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Linda Fahey Pacifica, California 

linda is a ceramic artist and designer with a studio and shop front called YONDER located in Pacifica Ca, just south of San Francisco, on the coast. Linda makes sculptural and functional ceramics specializing in hand- built forms with illustrative surfaces. With a background in illustration, Linda takes drawing to the surface of her pots incorporating design influences directly from the coastal lifestyle where she lives - ocean waves, whales, sea and sky, wind and the elements -- her work renders the palette and feel of the coast with a very modern design aesthetic. Linda makes production pottery in her studio for both smaller lifestyle shops all over the world, as well as designing and making work for Anthropologie. The Shop called YONDER fronting her studio houses her ceramics as well as number of other ceramic artists. The shop also features work from artists in jewelry, textile, wood design and a number of other curated goods. Workshops are also held in this space -- both clay making workshops and visiting artist workshops.

Linda’s Classes

Linda's Gallery