Sew a Zippered Makeup Bag
Beginner | 30 min 14 sec
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Organize everything from makeup to markers with these easy-to-sew zippered bags. Lesley Ware is a maker and author of three books on sewing and fashion. In this class, she guides you through the basics of sewing a lined pouch. Learn how to line your bag, create a gusset, and install a zipper closure. Once you’ve mastered the large pouch, the steps for the smaller pouch provided in the class PDF are exactly the same. These bags are not only handy to use in your purse, vanity, or travel bag, but they are also the perfect project for using smaller pieces of fabric you might already have on hand.
Here’s what you’ll need:
  • 1/4 yard exterior fabric
  • 1/4 yard lining fabric 
  • Fabric scissors
  • 11"-12" zipper
  • Pins
  • Sewing machine and coordinating thread or hand sewing needle and thread
  • If using a sewing machine, a zipper foot is handy but not necessary
  • 1 yard of yarn, trim, or cord to make a tassel
  • Fabric glue - Lesley uses Magna-Tac
Learn how to:
  • Sew a makeup bag with a gusset
  • Install a zipper
  • Add a bag lining
  • Topstitch

What you'll get:
  • Instructions on how to sew a zippered makeup bag
  • 7 HD video lessons you can access online anytime, anywhere
  • Detailed supplies list and pattern PDF 
  • Step-by-step expert instruction from Lesley Ware
  • The ability to leave comments, ask questions, and interact with other students
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Maricor Chang
So fun!!!
More than 3 months ago
Al Maduro
Great accessory project. I always keep supplies, crafting tools in these type of bags.
More than 3 months ago
Emily Lister
I loved this design and commentary
More than 3 months ago