Ditto: Project Pattern and Cut Fabric
Beginner | 17 min 3 sec
Ditto: Project Pattern and Cut Fabric
Ease in fabric cutting is one of the most exciting aspects of the brand-new Ditto machine, revolutionizing how patterns are made and assembled. Fashion designer and Ditto expert Niasia Pinnock walks you through the Ditto workspace and all its features and functions. Using a tablet, you'll select your pattern pieces and drop and drag them into your workspace. Learn how to customize the cutting layout, saving you time and fabric. Niasia also shows you how to lay out, project, and cut spliced pieces using the target stickers for accurate cutting. Even the largest pattern pieces can be cut using the projection system.
Learn how to:
  • Customize a cutting layout
  • Cut spliced pieces
  • Use target stickers
  • Trace and cut multi-directional pieces
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Class Reviews
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Yvonne Ramsey
Brilliant class, brilliant idea. Thank you.
March 9, 2023
Susan Barham
This DITTO is mind-blowing!
March 8, 2023