Glenda Castillo
Spokane, Washington, United States
Sister to 3 girls & 4 boys, who have amazingly made me an Auntie 'G' to 12 beautiful nieces and nephews. I am a wife to my high school love for 45 years, and look forward to 45 more. He has blessed me with two sons, ages 45 & 42 who have allowed me to be Grandmother to 2 plus 6 grandchildren, respectively. With all this family you wouldn't think life could get lonely, but alas it does! We are all separated by 1000s of miles. Crochet, Quilting and my beautiful Akitas have therefore becomes the most tangible loves and passions in my life, with the exception of my DH, of course. I aspire got write at least one book before I cross over about how the combination of crochet and quilting is like real butter on bread. Hey, maybe that's what I'll name it

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