Sew a One Hour Top
Fancy Tiger
Learn how to make the easiest jersey shirt ever with Fancy Tiger Crafts. Dream team Amber and Jaime teach you how to create a “One Hour Top” beginning to end on a sewing machine – but they also show you how to sew the seams with a serger if you so desire. This wardrobe staple is ideal for everyday wear and works up beautifully (and quickly) in a solid knit or a fun print. (Sizes range from 32" - 45" bust.)
Sew a Hobo Bag
Nicole Mallalieu
With its trademark slouchy silhouette, this hobo bag will become your go-to everyday purse. Nicole Mallalieu is known for her professionally finished bags, and in this class she walks you through every step of sewing this classic fashion staple. Nicole shares pro tips for accurately cutting the pattern pieces, as well as useful tricks for finishing seams perfectly, sewing curves, and sewing through multiple layers – all on a home sewing machine. You'll learn how to construct a lining, add a pocket and zipper, as well as how to construct an adjustable strap and attach it to the bag with hardware. In the process of making your Hobo bag, you'll learn loads of essential bag making skills, which will come in handy for future projects.
Fabrics 101
Liesl Gibson
In this informative class, Liesl of Oliver + S takes you to her favorite fabric store in New York City and shares helpful tips on how to navigate fabric shops. There is a lot to consider when selecting fabric, from understanding the difference between woven and knit fabrics to grasping the fundamentals of drape. Liesl demystifies the basics, and then goes on to discuss the unique qualities of the most popular fibers available: silk, cotton, and wool. You'll walk away from this class with a better understanding of what kind of fabric will work best for the project you're making, and the confidence to experiment with new fibers.
Pattern Drafting with Knits: Drafting a Hooded Sweatshirt
Cal Patch
Learn how to make a zip-up hoodie that is sure to become your go-to weekend staple. Cal demonstrates how to add positive ease to the original shift dress and sleeve pattern to make an oversized sweatshirt, and how to draft new pieces for pockets and a hood. Once you’ve cut out your pattern pieces in your favorite cozy fabric, Cal will walk you through the steps to construct your hoodie. You’ll learn how to insert a separating zipper, add sleeve cuffs, and sew a professional hem. At the end of the class, Cal shows off an array of designs that are possible with knits, sure to get your creativity flowing.
Woodland Mushroom
Tamar Mogendorff
Learn to make a soft sculpture with both hand and machine stitching. Tamar provides a template but encourages you to develop your own projects according to your personality and style. She also encourages you to emphasize the character of your creations with sweetly stitched features for an organic, dreamy aesthetic.
Birds of a Feather Maxi Skirt
Anna Maria Horner
When you follow this skirt tutorial with Anna Maria, not only will you finish with a stunner of a bias cut maxi skirt that will take you into fall and beyond – but you will also learn a bundle of techniques. Anna Maria shows you how to draft and sew a maxi skirt based on your own body measurements, as well as how to strip piece fabric to make the feathers, and then needle-turn applique them around the hem.
Appliqué Ruffle Pillow
Natalie Chanin
This ruffle appliqué can be added to pillows, shirts, dresses—anything that could use some ruffled sweetness. Natalie shows you how to gather and baste your ruffle and attach it to the pillow using the zig-zag chain stitch, one of her signature embroidery stitches. Natalie also shows you how to “love your thread”—a process that is unique to her work and will infuse your creations with love and good intentions.

What you will learn:
— Creating an appliqué ruffle
— Preparing thread for hand appliqué
— Zig-zag embroidery stitch
Sew a Waxed Canvas Tote Bag
Fancy Tiger
Learn how to make a simple yet striking all-seasons tote with Amber and Jaime from Fancy Tiger. Made from waxed canvas, this go-to bag is naturally water repellent and perfect for everyday use. The bag is lined and features boxed corners, pockets and leather straps, plus you will learn how to work with waxed canvas and finish the seam allowances for professional-looking results.
Make a Fringed Scarf
Anna Maria Horner
Using the inherent properties of yarn-dyed fabric, you can create a beautiful, all-seasons fringed scarf. Anna Maria Horner shows you how to identify the warp and weft threads in woven fabric. Then, you'll learn how to sew straight stitch lines along the edges and remove weft threads to create a pretty, delicate fringe.
Topstitching and Edge Stitching
Liesl Gibson
Edge stitching and topstitching can be functional or decorative, and they are closely related. In this quick class, Liesl demonstrates how to do both – along a seam and along a finished edge.
Inserting Sleeves
Liesl Gibson
Sleeves can be daunting the first few times you sew and insert them into a garment. Liesl shows you how to patiently and properly insert a sleeve so you can tackle shirts, tunics and dresses with confidence.
Sewing Leggings
Cal Patch
Stay cozy and chic this winter with your own leggings. Cal offers tips for sewing with stretch fabrics – including different options for seams, and two different kinds of waistbands. Leggings are a warm and versatile staple, and now you can whip up different pairs to match any mood or outfit.
Drafting Leggings Pattern
Cal Patch
Learn how to draft your very own pattern for a custom pair of leggings, using your measurements, taken from your body, as the foundation. You'll be the designer and decide on ankle, calf or knee length, high or low waist... whatever your heart desires. Cal will show you how to take your measurements and explain the concept of "negative ease." Then you will transfer those measurements to paper with a little patternmaking mojo. At the end of this workshop, you'll be ready for Cal's workshop on sewing leggings from your freshly-drafted, custom pattern. Download the Measurements Worksheet PDF before you begin – to assist in getting proper measurements.

Bust Adjustment
Liesl Gibson
When adjusting the fit of clothes you sew for yourself, the most important measurements are across your shoulders and bust. Most commercial patterns are made to B cup, leaving a lot of us with ill-fitting tops. In this workshop, Liesl will walk you through the steps of measuring and making adjustments to your pattern for a larger bust.
Embroidered Heirloom Napkins
Rebecca Ringquist
These embroidered napkins serve as a sentimental record of everyone who has gathered around your table for special meals and holidays. Rebecca shows you what kind of tools to use to gather signatures, and how to embroider those signatures or drawings onto napkins so they can be washed and used and cherished for years to come. 
Reverse Appliqué Runner
Natalie Chanin
Reverse appliqué is the signature look of Natalie’s designs at Alabama Chanin. Natalie demystifies the process in this workshop, showing you how to add depth and texture to a cotton table runner. The technique is worked on two layers of fabric, with the top layer stenciled and then stitched to the backing layer. Once stitched in place, parts of the top layer are cut away to expose the color below for a satisfying final reveal.
Log Cabin Quilting: Modern Cross Block and Table Runner Set
Susan Beal
In Part 3, let's mix things up with a minimal and stylish modern cross block. The striking cross motif is a fun way to play with scale and color, and in this class, Susan demonstrates how to use colorful jelly roll or roll up precuts to make a matching table runner and trivet.

How to Sew Napkins
Liana Allday
In this class, Liana Allday shares three different ways to make and finish cloth napkins. Learn how to make playful fringed-edge napkins, faux rolled-hem farmhouse napkins, and classic mitered corner napkins. Whether you’re throwing an extravagant dinner party or making a batch to give as a gift, Liana shares how easy it is to select fabrics that will cater to your occasion. These napkins require minimal sewing, making them the perfect skill-building project for beginners.
How to Sew Zippers
Liesl Gibson
Whether you are working with invisible zippers or regular zippers, Liesl will show you all of the basics, from shortening the length to pinning and sewing. You will learn lots of finishing techniques, too, like how to sew the remainder of a seam and finish a waist facing once the zipper is installed.
How to Sew a Bias Facing
Liesl Gibson
In this class, Liesl demonstrates how to finish garment edges with a bias-tape facing. Not only does Liesl show you how to cut fabric on the bias, but you’ll also learn how to create bias tape and attach it to a collar to make a smooth, perfectly finished edge. With careful pinning, ironing, and sewing, it's easy for anyone to create beautiful garments that look professional on the inside and out.
Simplicity Sewing: Make a Dog Coat
Michele of Simplicity
In this class, follow along with Simplicity Sewing expert Michele Muska, who will teach you how to read a pattern and make a dapper dog coat for your pooch. You will learn how to cut out your pattern pieces, add interfacing, sew the pieces together, and add a sweet, functional closure. This pattern is perfect for beginning sewers – and best of all, if your first try doesn’t turn out perfectly, your dog certainly won’t judge you.
Leather Brindle Clutch
Elke Bergeron
If you’ve never worked with leather before, this project is hand punched and stitched so you’ll learn the basics of leather working without needing a sewing machine. You can then apply what you learn to other leather accessories and bags. Elke also shows you how to modify and embellish this minimal clutch for many other styles.