Annie McKenzie
King City, Oregon, USA
I started sewing after I retired...so you could say I was a slow starter(LOL). I had always told people that I would never sew or have anything to do with crafts, but then a friend asked me to attend a quilt class with her and even though I thought I would go just to appease her, I found myelf really enjoying the class and I was trapped! From then on I have loved quilting. The quilting turned into sewing and from there I found there were several other craft forms that I really enjoyed. Now, after several years in blissful retirement, I try to get into my sewing room every day if possible and take as many classes as I have time for and can afford. I live in Portland, OR and when I am not quilting or sewing, I am spending time with my daughter who has always enjoyed many different craft forms. I belong to several quilt guilds and have memberships in many online teaching forums as well. Creative Bug is a new experience for me and I look forward to finding some new and interesting things to enjoy that will enhance my fairly new love of things artistic.

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Art + Design, Sewing, Quilting, Punch Needle
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