Total Time: 14 hours 2 mins 2 secs
This year, forget the diet - get your creativity into shape! These classes are the perfect starting point for learning a new skill, starting a new practice, and flexing your artistic muscles.
Improvisational Patchwork for Beginners
Heather Jones
Learning how to improvise block construction is a cornerstone of modern quilting. Heather Jones teaches three ways to experiment with improvisational piecing: with a log-cabin block, a stacked-coin block, and with a wonky cross block. This method of creating patchwork is perfect for mixing colorful fabric scraps, allowing you to forget about perfect measurements and straight lines, and learn to play with your creative intuition. At the end, you’ll understand how to combine blocks to produce one-of-a-kind, organic quilts – no “pattern” required.
Intuitive Painting
Flora Bowley
Immerse yourself in the world of abstract artist and intuitive painter Flora Bowley.  In this epic three-part course, you'll not only learn how to observe the world around you and tap into your creative intuition, but also how to take a brave, curious and open-minded approach to painting with acrylics.
How to Crochet
Carla Scott
Learn the basics of crochet with hook-and-needle expert, Carla Scott. In Part 1, Carla will teach you everything you need to know to get started, from fundamental stitches to the importance of understanding gauge. Then, in Part 2, Carla will walk you through more advanced techniques, like changing colors and decreasing and increasing. You’ll even learn how to read basic crochet patterns, so you can take these skills and follow any beginner pattern you like. These techniques are all endorsed and used by the Craft Yarn Council to educate new crocheters, making it a great course for newbies or anyone who needs a refresher.
Creative Boot Camp - Six Exercises to Spark Artistic Discovery
Lisa Congdon
Jumpstart your artistic practice with six weeks of creativity exercises taught by Lisa Congdon. Using a variety of Lisa's favorite art supplies and tried-and-true processes, learn how to use Microns, oil sticks, paints and collage to take a fresh look at shape, line and color. These exercises allow you to "get loose" and enjoy the process without overthinking the outcome. You’ll also learn how to work with color, use collage to respond to your in-progress artwork, and go outside to gather inspiration from your surroundings. Unlike Lisa's other classes, this series focuses less on specific projects and dives deeply into the artistic process to help you develop your own creative voice.

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Learn to Sew Clothes
Deborah Kreiling
If you have ever dreamed of sewing a wardrobe for yourself but don’t feel confident reading sewing patterns, this class is just for you. Deborah Kreiling has been creating sewing patterns with the Simplicity Pattern Company for 35 years, and in this four-part course, she will teach you all of the basic skills you need to know to follow a pattern and make gorgeous clothing. Focusing on two patterns – a classic gathered skirt, and a sleek Cynthia Rowley top and dress – Deborah will be with you every step of the way, from deciphering the pattern envelope and picking your size and fabric, to cutting and piecing basics, plus special techniques like inserting pockets, adding gathers, inserting invisible zippers, and adding facings. These patterns are classic – yet with different fabric choices, you can bring your own sense of style, from traditional to edgy. At the end of this class, you will not only have made three perfectly finished garments, but you will also have learned skills that will empower you to sew any garment with confidence.
The Wilton Method of Cake Decorating
Wilton Instructors
Want to learn how to bake and decorate cakes but not sure where to start? In this 4-week foundation course, you'll learn a little bit of everything--baking tips, buttercream basics, and an introduction to fondant and royal icing--straight from the pros at the Wilton Test Kitchen. The course begins with a lesson on baking the perfect chocolate cake as well as proper techniques for torting and icing layer cakes. After that, we move on to easy cake decorating techniques, such as applying buttercream with a decorating bag, creating a beautiful two-tiered fondant cake, and making gorgeous drop flowers from royal icing. This information-rich course is perfect for beginner bakers, giving you the core techniques that will get you started on your cake decorating journey.
Log Cabin Quilting
Susan Beal
Susan Beal puts a fresh spin on the very traditional craft of log cabin quilting. Each week, you’ll explore a different block style, from easy, graphic square-within-a-square blocks to minimalist, modern crosses and even improvised quartered wonky blocks. The course is perfectly suited to both seasoned quilters and newbies, with ample hand-holding on core techniques, expert tips on block settings, and lessons on how to play with color and print to make your designs pop. At the end of each class, Susan shares a fabulous project to make with what you learned, including baby quilts, bags, pillows and table runners.
How to Knit
Carla Scott
Learn the basics of knitting with Carla Scott, the editor of Knit Simple and Vogue Knitting magazines. Carla will teach all of the essential skills a beginner needs to know, from casting on to binding off and troubleshooting mistakes. Best of all, you’ll learn how to read knitting patterns, so you can take the information you’ve learned here and try it out on any beginner’s project you please. Everything included in this information-packed class is used by the Craft Yarn Council to educate new knitters, providing a perfect foundation for anyone who wants to learn how to knit, or simply needs a refresher.
Beginning Watercolor
Yao Cheng
This two-part foundation course is a perfect entry point for beginners, providing a basic understanding of how to paint successfully with watercolors. Yao begins the course by introducing artists to the array of colors everyone should have in their palette, and shows how to mix and apply pigment to paper. From there, she goes on to explain the uses of specific paintbrushes and demonstrates how to make beautiful expressive marks to create leaves, trees, and simple geometric shapes.
Screen Printing for Beginners
Hilary Williams
If you’re brand new to screen printing, this three-part course is the perfect place to start. Screen-printing pro Hilary Williams shows you how to create stencils using tracing paper and use them to make simple prints on paper. Once you’ve gotten the feel for pulling consistent prints, she shows you the ins and outs of printing on fabric. At the end of this course, you’ll know how to set up a screen printing studio, clean and care for your tools, and create successful prints on paper and fabric using any artwork you please.
Sewing for Little Ones
Rae Hoekstra
Blogger and sewist Rae Hoekstra (a.k.a. Made By Rae) introduces you to sewing for babies and toddlers in this three-part foundation course. Rae will teach you how to set up your sewing space, read and work with patterns, and sew a pair of little pants and a sweet little dress (patterns for sizes 0 and 3 are included with the class). You will also learn how to trace favorite t-shirts and leggings, creating brand new garments based on your old ones. Creating children’s clothing is a great way to learn the basics of garment construction, and this primer is the perfect place to start.
Hand-Built Ceramics
Linda Fahey
Learn how to create beautiful ceramic vessels at home without a potter's wheel. California ceramicist and designer Linda Fahey shows you every step of setting up a studio at home, and then demonstrates three methods for hand-building pottery. Along the way, she covers creating and attaching handles and even provides an introduction to glazing and firing. This three-part course covers all of the essential information you need to know to play with clay in your home studio.

Drawing and Illustration Basics
Heather Ross
Heather Ross’s philosophy is that everything begins with a simple idea and a sketch – and with enough practice, anyone can draw. In this three-part course, you will begin by learning how to draw everyday objects with pencil and paper, and then throughout the course you’ll learn how to render and add color to more complex shapes. By the end of the course, you’ll be drawing multi-faceted illustrations and learning how to think (and create) like an illustrator.
How to Design Fabric
Denyse, Heather & Lizzy
If you’ve ever wanted to learn how to design fabric, this series will walk you through the creative process step by step. Learn from fabric design experts Denyse Schmidt, Heather Ross and Lizzy House as they share their process from inspiration to finished collection. The series covers designing repeats by hand as well as in Photoshop and Illustrator. We'll also bring you inside Spoonflower’s headquarters and provide candid advice from industry experts on breaking into retail fabric design. Whether you aspire to see your name printed on bolts of fabric, or you simply want to soak up design tips that apply to other fields, this series will inform and inspire.
Bag Design Workshop
Nicole Mallalieu
In this three-part master course, professional bag designer Nicole Mallalieu expertly guides you through the bag design process from concept to construction. Learn how to break three-dimensional bag shapes down into two-dimensional shapes, play with construction lines and seam allowances, and then figure out how your bag design will fit together. Sound hard? It’s not as scary as you might think! And since we’re mocking everything up in muslin, the pressure is off until you get your bag design just right.
Crochet Shawl Workshop
Marly Bird
Marly Bird is passionate about crocheted shawls. In this three-part series, she offers up big-time knowledge with healthy doses of enthusiasm and sass. Using three classic shawl shapes—side-to-side, crescent, and top-down triangle—she shows you how to make three distinctly different designs. These patterns are perfect for customizing and ideal for building skills. Once you understand these classic templates, it’s easy to create your own unique designs using any yarn and hook size you please. 
Easy Home Décor Sewing
Annabel Wrigley
Create a complete bedroom, bathroom and living room set with this easy-to-follow sewing class from Annabel Wrigley. Learn how to make everything from pillows to curtains and duvets, plus a gathered apron to boot. This class will show you how easy it is to create custom pieces for your home using your favorite decorator-weight fabrics, and it’s a great way for beginners to learn their way around a sewing machine. 
Natural Dyeing
A Verb for Keeping Warm
Learn the basics of natural dyeing in this two-part course, enabling you to create fabrics and garments in your very own original hues. Kristine uses all natural dyes in her process, and she discusses how to create a variety of shades by using different dyes, fabrics and dye bath times. In the first part of this class, you will learn how to work with silk, a protein fiber, dyeing it a lovely purple shade with Logwood.  In the second part, you will learn how to work with cellulose fibers, dyeing a pair of cotton socks red using Madder extract.
Basic Line Drawing
Lisa Congdon
Learn basic stylized line drawing from one of today’s most sought-after artists. In this four-part course, Lisa covers the basics of line drawing, showing you how to build beautiful patterned drawings and integrate line drawing into your repertoire. Lisa shows you where to begin and the principles of composition before moving onto basic geometrics and patterns. Then she shows you how to use line work to decorate vintage photos, and finally, how to create a block-lettered alphabet. Whether you are just learning how to draw, or you want to deepen a regular creative practice, this class will fuel your imagination and show you how to create infinite designs from simple shapes. 
Pattern Drafting
Cal Patch
Design your own wardrobe as you learn the basics of pattern drafting from clothing designer Cal Patch. In this four-part course, Cal covers the basics of drafting a versatile pattern for dresses, tunics, shirts and skirts using nothing but your own measurements, a measuring tape, pencil and paper. Cal will also demystify how to make a muslin, adjust fit, and customize details. At the end of the course, you’ll have a master pattern tailored just for you, as well as the inspiration and know-how to whip up a brand new wardrobe from scratch.
Beginning Calligraphy
Maybelle Imasa-Stukuls
Learn the art of calligraphy from a modern master–Maybelle Imasa-Stukuls. This four-week course is perfect for beginners, including ample warm up exercises that will help you understand how to hold the pen and control the flow of ink onto the page. From there, you’ll learn how to form upper and lowercase letters in a modern style, and how to join them to create beautiful words and phrases. By the end of this course, you will be ready to apply calligraphy to anything imaginable, from a simple address on an envelope to stunning wedding invitations. Learn and be inspired by Maybelle's distinctly modern approach to an ancient art form.
Furniture Refinishing
Barb Blair
Learn how to give old flea market finds new life in this information-packed four-part series. Furniture makeover expert Barb Blair has more than a few refurbishing ideas up her sleeve, from selecting and preparing furniture to choosing and applying paint, and adding fun accents like wallpaper or color-blocked designs. In no time, you’ll be ready to head to the garage, grab your power sander, and fill your house with gorgeous, customized pieces of your very own design.
Sewing with Simplicity: Garment Sewing for Beginners
Joy Macdonell
Learning to sew clothes can be intimidating, especially if you’re working with a multi-size pattern. Joy Macdonell of Simplicity Patterns breaks it down for you in this comprehensive course. Learn everything from how to set up your sewing machine and read a pattern to how to create darts, facings and hems—basically, all of the must-know sewing techniques that you'll use over and over again to create your own clothing. This class is the perfect introduction to garment sewing for newbies, and a great way to brush up on your skills if it’s been awhile since you last sewed.