Beginner | 32 min
Taught by Twinkie Chan
Crochet a scrumptiously cute donut complete with icing and rainbow sprinkles. An adorable - and surprising - gift for just about anyone, Twinkie demonstrates how to make it particularly irresistible to babies by adding a rattle, or fun for your favorite pet with a built-in squeaker. In this class, learn how to crochet in the round, work a slip stitch, single crochet stitch and half double crochet stitch, and how to embroider a fun bullion stitch. No glue or beads are necessary for this project - just yummy yarn!
Learn how to:
  • Crochet in the round to make a donut
  • Work single crochet
  • Work half double crochet
  • Make an invisible decrease
  • Embroider a bullion stitch
  • Assemble a project using whip stitch 

What you'll get:
  • Step-by-step instructions from Twinkie Chan showing you how to crochet her donut pattern
  • 5 HD video lessons you can access online anytime, anywhere
  • Detailed supplies list and downloadable PDF Sloth pattern ($8 value)
  • The ability to leave comments, ask questions, and interact with other students

Crochet a Donut Rattle
Here’s what you’ll need:
  • Approx. 30 yards of worsted weight yarn in Tan - Twinkie uses Paintbox Cotton Aran in Light Caramel
  • Approx. 20 yards worsted weight yarn in Pink - Twinkie uses Paintbox Cotton Aran in Bubblegum Pink
  • Approx. 20 yards of various worsted weight yarn colors - Twinkie uses Paintbox Cotton Aran in Paper White, Pillar Red, Mustard Yellow, Spearmint Green, Kingfisher Blue 
  • G6/4.00mm hook
  • Tapestry needle
  • Scissors
  • Stitch marker or a piece of yarn in a contrasting color
  • A few straight pins
  • Polyester stuffing
  • PDF pattern
  • Optional: a small plastic rattle insert, small jingle bell, or small squeaker (disc-shaped insert is 22mm in diameter and 12mm thick, ball-shaped insert is 24mm in diameter)
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Sew a Christmas Stocking Using EZ Quilting Templates
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Thread Painting: Embroider Evergreen Trees
Anna Hultin of OlanderCO Embroidery
With its layered leaves and dimensional colors, the forest has always sparked the imagination of Colorado artist Anna Hultin of OlanderCO Embroidery. In this class, Anna will teach you how to embroider a trio of iconic North American evergreen trees: the Douglas Fir, the Rocky Mountain Juniper, and the California Redwood.  After explaining traditional embroidery stitches, Anna then demonstrates an innovative way to use them in a style called thread painting, where stitches are approached like paint strokes on a canvas. From transferring the pattern to fabric to stitching identifying labels on your finished trees, you’ll learn everything necessary to complete a stitched sampler of beautiful evergreens.
Coming December 23
STEAM: Make Balloon Propelled Vehicles
Jamie Hudson
Jamie Hudson, a PhD scientist and longtime crafter, teaches you how to use wood and straws to make a toy car, a spinning UFO, and a tiny shuttle, all powered by a balloon. These projects are a great blank canvas for decorating and getting creative. Learn about potential energy, kinetic energy, mass and mass displacement, reaction force, and even a little bit of rocket science while you use a Cricut machine and some simple materials to assemble three diferent balloon-powered vehicles to race with friends.
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STEAM: Make a Sea Monkey Habitat
Jamie Hudson
If you've never heard of "sea monkeys" get ready to learn all about this famous retro pet while making an out-of-this-world aquarium for them to live and grow. Jamie Hudson is a PhD scientist who started a craft company and loves combining art with science. Follow the instructions on your sea monkey kit to bring them to life, then craft them a new home with the Cricut that will send them to outer space. Fun fact: sea monkeys have been to space several times. And if sea monkeys aren't your thing, you can still use the techniques and materials from this class to decorate a small fish tank or terrarium.
Coming December 30
Sew the Adelina Dress
Tabitha Sewer
Learn a multitude of techniques for sewing garments while making the gorgeous Adelina Dress with fashion and sewing influencer Tabitha Sewer. The Adelina is named after Tabitha's grandmother and features a high waistline, flowing skirt, button placket, and pockets. You can make the sleeves long or short to suit the season or your mood, plus you have the option of adding a stylish ruffle to the elasticated cuff. Find out Tabitha’s secret trick for gathering a skirt in a snap and how she quickly sews on buttons with a sewing machine. This class is a can’t-miss for creating your dream DIY wardrobe.
Sew an Advent Calendar using EZ Quilting Templates
Leslie Schucker
What builds holiday excitement more than a fun advent calendar? Expert sewist Leslie Schucker shows you how easy it is to sew a calendar completely by hand with felt. EZ Quilting templates help you cut out the pocket shapes quickly, and Leslie shares her favorite trick for transferring an embroidery design. Grab your favorite felt colors and get ready to hand-make some holiday magic.
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Crochet a Donut Rattle
Twinkie Chan
Crochet a scrumptiously cute donut complete with icing and rainbow sprinkles. An adorable - and surprising - gift for just about anyone, Twinkie demonstrates how to make it particularly irresistible to babies by adding a rattle, or fun for your favorite pet with a built-in squeaker. In this class, learn how to crochet in the round, work a slip stitch, single crochet stitch and half double crochet stitch, and how to embroider a fun bullion stitch. No glue or beads are necessary for this project - just yummy yarn!
Sew the Billie Dress
Tabitha Sewer
Fashion and sewing influencer, Tabitha Sewer, shows you how to sew her favorite dress inspired by iconic jazz singer Billie Holiday. The Billie Dress is sleeveless with darts at the bust, a gathered skirt tier, and pockets. There is no closure except for two stylish ties at the back of the neck, so you can sew it up, throw it on, and go. Choose any of your favorite fabrics and keep it casual for day or more elegant for night. No matter how you style it, The Billie is comfortable and flattering on all body shapes. Tabitha takes you step by step through the sewing process, so you'll be twirling away in no time at all.
Wardrobe Basics: Sew Shirt No. 2
Sonya Philip
Explore the ins and outs of sewing with jersey fabric while making your own super-comfortable scoop neck shirt. Artist and sewing designer Sonya Philip teaches you how to sew Shirt No. 2 from her “100 Acts of Sewing" pattern series. From selecting the right knits to assembling the shirt, Sonya expertly guides you through every step of the process. You’ll also learn how easy it is to adjust this pattern for shorter sleeves and a wider neckline and how to add a professional-looking hem with a twin needle. One class, one pattern - so many amazing shirt possibilities.
Colored Pencil Workshop: A Daily Practice
Sasha Prood
Most of us have dabbled with colored pencils as youngsters, but they are far more versatile and sophisticated than you might think. Join Brooklyn-based illustrator and graphic designer Sasha Prood as she teaches the extensive range of one of her favorite mediums. Using colored pencil, you’ll explore the range between bright, bold designs, to soft, transparent imagery. Layer colors like you would with watercolor and define edges like you would with a marker. Sasha walks you through the ins and outs of graphite, colored pencils, and watercolor pencils. Day by day, you'll alternate between learning a new pencil technique in a practice swatch and then drawing a small composition using that technique, steadily building your skills from making marks like hatching and stippling to layering colors and creating gradients. This is your chance to play, experiment, and push pencils to the next level.
STEAM: Make a Parachuting Ostrich
Jamie Hudson
Give a flightless bird the chance to fly with crafting and science. Jamie Hudson, a PhD scientist and maker, will show you how to construct an adorable paper ostrich and its trusty plastic parachute using a Cricut, a pipe cleaner, and household supplies. While you watch your ostrich friend float down to the ground more gracefully than nature intended, you can also learn about the physics of drag and mass. Try attaching other small objects to your parachute and keep on experimenting.
Painting Textiles in Acrylic Ink
Missy Dunaway
Artist, instructor, and textile enthusiast Missy Dunaway explores why we collect textiles, where they come from, and what can they teach us as artists, all through the medium of acrylic ink. In this class you’ll follow along in order to capture and recreate heirloom textiles of your own, using the examples of a quilt, a carpet, and a scarf. Missy's strategies of looking closely through painting can be applied to any textile with personal significance that you want to preserve and honor.
STEAM: Make a Crystal Yeti
Jamie Hudson
Science meets papercraft with this dazzling crystal yeti project. PhD chemist and maker Jamie Hudson teaches you how to use a paper abominable snowman - easily cut on the Cricut - as a surface for growing “fur” crystals. While learning about crystallization, nucleation, and super saturation, you'll enjoy crafting a sparkly new friend.
Advanced Ruler Work for Quilting
Sue Nickels
The beauty of a meticulously-crafted wholecloth quilt is impossible to understate and can seem intimidating to the uninitiated. Quilter and author Sue Nickels demystifies the process by breaking it down into manageable steps.  First plan out your design by dividing your quilt into segments, and carefully mark from the center out. Then, trace ruler shapes for precisely rendered designs. Finally, explore feathers and fillers as a finishing touch, resulting in a miniature heirloom piece.