Total Time: 14 hours 36 mins 17 secs
Check out what our resident artist, Courtney Cerruti, is making and watching these days!
Daily Painting Challenge: 28 Acrylic Studies
Courtney Cerruti
Whether you’re a casual artist or a seasoned painter, everyone can benefit from a daily painting practice. Artist extraordinaire Courtney Cerruti takes you on a 28-day journey of painting the world around you – from fruits, vegetables, and objects, to complex portraits – all using acrylic craft paints and basic brushes. Learn fundamental skills for working with this versatile medium, including how to add shadows, depth and dimension. No matter your skill level, Courtney’s gentle instruction and daily guidance will invigorate your practice.
Andy Warhol Inspired Monoprints: 7/28/16
Courtney shows you how to make cool Andy Warhol inspired monoprints in minutes. This video originally appeared on Facebook Live on July 28, 2016.
Playing with Surface Design
Courtney Cerruti
You don’t need a background in art to create beautiful surface designs on paper and fabric. Join Courtney Cerruti as she leads you through a series of exercises from her book Playing with Surface Design: Modern Techniques for Painting, Stamping, Printing and More. In this three-part series, you will learn creative ways to play with paint, markers, and stamps, plus a simple form of printmaking called monoprinting. Combine all of these lessons to create layered, textural surfaces that can be used as cards, wrapping paper, fabric yardage and more.
Living a More Creative Life: 30 Ways in 30 Days
Courtney Cerruti
So many of us are on a quest to incorporate creativity into our lives, but short on time and resources, we’re not sure how to begin. For inspiration and sage advice, we turn to artist and explorer, Courtney Cerruti, who incorporates art into everything she does and finds beauty in even the most mundane moments. This series is perfect for aspiring artists, crafters who are in a rut, and anyone who suspects that a creative habit would be good for their soul - your eyes will be opened to new creative possibilities that are easy to practice every day. No matter your skill level, we hope you’ll show up, bring a playful attitude and a willingness to try new things.
Image Transfers
Courtney Cerruti
Whether you are a beginner or a seasoned artist, learning how to create image transfers will introduce you to a whole new world of using creative imagery in your work. Courtney will show you the best methods for a range of techniques using inexpensive materials, including how to create transparent layers. The resulting images are beautiful for adding dimension and depth to various art projects, from paper arts and collage, to fiber arts and more.
Clothespin Dolls
Amy Karol
Turn wooden clothespins into dolls with Amy Karol and her daughter. Together they’ll show you how to paint the dolls, add faces and hair, and create dresses with fabric scraps. You’ll even learn how to make a sweet little felt travel pouch. Best of all, this project enables kids to add their own personality to their wee creations. 
Color Image Transfers on Wood
Courtney Cerruti
Turn those small, intimate moments from life into a permanent treasure by transferring them onto wood. Working with photos printed out on laser copies, Courtney Cerruti shows you how to create the transfers, offering a few different finishing techniques to customize your miniature works of art. The wood adds luminosity and brings out the beautiful, muted colors in your photograph. Learn more about laser copies here.