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Studio Choo

Studio Choo is a boutique floral design studio servicing the San Francisco Bay Area. Started by best friends Alethea Harampolis and Jill Rizzo, Studio Choo focuses on locally sourced plants and flowers, styled with a nod to the wild and untamed.

Each woman's love of the natural world began when they were small. Alethea's childhood was spent in her mother's garden in Marin; committing each flower, tree and plants name to memory. She later became an estate gardener in Seattle, where she managed the pastoral rolling hills of the city's rich and famous. Jill grew up in the flower shops run by her mother, aunt, and uncle in Rhode Island - devoting her time after school to making posies out of the day's cast-offs. She struck out on her own to become an artist, graduating with a degree in illustration from Parsons School of Design, before moving to California to try life out west.

Alethea and Jill met and worked together at an esteemed flower shop in San Francisco. Their shared passion and dedication to local, sustainable and wild where possible led them to found Studio Choo in 2009. For the first year, the business ran out of Jill's kitchen, Alethea's Honda Element, and a family-member's garage.

In January 2010, Studio Choo joined forces with Magpie & Rye to form Prairie Collective. They opened a small shop off Divisadero featuring fresh flowers, jewelry, home accessories and souvenirs of the past. After many weddings, deliveries and penning their first book, "The Flower Recipe Book," Studio Choo was ready to expand into a new studio space in South San Francisco in March 2013.

"The Flower Recipe Book" took them across the nation, teaching design classes in massive markets, quaint shops and beautiful farms. When they returned home, they worked tirelessly to turn their studio into a unique expanse devoted to workshops, an apothecary, a workspace for weddings and events, a well-curated shop and a place to honor the love of flowers that started it all.  

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