Beginner | 15 min
Taught by Faith Hale
Block your knits is a must-do step to lend polish to your finished project and prepare items for gifting. Expert knitter and pattern designer Faith Hale walks you through her favorite tools and essential items that make blocking a breeze. Know when to use pins, wires, or nothing at all, ideal surfaces for pinning, and the best techniques required for different fibers. You’ll see how satisfying it can be to shape your project into its ideal form.
Learn how to:
  • Use pins to shape drying knits
  • Use blocking wires
  • Use an iron to block
  • Determine ideal blocking for alternative fibers

What you'll get:
  • Detailed lesson how to block your knit fabrics
  • 5 HD video lessons you can access online anytime, anywhere
  • Detailed supplies list
  • Step-by-step expert instruction from Faith Hale
  • The ability to leave comments, ask questions, and interact with other students

Blocking Knits 101
Here’s what you’ll need:
  • Blocking mat or surface that can be pinned
  • Stainless steel T-pins
  • Wool wash like Eucalan brand or Soak
  • Clean light-colored towel
  • Blocking wires (optional)
  • Bowl or clean sink of warm water
  • Steam iron
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August Lookbook // 2019
Doodle and Paint an Animal Portrait
Jennifer Mercede
In this fun and improvisational course, artist Jennifer Mercede shows you how to make expressive, exciting animal portraits in her signature style.  Self proclaimed fan of “scribbling, doodling, being silly and expressive” Jennifer walks you through how to pick the ideal pet portrait and using blind contour drawing to free you from the restrictions of perfection. You’ll learn how to intuitively pick colors and use lettering and playful mark-making to add textural depth to your portrait. 
August Lookbook // 2019
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From Block to Print: A Printmaking Daily Challenge
Katharine Watson
If you’ve ever considered printmaking but were daunted by the wide array of materials available, this thorough primer is essential viewing. In this Daily Challenge, artist and printmaker Katharine Watson introduces the basic tools and techniques needed to create prints at home. Beginning with the basics of safety and mark-making, you’ll learn the full process of designing, transferring, carving, and printing an image.  Once you’ve mastered the basics, learn how to make repeat prints on a single page and how to print on fabric. Katharine encourages play and experimentation while giving you her time-tested methods, and demonstrates how easy it can be to develop a fine art practice even with a simple home setup. 
Sew a Pair of Baby Bloomers
Ashley Nickels
Creativebug all-star Ashley Nickels shows you how to stitch a simple pair of baby bloomers that make the sweetest summery diaper cover. You’ll sew straight seams, then work a double-fold casing for the elastic waist and legs. The included pattern comes in three sizes: 3-6 months, 6-12 months and 12-24 months. Requiring just a small amount of fabric, these are an approachable stash-busting project that make for an adorable gift.
Sew a Luckyjuju Puppy Doll
Katia Ferris
Katia Ferris’s best-selling Luckyjuju dolls are much beloved by collectors and families alike. Now, with the line’s inaugural pattern release, you can stitch up a stuffed “lovie” of your very own.  Known for her beautiful designs and impeccable craftsmanship, Katia talks you through fabric selection, assembly, and how to create personality with embroidered facial details. Once you’ve stitched together your puppy doll using the exclusive pattern and added a knit i-cord scarf to top off the look, you’ll see a world of possibilities for adding sweet accessories to your treasured heirloom.
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Blocking Knits 101
Faith Hale
Block your knits is a must-do step to lend polish to your finished project and prepare items for gifting. Expert knitter and pattern designer Faith Hale walks you through her favorite tools and essential items that make blocking a breeze. Know when to use pins, wires, or nothing at all, ideal surfaces for pinning, and the best techniques required for different fibers. You’ll see how satisfying it can be to shape your project into its ideal form.
Sewing for Little Ones
Rae Hoekstra
Blogger and sewist Rae Hoekstra (a.k.a. Made By Rae) introduces you to sewing for babies and toddlers in this three-part foundation course. Rae will teach you how to set up your sewing space, read and work with patterns, and sew a pair of little pants and a sweet little dress (patterns for sizes 0 and 3 are included with the class). You will also learn how to trace favorite t-shirts and leggings, creating brand new garments based on your old ones. Creating children’s clothing is a great way to learn the basics of garment construction, and this primer is the perfect place to start.
Double Star Quilt
Fancy Tiger
The Double Star Quilt top features a striking combination of light and dark fabrics, with a star-within-a-star motif radiating from the center. Using a mix of special prints and half-square triangles, Amber from Fancy Tiger Crafts shows you how to use free-form patchwork to grow the quilt from the center out. In the class, Amber shows how to make a 54” quilt top, but instructions are included for making a larger 90” queen-size quilt top.
Crocheted Summer Bag
Edie Eckman
This quintessential summer bag is made using several crochet stitch patterns that come together to form a textural sampler. Whether you choose a cheerful summery color or a nautical neutral, this bag will become your go-to everyday tote. And best of all, the size of the bag can be made smaller or larger simply by choosing a lighter weight or bulkier weight yarn -- no pattern adjustments required.
Daily Art Journal Challenge: 30 Prompts with Get Messy
Get Messy
Dive into a month of art journal prompts with Lauren and Caylee, the enigmatic founders of Get Messy Art Journal. In this 30-day challenge, they'll lead you through a series of prompts to inspire your creativity and help you get your thoughts, feelings and art onto the page. Learn their favorite techniques for creating vibrant pages full of textures, layers and lettering, and discover the magic of journaling about the ups and downs of everyday life. With daily prompts from Caylee and Lauren, you'll learn how to make your art journal a place to play, experiment, and be yourself – every single day.

Remember to use the hashtag #creativebuggetsmessy on social media to share your work with the Get Messy and Creativebug community.
Paper Wedding Crafts: DIY Fans
Lia Griffith
In this class, Lia shows crafters how to make scalloped, frilly paper fans that are perfect for a wedding day or backyard party. Lia shares two ways to make fans – a fold-up version made with a Cricut Explore cutting machine, and a version that is made by hand with paper punches and a scoring tool. Both versions are made using pretty paper and simple fold-and-glue techniques.
Knitted Pom Pom Socks
Wendy Bernard
Here's a fun, portable project for intermediate knitters – create multicolored footie socks with Wendy Bernard. This project is great for learning the basics of sock knitting. You will learn how to expertly turn a heel and shape a gusset, and then you’ll see how to graft the toe stitches together with Kitchener stitch. Wendy provides a written pattern with three different size options, and she also demonstrates how to make perfect pom poms to attach to the heels.

· How to turn a sock heel and pick up stitches for the gusset

· How to shape the heel gusset and the toe

· How to use Kitchener stitch to graft the toe stitches together

· How to make a yarn pom pom using a pom pom maker
Weekend Clutch
Betz White
Sew a feminine, versatile clutch that will snazz up any outfit. Betz teaches you how to interface your pieces, add darts for volume, and construct the bag - from cutting the fabric through adding the hardware. This is a terrific project if you are looking to take your sewing to the next level, and it offers the opportunity to mix solids and prints for eye-catching results.
Stencil Décor
Amy Butler
Elevate everyday objects with stencils. Amy shows how to transform anything from clothing and furniture to glassware and enamel—with a fresh design. Amy’s motif is included as a download, and she also shows you how to create your own design and then apply evenly to any surface that will benefit from a vibrant new design.
Driftwood Mobile
Diana Fayt
This porcelain driftwood mobile catches the breeze beautifully. Concentric circle and square shapes rolled on cotton results in a soft, organic quality. Diana shows you how to create the charms and the mobile after you fire the clay to its required temperature.
Cricut Crafts: Flower String Lights
Annabel Wrigley
In this class, Annabel Wrigley demonstrates how to make a festive strand of lights featuring flowers cut on a Cricut Explore machine. These gorgeous, oversized flowers feature several textural fabrics, including paper, felt, and a leather-like fabric called Kraft-tex. Once the shapes are cut out, it’s easy to assemble the flowers and attach them to a strand of lights.