Total Time: 5 hours 36 mins 43 secs
Looking for projects to make for your pup? From jackets and sweaters to bow ties and super snuggly blankets, we have some inspired suggestions.
Simplicity Sewing: Make a Dog Coat
Michele of Simplicity
In this class, follow along with Simplicity Sewing expert Michele Muska, who will teach you how to read a pattern and make a dapper dog coat for your pooch. You will learn how to cut out your pattern pieces, add interfacing, sew the pieces together, and add a sweet, functional closure. This pattern is perfect for beginning sewers – and best of all, if your first try doesn’t turn out perfectly, your dog certainly won’t judge you.
Knit a Custom-Fit Dog Sweater
Wendy Bernard
Wendy shows knitters a quick and easy way to whip up a personalized sweater for your dog using two knitted rectangles. Using nothing more than your dog’s measurements and a gauge swatch, you’ll do a little math and then start casting on. This class is a perfect stash-buster — simply use yarns in a similar gauge to make a fun, striped motif. The sweater can be customized for any size dog by adjusting the number of cast on stitches and the quantity of yarn.
Beginner Knits: How to Knit a Baby Blanket
Maggie Pace
If you’re new to knitting, baby projects are a great place to start. Not only are they small and quick to knit, but with just a few techniques, you can create a beautiful, cuddly heirloom. In this class, Maggie shows knitters how to make a simple striped baby blanket. She walks new knitters through all of the basics, including casting on, knitting and purling, and binding off. Once you weave in the tails at the very end, your baby blanket is ready for snuggles!
Granny Squares Baby Blanket
Edie Eckman
Learn how to make this cheerful baby blanket alongside crochet expert Edie Eckman. Two easy crochet squares are repeated over and over to create the design, and the entire blanket can be made with just three skeins of yarn. This four-part course is perfect for beginners who are eager to expand their knowledge as well as more experienced crocheters who want to brush up on their pattern-reading skills.
Flying Gosling Baby Quilt
Anna Maria Horner
Anna Maria Horner puts a fresh spin on the traditional Flying Geese design with this baby quilt. Anna Maria uses the no-waste method to create her Flying Gosling blocks, explaining how to choose light and dark fabrics to add depth to each block. She also shows you how to improvise your layout on a design wall, add bright wool tassels around the edges, and hand-tie the quilt to finish. 
Arm Knitting: Make a Throw Blanket
Anne Weil
Who doesn’t love cuddling under a big squishy throw blanket on a cold winter night? Learn how to make your very own oversized garter stitch throw – no knitting experience required. In this beginner friendly class, arm-knitting expert Anne Weil shows you every step of construction, from cast on to bind off. Since you’ll be using your arms instead of knitting needles, all you need is yarn to get started.
Perfectly Pixelated Jelly Roll Quilt
Ashley Nickels
Ashley Nickels shares a simple, modern approach to designing your own pixelated jelly roll quilt top, with lots of time-saving tricks built into the process. You will learn how to lay out your quilt on a design wall, and then chain-piece the squares without having to pin or clip. Best of all, there’s no ironing until the very end, so you can speed through the piecing process in a flash. Ashley demonstrates this process on a crib-sized quilt top, but it’s easy to make this quilt smaller or larger—after all, you’re the designer.
Sew a Bow Tie
Annabel Wrigley
Finding the perfect gift for guys can be tricky. Annabel Wrigley makes it simple with this easy-to-sew, customizable bow tie. Whip up a batch in fun prints for the special men in your life (whether they be grown men, little boys or even pets).