we challenge you to draw along with Lisa Congdon. Lisa has hand-picked 31 objects to draw, and demonstrates several ways to render each object using just your imagination. This creative exercise is designed to help you embrace wonkiness and imperfections, all while learning to see everything around you—be it bird or bikini—as artistic fodder.
DIY Room Décor: Painted Fabric Wall Art
Courtney Cerruti
Learn how to transform painted cotton fabric into bold, abstract wall décor. Using expressive brush strokes in a color palette of your choice, Courtney Cerruti shows you how to paint abstractly on fabric, then “frame” your painted fabric in embroidery hoops. The finished pieces are lightweight and super easy to hang – perfect for sprucing up a bedroom or making any space your own.
DIY Room Décor: Decoupaged Jewelry Holder
Courtney Cerruti
If your jewelry collection is in need of some organization, this class will help set you straight. Courtney Cerruti shares a quick and easy idea for a jewelry hanger that utilizes decoupage and a little bit of hardware. Courtney shows you how to properly apply Mod Podge to adhere pretty paper to a wooden placard, and how to paint the beveled edges with a foam brush. After that, install some simple hanging hardware and you’ll be ready to display your necklaces, bracelets, earrings and rings.
Felt Flower Headband
Annabel Wrigley
This pretty and sweet adornment adds a midsummer night's feel to any season. Working with felt in bright color combinations creates a wearable bouquet of plush happiness – but you can equally create a bracelet, garlands, or decorate the edge of a lampshade. Beads add texture to the bohemian feel of this project.
Crocheted Summer Bag
Edie Eckman
This quintessential summer bag is made using several crochet stitch patterns that come together to form a textural sampler. Whether you choose a cheerful summery color or a nautical neutral, this bag will become your go-to everyday tote. And best of all, the size of the bag can be made smaller or larger simply by choosing a lighter weight or bulkier weight yarn -- no pattern adjustments required.
Canning the Best Blueberry Jam
Karen Solomon
In this class, our resident jamming expert, Karen Solomon, shares a simple recipe for a classic favorite: blueberry jam. Karen demonstrates exactly how to make this stove-top recipe, and she also walks you through the basics for properly canning the jars, ensuring a long shelf-life. If you would like to veer away from the classic, Karen provides lots of ideas for add-in flavors, like fruity liqueurs, fresh herbs, citrus zest and extracts.
Sew a Reversible Sun Hat
Ashley Nickels
Learn how to make a reversible, floppy sun hat—the perfect addition to your summer wardrobe. Ashley Nickels will show you how to measure your head to determine your hat size and how to increase or decrease the length of the brim to make it totally customizable. Best of all, this sun hat can be made with your two favorite fabrics since it’s fully reversible. This class is great for new sewers and for anyone who needs a stylish hat to wear under the warm, summer sun.
Make a Nautical Rope Bracelet
Liana Allday
Before you take off on your next beach vacation, whip up a batch of easy nautical rope bracelets. These tie-on bracelets are the perfect last-minute accessory and can be made in a snap with just a bit of rope, ribbon, leather cord and hot glue. Have fun mixing and matching your ribbon and rope to make unique pieces for all of your friends.
Veggie Stamp Picnic Blanket
Christine Schmidt
The secret to this hand-stamped picnic blanket is humble root vegetables that have been turned into stamps. In this workshop, Christine Schmidt talks about selecting vegetables, carving them, and applying them to turn a simple length of canvas into a cheerful picnic blanket. To learn how to create your own stamp pad, watch Christine's class DIY Stamp Pad on Creativebug.
Painted Canvas Pillows
Courtney Cerruti
Give your living room a fun makeover with these hand-painted canvas pillowcases. Inspired by the classic, colorful stripes of Hudson Bay Blankets, you will use primary colors to paint stripes on your fabric. Then, follow along as Courtney demonstrates how to sew and assemble this simple pillowcase.
Linen Caftan
Liesl Gibson
This caftan is an easy-breezy wardrobe staple, made from a single rectangle of fabric with a drawstring to add a lovely shape. Liesl shows you how to sew this as a top, or longer if you’d prefer a tunic or dress. Included in her instruction is how to use interfacing on the neck facing, and hand printing the caftan for a totally customizable, elegant garment.
Rice Paper Lanterns
Heather Ross
Learn how to make and customize your own rice paper lanterns to add color and pop to any room or party. Heather walks you through simple wiring, along with how to decorate your lanterns and assemble them. Don’t forget to add a cute, functional pull chain to complete the scene. Rice paper lanterns emit an ethereal, delicate glow – but the lanterns are remarkably durable.
Furoshiki Wine Wrap
Megumi Inouye
Spend less than five minutes learning Furoshiki, the traditional Japanese art of wrapping objects with cloth. In this workshop, Megumi shows you how to quickly and elegantly bundle two bottles of wine to bring to a picnic or give as a gift. Once you know the principles of Furoshiki, you’ll be looking for more things to wrap.
Gumdrop Pillow
Amy Butler
Learn to make stacks of these pillows in all different combinations of fabric. Their oversized scale lends a cozy drama to any part of your home. Amy shows you how to build the pillow in sections, insert an invisible zipper and finish the pillow. Bring one of Amy’s signature styles into your sewing repertoire and your home.
Paper Flowers: Make a Wild Rose and Thistle Centerpiece
Livia Cetti of The Green Vase
In this class, Livia shares her technique for making wild roses and thistles out of tissue paper. From dip-dye bleaching the paper to attaching the petals and leaves with floral tape, Livia covers every step of the paper-flower making process. She then shows you how to display the branches to make a gorgeous, organic tabletop centerpiece, perfect for weddings, parties, or any festive gathering.
No-Sew Party Décor
Jenean Morrison
There are lots of ways to have fun with fabric that don’t require sewing. In this inventive class, fabric designer Jenean shares six ideas for making no-sew party decorations. The festive projects include a table runner, a two-tiered chandelier, party hats, fabric lanterns for votive candles, tassels to adorn paper lanterns, and two styles of fabric bunting. Each project is quick to make and uses minimal materials, like fabric scraps, glue and fusible webbing. Have fun picking out your fabrics to get the party look you desire, going soft and subtle or bold and bright—the choice is up to you!
Trace a T-shirt, Make a Wardrobe
Improv Sewing
Want to make a custom-fit wardrobe? Instead of using traditional patterns, the Improv Sewing team sews a wardrobe from a single set of pattern pieces made by tracing a well-fitting t-shirt. Sacrifice that favorite tee (the one with a little stain on it) for a closet full of favorite tops, tunics and dresses!

DIY Fabric Shoelaces
Liesl Gibson
Add a creative zip to your step when you make your own shoelaces. Liesl shows you how to make a quick frayed version, as well as a more finished, sewn version. Both pack extra pizazz with pops of bright artist’s tape and nail polish. You’ll have a creative and fun use for extra fabric in your stash.
Sew a Weekender Bag
Nicole Mallalieu
Expert bag maker and pattern designer, Nicole Mallalieu, shares an array of unique tips and tricks to construct your new favorite weekend-away bag. Featuring copious straps, clasps, and pockets, this roomy bag can be customized using a combination of your favorite fabrics. Although it is highly detailed and includes many steps, Nicole’s expert knowledge and extensive teaching experience will give sewists the confidence to make this skill-building bag step by step.
Travel Kit
Betz White
There’s no better way to build your sewing skills than with Betz White’s snappy Travel Kit. This project hits all the key aspects of bag construction, from stabilizing your fabric, installing a zipper, working curves and gussets, and adding a lining. Betz offers pro tips along the way to save time and create a dapper bag that you can customize with your own fabric choices.
Knit a Linen Stitch Glasses Case
Wendy Bernard
Tossing your eyeglasses into your bag without protection is never a good idea. Wendy Bernard's eyeglass case is a great project for beginner knitters ready to try a new stitch pattern, and for anyone who needs a quick gift idea. Wendy's pattern even includes three different size options, so you can create a case for slim reading glasses, standard eyeglasses, or oversized sunglasses. Using lovely hand painted yarn, Wendy shows how to knit Linen Stitch in the round for the body of the case then work the flap of the case flat. Finally, learn how to make a buttonhole and add a button.
Paint and Stamp on a Silk Blouse
Anna Joyce
Have you ever wanted to add a gorgeous hand-printed design to an otherwise plain garment? Now is your chance. Textile designer and printmaker Anna Joyce shows you how to paint and print on a silk blouse. Learn how to mix custom paint colors and apply the paint with stamps and paintbrushes to create a layered overall design. Then learn how to heat set your top to make it wearable and cleanable.
Easy Indigo Dyeing: Make Indigo Dyed Pillows
Anna Joyce
Learn how to make stunning, one-of-a-kind patterns on cotton fabric using indigo dye. Anna will show you a variety of folding, twisting, tying, and painting techniques to achieve eye-catching prints and patterns. Once your fabric has been dyed, Anna will show you how to sew your printed fabric into stylish envelope pillows. Although indigo dyeing can be done indoors, it’s a perfect way to spend time with friends outdoors on a warm, summer day.
Beginning Watercolor
Yao Cheng
This two-part foundation course is a perfect entry point for beginners, providing a basic understanding of how to paint successfully with watercolors. Yao begins the course by introducing artists to the array of colors everyone should have in their palette, and shows how to mix and apply pigment to paper. From there, she goes on to explain the uses of specific paintbrushes and demonstrates how to make beautiful expressive marks to create leaves, trees, and simple geometric shapes.
Canning Basics: How to Can Tomatoes
Karen Solomon
Learn how to preserve the taste of late-summer garden tomatoes with canning pro, Karen Solomon. Karen will teach you the basics of selecting and peeling perfectly ripe tomatoes, then show you how to safely can and process them so you can enjoy the taste of summer sunshine all year long. These whole canned tomatoes are perfect for soups, sauces, and everyday cooking throughout the year.
Crochet a Rag Rug
Cal Patch
Learn how to make a traditional crocheted rag rug with Cal Patch. Rag rugs are a great opportunity to use up recycled fabrics like old bed sheets and T-shirts. In this class, Cal shares expert tips on how to shred the fabric intro strips and connect them to make one continuous “yarn” for crocheting. Once you’ve learned the chain stitch and single crochet stitch, you’ll work in spirals to create a round or oval rug.
Hand-Built Ceramics
Linda Fahey
Learn how to create beautiful ceramic vessels at home without a potter's wheel. California ceramicist and designer Linda Fahey shows you every step of setting up a studio at home, and then demonstrates three methods for hand-building pottery. Along the way, she covers creating and attaching handles and even provides an introduction to glazing and firing. This three-part course covers all of the essential information you need to know to play with clay in your home studio.

Art Journaling
Dawn DeVries Sokol
Take a leap into the vibrant world of art journaling with Dawn DeVries Sokol. Art journaling is an artistic way of documenting your life within the pages of a journal – but instead of using words alone, you’ll be using pens, paint, and collage to express yourself and record moments from your life. Over the next four weeks, Dawn will be with you each step of the way, with tips on painting, doodling, and composition, and frequent reminders that there are no rules. Simply grab a blank journal, doodle to your heart’s content, splash the page with paint, cover it in collage, and scribble on the page all over again. Whether you have five minutes, half an hour, or endless days to fill up your pages, we hope this course will inspire you to make time each date to be creative.
Furniture Refinishing
Barb Blair
Learn how to give old flea market finds new life in this information-packed four-part series. Furniture makeover expert Barb Blair has more than a few refurbishing ideas up her sleeve, from selecting and preparing furniture to choosing and applying paint, and adding fun accents like wallpaper or color-blocked designs. In no time, you’ll be ready to head to the garage, grab your power sander, and fill your house with gorgeous, customized pieces of your very own design.
30 Coloring Pages with Courtney Cerruti, Lisa Congdon and Pam Garrison
Courtney Cerruti
The whole world has fallen madly in love with coloring book pages, and we have, too! We’ve teamed up three of our top art instructors—Lisa Congdon, Pam Garrison, and Courtney Cerruti—to create printable coloring pages just for you. Each week, we’ll post a new batch of downloadable pages from all three artists, plus an accompanying class taught by Courtney on creative ways to color in the pages. Courtney’s lessons go way beyond the classic crayon, covering everything from colored pencils and markers to glitter pens and watercolors, with lots of tips for blending and adding dimension.
The Wilton Method: Mastering Buttercream - Gel Transfer Cakes
Wilton Instructors
In Part 3, learn how to transfer any design onto cake using the gel transfer technique. This magical effect is easier than you might think, and Stephanie walks you through all the steps, from transferring your design onto a smoothly iced cake to creating different icing textures using decorating bag tips and buttercream icing. You will also learn how to finish off your cake with writing—perfect for adding a special message or birthday wish.