Embossed Holiday Cards: 11/3/16
CBTV | 16 min
Courtney shows how a simple watercolor wash makes the perfect background for a dreamy embossed holiday card. This video originally appeared on Facebook Live on November 3, 2016.
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Holiday Gift Wrap
25 Days of Gift Wrap
Courtney Cerruti
Master of package presentation, Courtney Cerruti, leads you through 25 days of gift wrap ideas and techniques. Beginning with more complex projects and ending with quick fixes to common wrapping dilemmas, you’ll use simple craft materials to wrap, adorn and decorate your holiday gifts. Whether you’re getting ready for the holiday season or preparing for a special gift-giving occasion, this class will give you ideas you'll use year round.
Embossed Gift Tags: 10/4/16
Courtney Cerruti makes a lovely gift tag using shimmery embossing powder and a seasonally-essential snowflake stamp. This video originally appeared on Facebook Live on October 4, 2016.
Holiday Craft-Along: 30 Days of Cards, Tags and Packaging Ideas
Courtney Cerruti
This holiday season, join us for a month of merry making (literally!). Every day for a whole month, Courtney Cerruti shows you how to make handmade cards, gift tags, and creatively wrap gifts. This challenge is both practical and fun, giving you a reason to gather up your paper crafting supplies and find holiday inspiration every day. 
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Embossed Holiday Cards: 11/3/16
Courtney shows how a simple watercolor wash makes the perfect background for a dreamy embossed holiday card. This video originally appeared on Facebook Live on November 3, 2016.
Simple Holiday Cards with Sakura: 11/28/17
Michaela from Sakura Color Products of America demonstrates simple techniques for sweet holiday cards. This video originally appeared on Facebook Live on November 28, 2017.
How to Tie a Bow
Courtney Cerruti
Wrapping picture-perfect gifts is all about the bow, and in this simple tutorial, Courtney Cerruti shows you the proper way to tie one—a life skill that will make all the difference in your gift wrap game.
Creative Wine Wrapping
Megumi Inouye
Wine bottles are a favorite canvas of Megumi's for creative wrapping. She shows you how to take items you have around the house to create a unique wrap for a special gift or thank you present for a host. Learn how to use maps, beautiful paper and fabric to turn a bottle of wine into a work of art.
DIY Painted Gift Wrap
Courtney Cerruti
In one afternoon, you can create enough painted paper to wrap gifts for any occasion. Courtney Cerruti teaches several quick and easy dry-brush techniques, from sophisticated crosshatch designs to loose geometric squiggles – no prior painting experience required. At the very end, Courtney shares unique ideas for mixing and matching papers to wrap any gift.
Creative Gift Wrapping
Megumi Inouye
It's surprisingly easy to expand your gift wrapping techniques beyond a standard roll of printed wrapping paper. Megumi shows you how to give every gift a personalized and creative touch with three unique gift wrapping styles: Kaleidoscope Wrap, Sewing Paper Wrap and Furoshiki Tin Wrap.
Stamped and Embossed Christmas Gift Tags
Courtney Cerruti
The wrapping of a present should be as special as the gift inside. Courtney Cerruti shows how to create custom paper gift tags using rubber stamps, ink and embossing powder – perfect for topping off your gifts. This quick embossing technique is ideal for working in large batches. (Maybe you’ll even have some tags for next year, too!)
Cricut Crafts: DIY Gift Bags
Lia Griffith
In this class, Lia shows how to make customized gift bags and gift tags using a Cricut Explore. The Cricut will cut out and score the printed cardstock, making assembly quick and easy. Lia will show you how to add ribbon handles, giving your gift bags a clean, professional finish. These gift bags can be cut out and stored flat for later use or assembled on the spot.