Embossing Velvet: 2/13/18
CBTV | 27 min 47 sec
Update a centuries-old technique using rubber stamps to embellish velvet fabric and ribbons. This video originally appeared on Facebook Live on February 13, 2018.
Here’s what you’ll need:
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Faith, super technique! You are just so darling! I love watching you!
More than 3 months ago
Alisa Cole
I love it! I'm going to make jewelry gift bags with this technique! Thankyou.
More than 3 months ago
Karen Miller
Looks like so much for all ages! This project idea is new-to-me, and I look forward to trying it. Very clear instructions about the materials and process, and very good camera production (still, not moving too much, and plenty of close-ups) too. Thank you!
More than 3 months ago