Mixtape: 7 Ways to Draw or Paint a Rose
All levels | 18 min 14 sec
Mixtape: 7 Ways to Paint a Rose
Introducing CbMixtape! Mixtapes are playlists of specific bits from different classes, grouped together by a common theme. It's a fun way to learn how one topic is approached by a variety of artists with different techniques, all rounded up in one curated mixtape.

A rose is a rose is a rose is a rose... OR not! Here are seven ways to draw or paint a rose taught by three Creativebug instructors. 

Learn how Lisa Congdon draws a stylized rose in five views using just a micron pen. 
Watch Yao Cheng paint roses in San Francisco's Golden Gate Park. 
Play with paint and black line to create a vintage-inspired rose with Pam Garrison. 

Want to see more painting tips and tricks from these instructors? Check out their full classes here:

Lisa Congdon Daily Drawing Challenge
Yao Cheng Watercolor Painting in the Garden
Pam Garrison Daily Art Challenge: 30 Flowers in 30 days
Learn how to:
  • Draw a rose in pen
  • Paint a rose with watercolor
  • Draw a stylized rose in marker
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Class Reviews
22 users recommended this class to a friend
Barbara Baumgartner
Really makes me want to try these techniques and makes me confident that all are doable!
3 days ago
What a fun class!
March 8, 2023
Michele Petit
fun and easy thanks :)
March 5, 2023