Total Time: 12 hours 5 mins
Feel the love this Valentine's Day with these super sweet projects.
Intermediate Watercolor
Yao Cheng
Once you’ve taken Yao’s Beginning Watercolor workshop, you’re ready to learn more complex techniques. Yao begins this 2-part course by sharing her unique style of painting roses, tulips, peonies and more. In the second class, she focuses on layering techniques, showing how to use watercolor’s transparent qualities to create stunning abstract paintings and gestural landscapes. By the end of this skill-building course, you will have learned how to create finished paintings that are complex looking, but simple to make.
Make Valentine's Day Painted Chocolates
Courtney Cerruti
Painting chocolate with kids is a fun way to get creative when making gifts for classmates and friends. Courtney Cerruti shows her friend, Ava, how to create pretty painted Valentine’s Day candies in this quick class. These candies are a guaranteed crowd pleaser—not only will you experiment with mixing color, but you also get to play with food.
DIY Valentine's Day Love Bugs
Courtney Cerruti
Get crafty with the little ones this Valentine’s Day with this fun and simple project. Courtney Cerruti shows you how to make love bugs using pipe cleaners, pompoms and googly eyes. These bugs take no time to make, and are great to hand out as little gifts or to stick onto Valentine cards.   
The Wilton Method®: Sugar Cookies
Wilton Instructors
Make classic sugar cookies from scratch with the Wilton method. Not only will Emily show you how to make the dough and cut out shapes, but she also shares expert tips for decorating the cookies with royal icing. This class is perfect for anyone who wants to make professional looking cookies for holidays, Halloween, parties and special events year round.
Make Valentine's Day Yarn-Wrapped Wire Words
Courtney Cerruti
This Valentine’s Day, spell out any message you like with customized yarn-wrapped wire words. Courtney teaches a fun technique for wrapping pipe cleaners with chunky yarn, and then uses a template to shape them into connected cursive words. After all, nothing says I love you (literally) like these yarn-wrapped messages.
Valentine's Day Crafts: Gem Paperweights
Courtney Cerruti
Courtney shows you how to make a personalized gemstone paperweight - which is the perfect desktop accessory and an adorable public display of affection. These cute little trinkets are made from a kids polymer clay, which is easy to roll, sculpt, and then stamp with a sweet message. After being baked in the oven, they become hard as rocks (or, rather, gemstones). Courtney then shows you how to finish them off with a coat of gold spray paint for a sophisticated look.
Valentine's Day Crafts: Wooden Arrow
Courtney Cerruti
In this class, Courtney focuses on one of her favorite motifs—the wooden arrow—and shows you how to make a hand-crafted version for your Valentine. This rustic arrow is made using basic materials from a hardware store and around the house, like a dowel, bits of leather and string, spray paint, paper, and glue, and can be personalized as much or as little as you like. While the arrow is a perfect gift for Valentine’s Day, its sophisticated style will look great hanging on your wall year-round.
Valentine's Day Kids Crafts
This special Valentine-themed class is taught by Creativebug founder, Jeanne, and her two children, Parker and Margot. In it, they present three ideas for gifts to make with kids that are sure to please all of their classmates at school, including a Cupid’s arrow pencil holder, a bracelet made with a button and embroidery floss, and a personalized keychain using letter-block beads. Best of all, each of the projects are low-cost and easy to make, so it’s fun and fast to whip up a batch for the whole classroom.
Spray-Painted Votives
Courtney Cerruti
Whether you're hosting a dinner party or a special holiday gathering, we all know that lighting is key. Learn an easy way to transform plain glass votives using paper doilies and spray paint – perfect for adding sparkle to a dinner table or cozy nook.
Create Personalized Dishes
Courtney Cerruti
In this short and sweet Valentine’s class, Courtney teaches you how to make personalized dishware using plain ceramic pieces and porcelain pens. Courtney demonstrates how to adorn mugs and plates with Valentine’s motifs—hearts, arrows, X’s and O’s—in a way that’s sweet (but not too sweet). In fact, these lovely personalized dishes are sure to become year-round favorites for your loved ones. Once you have adorned your ceramics, you’ll simply bake them in the oven to set the ink and then they’re ready to wrap up and give to your sweetheart.
The Wilton Method®: Spritz Cookies
Wilton Instructors
Emily from Wilton shows you how to make buttery, bite-size spritz cookies from scratch—perfect for parties, holidays and special events all year round. You will learn how to make spritz dough in custom colors, and use the cookie press to create cookies in a variety of pretty shapes. Once the cookies are baked, Emily will share several creative ways to decorate them using sprinkles, sugar pearls and Candy Melts® Candy.
How to Fold a Paper Box
Liana Allday
Create custom-sized boxes using decorative paper with Liana from Creativebug. These pretty paper boxes have their roots in origami, coming together with a series of simple folds. You'll learn how to make box tops with matching bottoms, which make cute gift containers for any occasion.
DIY Flower Bouquets
In this colorful class, the wedding experts at 100 Layer Cake demonstrate how to make perfect bouquets with help from Emily of Shotgun Floral. Learn how to make a gorgeous composition using lots of different varietals, and the best strategy for working with color. Once you’ve combined your favorite flowers into a stunning bouquet, you’ll learn how to secure the arrangement with tape, ribbon and pins.
The Wilton Method: Three Ways to Ice a Cake
Wilton Instructors
In this quick class, Emily teaches three easy ways to ice a cake with buttercream: using an icing comb, a fork, and a spoon. Each of these techniques creates gorgeous, textured effects. Use them to decorate any cake, creating a unique, stunning presentation.
The Wilton Method®: Slice and Bake Cookies
Wilton Instructors
Learn how to transform classic sugar cookie dough into festive cookies for any occasion. Emily Tatak from Wilton begins by showing you how to make cookie dough in a variety of colors and flavors. After assembling the colored dough into layers, you'll roll up the dough, slice it into colorful pinwheels, and bake in the oven to create playful, vibrant multi-layered cookies. You will also learn how to decorate your baked goods using candy melts, sprinkles, candy, or any other edible decorations, for cookies you'll love to make in any season.
Make Tassel Party Decorations
Learn how to make an assortment of tassels, big and small, with Jillian and Kristina – the creative masterminds behind 100 Layer Cake. Using a variety of materials, learn how to make festive cake toppers, napkins, wall hangings, and boutonnieres -- all featuring your pretty handmade tassels. This class provides endless inspiration to help you custom-create DIY wedding and party décor essentials.
How to Make Pie Crust
Devlin Mannle
Homemade pies are beloved by all, but they can be particularly challenging to do well. Whether you're baking for a holiday, a barbecue, or just because, Devlin Mannle will show you how to make a killer pie you'll be proud to share on Instagram. Devlin shares his mother’s recipe for perfectly flaky pie crust, walking you through every step just like he’s in the kitchen beside you. You’ll learn tips and tricks for handling and rolling out the dough, as well as several traditional and decorative pie crust designs that will impress your guests, like lattice crust, cut outs and pretty crimped edges. 
Stamped and Sewn Valentine's Pouches
Courtney Cerruti
Make Valentine’s Day extra special with this sweet and simple felt pouch. Courtney Cerruti shows you how to create hand-sewn felt envelopes for stashing treats and love notes, complete with stamped motifs and contrasting yarn embellishments for extra cuteness. Best of all, included with this class are printable Valentine’s—the perfect size to slip into your finished felt pouch.
Sewing for Little Ones
Rae Hoekstra
Blogger and sewist Rae Hoekstra (a.k.a. Made By Rae) introduces you to sewing for babies and toddlers in this three-part foundation course. Rae will teach you how to set up your sewing space, read and work with patterns, and sew a pair of little pants and a sweet little dress (patterns for sizes 0 and 3 are included with the class). You will also learn how to trace favorite t-shirts and leggings, creating brand new garments based on your old ones. Creating children’s clothing is a great way to learn the basics of garment construction, and this primer is the perfect place to start.
DIY Boutonnieres
Learn how to make fresh flower boutonnieres from the wedding experts at 100 Layer Cake and Emily of Shotgun Floral. Emily gives tips for choosing focal flowers and greenery, and then demonstrates how to assemble and secure these tiny arrangements. In no time, you’ll have a full set of boutonnieres ready for all of the groomsmen in your party.
The Wilton Method of Cake Decorating: Bake a Naked, Layered Chocolate Cake
Wilton Instructors
In Part 1 of our multi-part course, learn how to bake the perfect chocolate cake and ice it with velvety buttercream icing. Emily will teach you how to prep your ingredients, mix them and bake the cakes, all while avoiding the three C’s (crowning, cracking, and crumbing). Once the cakes have cooled, you’ll be ready to level and torte the cakes plus assemble them in a multi-layer stack. Emily will also show you how to whip up a batch of buttercream and ice the cake like a pro.
The Wilton Method: Mastering Buttercream - Decorating Cupcakes
Wilton Instructors
In Part 2, Stephanie introduces you to the world of decorating tips and bags. Using cupcakes as your canvas, you will learn how to bake, core and fill cupcakes, then top them off with buttercream swirls, rosettes, dots, loops, lines and more. It’s easy to take these techniques beyond the cupcake and add borders, patterns and texture to cakes as well.
How to Make an Envelope
Courtney Cerruti
Learn how to make customized paper envelopes with Courtney. You'll begin by making a cardstock template so you can create multiple envelopes in various sizes. Courtney explains which types of papers work best for envelopes and shares how to make a decorative liner. With a few folds and a couple swipes of glue stick, you'll have a perfect envelope for birthdays, thank you cards, and holidays.