Marbled Gift Wrappings
Beginner | 26 min 27 sec
Once you've been marbling for a while, you may have amassed a bunch of prints you aren't sure what to do with. Or maybe you someone who loves to add that personal touch of handmade to everything you do. Either way, this celebration-focused class demonstrates how to jazz up your gifts with colorful, unique wrappings. Surface designer Mercedez Rex leads you thorough how to reuse your previously marbled papers as wrapping paper and envelope liners, then how to marble ribbon, gift tags, and balsa wood ornaments in festive jewel tones.

For a comprehensive look at basic marbling techniques, please see Mercedez's class Creativity Through Marbling: An Introduction.
Here’s what you’ll need:
  • For marbling solution, called "size" (make at least six hours ahead): 2 Tbsp. carrageenan well blended in 1-gallon warm water
  • For alum solution or mordant: 1 Tbsp. alum well dissolved in 1-quart of warm water
  • For marbling set up:
    • Finished goods - silk ribbon, muslin ribbon, unlined envelopes, balsa wood ornaments
    • Acrylic marbling paints - Mercedez recommends Jacquard brand put into Boston Round squeeze bottles
    • Marbling tray, 18" x 24" is recommended
    • Newspaper strips, approx. 18”x 2”
    • Marbling brushes or plastic broom straws
    • Bamboo stylus or toothpick
    • Palette
    • Cardboard to wrap your ribbon around
    • Stapler to affix ribbon to cardboard
    • Scissors
    • Marbling combs and rakes, drinking straw (optional)
  • To protect/clean your space: newspaper, drop cloths, or plastic sheeting, trash can, rags
  • Supplies can be purchased here on Mercedez's website 
Learn how to:
  • Use your marbled papers as gift wrap
  • Marble ribbon using a handy cardboard trick
  • Line the inside of a common envelope with marbled paper
  • Troubleshoot problems common with hand-marbling
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Angelee Kumar
Quick, easy, fun tutorial for marble-making and decorating
January 16, 2023
D. Hall
Gorgeous projects - great instructions!
December 30, 2022
Barb Jensen
Great class!
December 29, 2022