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Joel Dewberry

Joel Dewberry, the second oldest of seven children, grew up in a home where he was introduced early to the joy of expressing his creativity through a variety of artistic mediums. His mother, a renowned artist herself, nurtured his natural inclination toward the arts, and along with his father, encouraged him in finding his passion and developing it into his life’s work. 

In 2000, Joel graduated with a Bachelor of Fine Arts degree in Graphic Design from Brigham Young University.His attention to detail, quality craftsmanship and respect for design antiquity poised him as an outstanding talent among his peers.

After acquiring more than 10 years of brand development experience in a wide variety of industries, including the home and textile market, Joel realized his ultimate reward by launching his own textiles brand, Joel Dewberry Eclectic Modern in May 2007. 

Joel Dewberry’s designs are a reflection of the way he sees life, value the classic beauty that never goes out of style, but always open to a fresh and modern reinterpretation. Joel’s work is about the satisfaction derived from adding a personal touch to a project, a room, an event and embellishing life in a way that leaves your mark.

Even more than being a designer, the role he is most passionate about is that as a husband and father. With four children he and his wife have their hands full.  

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