Improv Sewing: 9/27/18
CBTV | 46 min 14 sec
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Sheri Lynne Wood stops by the studio to show us how she works spontaneously with scraps in quilting. This video originally appeared live September 27, 2018.
Here’s what you’ll need:
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L. Gwen Jackson
Inspirational and compelling.
November 3, 2022
Beverly Rambo
It's motivating and makes me want to get started on a project soon. I know (or at least in my mind) the idea of improv is to be free of the "rules" of traditional quilting (precise angles and perfectly straight lines aren't necessary), however, I found the pressing methods in this lesson to be a little haphazard. I've done a little improv/wonky piecing previously and found it extremely relaxing and fun, but good pressing practices were important for the final outcome. This is definitely a carryover from when I learned to sew many, many years ago!
October 22, 2022
bette saltzman
A bit too much chatter from the moderator....and felt there could have been more substance...taken the ideas further vs just cutting and sewing....
October 3, 2022